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Four years strong, we are a literate to advanced Dragon Age roleplay that focuses on the events post-Trespasser, while also following the timelines of the Warden, Champion and Inquisitor.

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With the Waking Sea stretched between it and the effects of the Blight, Kirkwall has become a melting pot of refugees. As the influx continues, unrest is difficult to ignore. The Chantry struggles to remain neutral between the iron-fisted push of the Templar Order and mages forced to hide in fear of a system corrupted.
Oct 21 2017, 08:37 PM
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Imposing walls and the towering depictions of chained mages separate the Gallows from the city as well as the stretch of water between them. Home to Kirkwall's Circle of Magi, rumors circulate that not all is as it seems behind pulled gates. Mages turning to blood magic and Templars abusing their power have left tensions, and hostility, high.
Aug 4 2017, 08:53 PM
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In the wake of the Blight, Kirkwall is not the only land left to handle their strife unaided. Orlais remains on the precipice of a civil war while the sudden rise and renewal of Grey Warden prominence in the Anderfels presents new questions for their country. In the North, something has been brewing deep in the sweltering heat of Par Vollen. A will to conquer.
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