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a dragon age roleplay

Four years strong, we are a literate to advanced Dragon Age roleplay that focuses on the events post-Trespasser, while also following the timelines of the Warden, Champion and Inquisitor.

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Played by Holly
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One would not know by looking that Denerim is still reeling from the sudden and untimely demise of King Cailan. Teyrn Loghain has seated himself upon Ferelden's throne and turns a blind eye to the troubles of those who cannot aid in his push for civil war. Peppered with shops and a bustling market place, even a Blight cannot seem to stall prosperity.
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With the land blackening around it and so many nearby villages razed, the plight of Redcliffe has gone unheard. Arl Eamon slumbers in a wakeless sleep while the city is ravaged by the risen undead. None who enter the castle return and despite their best efforts, it seems no aide is to come. At dusk, those who remain brace for the worst.
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As the South descends into a corrupted darkness, many are left to wonder when, or if, Ferelden will be able to overcome the darkspawn menace. Nearby lands prepare their borders while watching from afar, some tentative and others forthright in their doubts. Acting Regent of Ferelden, Loghain Mac Tir, has yet to call for allies to rally with them. So none have.
Aug 12 2017, 10:43 AM

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