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Award Name Image Presented By Description
Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts ANDRASTE You played the Game and lived-ANDRASTE
...And People Like You ANDRASTE You listen, you really listen-ANDRASTE
Social Butterfly ANDRASTE Congrats! You really get around.-ANDRASTE
Land'lubber ANDRASTE They see you rollin' they hatin'-ANDRASTE
In Your Heart Shall Burn NIAMH SURANA You bore witness to the fall of Haven-NIAMH SURANA
Fortune Favors the Brave NIAMH SURANA Remember to tip your fortune tellers-NIAMH SURANA
Into the Fold MAEVE LAVELLAN Congratulations on celebrating 3 months!-MAEVE LAVELLAN
Seasoned MAEVE LAVELLAN Congratulations on celebrating 6 months!-MAEVE LAVELLAN
Good Work, Veteran MAEVE LAVELLAN Congratulations on celebrating one year!-MAEVE LAVELLAN
Knife-Ear NIAMH SURANA created an elf
Answering the Call ANDRASTE completed a war table mission-ANDRASTE
Imagine Me and You NIAMH SURANA plotted with 10 members

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