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Posted by: ANDRASTE Sep 13 2012, 08:46 AM

♢ Feel free to ask the admins for anything you need moderation wise, such as moving threads or deleting them if you've made mistakes, archiving or reactivating characters, etc. <p>

♢ For people looking to change their characters name, go to MY CONTROLS >> CHANGE USERNAME (under personal profile). Make sure any name changes done are in ALL UPPERCASE. If you are fixing the case of your name, you must submit two name change requests, one with incorrect spelling and a second with proper spelling and uppercase capitalization. <p>

♢ If you are dropping a character, please include any threads/plotters/trackers that require archiving and post in any applicable claim threads (ie. the face claim and site census) to drop claims. This helps make our job easier when archiving and to avoid anything being missed in the process.<p>

♢ To reactivate a character, it is the responsibility of the member to post their claims in the appropriate thread and link any plotters or threads they wish to revive with their request. Remember that you can only reactivate a character once! <p>

♢ To claim an achievement, please post below using the following template.<p>

[b]Achievement Name:[/b]
[b]Character/Player Receiving Achievement:[/b]
[b]Amount of Sovereigns:[/b]
[b]Links:[/b] Please provide any applicable links to verify your achievement.

♢ To move sovereigns or claim sovereigns based on activity, please refer to the amounts in the and then post below using the following template. (Members can move sovereigns between their own characters through the bank, that does not require a moderation request.<p>

[b]Total Amount of Sovereigns:[/b]
[b]Character Receiving Sovereigns:[/b]
[b]Links:[/b] Please provide any applicable links to claim your sovereigns.

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