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Posted by: ANDRASTE Aug 25 2012, 08:58 PM

Here is the place to let us know about absences and what may be going on in life that prevents you from being active on the site. Also, let us know here if you're leaving the site permanently.

Canon roles are not to exceed one month of inactivity. Any canon character, whether on hiatus or not, that goes without an in character post for over a month is subject to archiving. Exceptions may apply upon conversation with an administrator.

Posted by: ELLANA LAVELLAN May 29 2018, 04:34 AM

I'M MOVING ON FRIDAY. Of course, we've put off packing until this week so I'm going to be incredibly busy this week and coming weekend. I should be back soon after! <3

update 06/19 okay so .. life is fucking crazy. i'm taking a pretty extensive summer course, i'm getting married in 74 days and i just .. ?!?! oh my GOD. i have never been so busy. my wrist hurts from writing thank yous for my wedding shower two weekends ago. i'm just!! so !! overwhelmed!! please be considerate with me, i'm doing my best LOL

Posted by: ANGEL May 29 2018, 09:13 AM
So, somethings are hitting me pretty hard and I'm having a hard time dealing. I'm not leaving but I need to get my head on straight. Because all I want to do right now is curl up and cry. I heart you all.

Posted by: SOLAS May 30 2018, 03:36 PM
i'm gonna need like a week or two to sort of let my life settle a bit lmao by june 10th i should be okay? but i'll keep this updated. this affects Solas + Bethany

update: ah, its gonna be a bit more. i'll update this soon with a new ETR and keep you posted :/...

update #2: (: my (: life (: is (: falling (: apart (:

Posted by: CARVER HAWKE May 31 2018, 02:46 PM

Posted by: ZEVRAN ARAINAI Jun 4 2018, 08:07 PM
so i'm usually lurking around the discord but just in case i go completely quiet, i'm going to be gone from 06/05 - 06/10! so no posts in that time, though i'll try to pop onto discord to say hello every now and then. heading to a wedding so i'm not bringing my laptop <3

Posted by: HEZ Jul 7 2018, 02:29 PM
I'm going to Rhodes for a few days, Sunday - Wednesday so I'll be MIA for a bit, but still on discord I imagine. I'll be back by the 11th, probably have time to write the following weekend. This affects Cassie and Willow.

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