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a dragon age roleplay

Four years strong, we are a literate to advanced Dragon Age roleplay that focuses on the events post-Trespasser, while also following the timelines of the Warden, Champion and Inquisitor.

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 loyalty., (0/2) important peeps.
played by milk
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énna lysaght
30-34, human, rogue, lee soo hyuk or poc
finally getting around to requesting these jerk offs. (':

this here's énna, he's a bw agent charged with monitoring and reporting any changes within the decaisne household. originally his goal was to prevent any new assassination attempts on aimé iii's young ward, bug, and report any changes in the young decaisne's health. inevitably, to garner more information, he became good (aimé iv screaming "best" in the background) friends with the future comte.

énna would have started spying at a very young age, young enough that he never arose suspicion. whether or not he inherited his tarot later in life, the tarot is completely up to the whoever takes him.

énna was originally born to a noble family in the free marches but grew up alongside his cousins —the guillem's— in orlais. (ask me about the family tree i made. fucking ask me.) he is fairly comfortable in all manner of situation, and is an excellent player of the game. (this bc he is a consummate liar. bug has often joked, worry coloring her voice, that he's not used to honesty anymore.)

his friendship with aimé, though initiated for the wrong reasons, is something he's come to cherish a great deal.

énna is aware of bug's position within the bellwether, as well as guillem's. énna helps manage the books every so often, but mostly just travels about thedas recruiting agents and spying for the bellwether.

low-key sexual deviant, incredibly loyal, and something of a workaholic. (feel free to add anything to him, if you decide to take him. if ya wanna change his name that's cool too.)

— guillem
25, elf-blooded, any mgroup but mage, toby regbo
this is guillem: mayard guillem's bâtard who was raised by his grandparents in val foret. like lysaught, guillem was inducted into the bellwether at a fairly young age. (he inherited the sun tarot from his grand-mère. however, if you're not feeling the sun tarot you're more than welcome to change it.)

when he was younger, guillem actively hated bug for being a mage. keeping her around was dangerous for all those involved. (he later found out that she was also one of those ferelden dog losers? so gross. he touched her.)

i also find the idea of a smol infant child antagonizing an 18 y/o bug hilarious.

sometime during his stretch into adulthood guillem stopped being a Huge Dick. (whether or not this change was calculated or genuine is completely up to whoever takes him up.)

guillem operates a secret erotica art & novel shop in val royeaux with a tea house facade. (the name of the shop is up to you tbh.) the space is actually the bellwether's unofficial headquarters. guillem manages The Books (sometimes alongside énna) and is known to many within the bellwether as the boss' right hand.

has a major sweet tooth, but shh.

like lysaught, feel free to add anything to him. if you're thinking of taking him up hmu so i can throw you the guillem family tree (and scream at you.) i'm pretty sure he's aimé's third cousin? or something?

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