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Here on Unbound, our plot follows four different timelines, set throughout the canonical history of the Dragon Age. The events following Trespasser, the time of the Inquisition, the rise of the Champion of Kirkwall and the quest of the Warden against the Fifth Blight.

And So is the Golden City blackened
With each step you take in my Hall.
Marvel at perfection, for it is fleeting.
You have brought Sin to Heaven
And doom upon all the world.

-Threnodies 8.13

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 WRITING CHALLENGE #20, 2 august - 26 august
as played by mage hoarder

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Writing Challenge #20

Welcome to another writing challenge here on Unbound. Can you believe we're up to 20 of these? We are! And to celebrate this milestone, we're running a special event: our character roulette. That means that entry is closed to those character accounts that are signed up for the event, which have been randomly matched up using a generator. As always, direct any questions about these challenges to my staff account.

Prompt: The conclave destroyed. The sky itself shattered. Where were you?

As explained in the signup, for this challenge you will be writing from the perspective of someone else's character. They've been matched up in pairs of two for you to switch off. You may want to double-check where your partner's character was at the time of the Conclave before you get going.

Branson Rutherford (Birthe) - Aveline Vallen (Cherith)

Christel Simic (Holly) - Isabela (Alayna)

Daniel Faulkner (Gabriel) - Nolani Mahariel (Squee)

Honor Treveylan (Cherith) - Alistair Theirin (Diana)

Dorian Pavus (Gabriel) - Morrigan (Sugar)

Mathilde Geoffroy (Holly) - Quirin Albrecht (Squee)

Garrett Hawke (Sugar) - Thorne (Gabriel)

Bethany Hawke (Diana) - Asher Coghlan (Birthe)

Calpernia (Holly) - Delrin Barris (Cherith)

Bug (Milk) - Aimé Decaisne iv (Birthe)

Posts should be at least 400 words to claim credit. Write from any format or POV of your choosing! This challenge will end August 26th at 11:59pm and will have an award of 200 sovereigns.

Reply below with your challenge submission to earn credit for this challenge!
Aug 2 2017, 02:58 PM
as played by mage hoarder

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You have until August 26th to submit your entry for this character roulette challenge.
Aug 19 2017, 09:57 AM
as played by Gabriel

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Garrett Hawke

He felt the explosion before he heard it. The ground trembling and shuddering beneath his feet. The air around him a humid breeze that became a heated gale. The acidic, sulphuric taste of ash on his tongue as sodden grey filled the air.

And then the sky... The sky opened wide and crackles and flashes of acrid green bled through the clouds.

And then... Then Hawke heard it.

A sound so immense he thought it to be a nightmare. His teeth ached from the pressure of it and Hawke swore that the delicate drums of his ears would tear and rupture. Rupture as the heavens above him were doing so.

The man staggered forward and had to thrust his blade into the cracking earth to stop himself from toppling entirely. Emotions flitted across rugged features; first surprise, then fear. Anger followed and along came disbelief shortly after.

Many were fortunate enough to only have to deal with one major catastrophe in their lives. But Garrett Hawke? Oh no. Goodness no. Just had to stumble from one disaster to another. And even though a quiet life would not suit him, the only earth shattering he wished to be associated with was in the bedroom.

The first rumbles of the explosion began to slowly fade and Hawke found he could steady his feet once more. Sword sheathed and expression grim, he had to make a decision. Either run towards the fire and smog, or turn and walk away. Pretend that this whole thing hadn't happened. No one had seen him arrive and so it could be something he could easily do. No one to make him feel that clawing, cloying guiltthat often made a home in the depths of his chest.

It was the screams of the frightened, the wounded and the dying that had his feet reluctantly moving forward. A marching trudge sped up to a charging run as he flung himself forward. The world was tinged sickly green and the scent of blood and smoke was almost stifling. Hawke would choke on the taste of it if it wasn't something he was now more used to than he'd like.

Save those he could and then get out without being recognised. That was the plan. Whether it worked out that way or not remained to be seen.

Something was coming through. Hawke refused to look. Didn't have time. Didn't want to draw attention. Soldiers rushed past him and he ducked his head as he helped a woman and her two children to their feet. It wasn't anything to do with him so whatever they were crowding around... Hawke silently wished them luck with it as he continued to try and get the innocents to safety.

More soldiers were running in and Hawke knew he had to leave or be discovered. That guilt... It crawled up his throat and he had to swallow it down. He'd done enough.

Had to keep telling himself that he'd done enough.
Aug 25 2017, 01:35 PM
as played by mage hoarder

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This is now officially closed! Congrats to Gabe for crossing the finish line.

The topic is not locked, so anyone who would like to submit an additional entry can still post, but it will not count for sovereigns.
Aug 29 2017, 08:04 PM
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