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a dragon age roleplay

Four years strong, we are a literate to advanced Dragon Age roleplay that focuses on the events post-Trespasser, while also following the timelines of the Warden, Champion and Inquisitor.

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 Battle Ready. Warden Ready?, Sheep | 9:30 Dragon | Ostagar
played by SQUEE
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ADalish, Wardens
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Couple of Nights before Battle of Ostagar

She’d lost Alistair. It was dark and every tent looked the same, with the same flickering fires casting moving shadows. She knew none of these tents belonged to her, and she had been following Alistair until something the mages were doing had caught her eye. When she turned, he was gone.

She was more convinced Alistair had lost her. That made more sense, given he was the lopsided, dopey shem was supposed to be looking out for her. Nolani had no understanding of how these camps were laid out. Every tent seemed to be set up at random, fireplaces randomly tossed in a center, and somewhere there were food stores.

Her stomach twisted and let out a empty gurgle. Yeah, yeah, I know. Since Alistair was lost, she might as well find something to eat. Her very bones felt starved of nutrition. Which was ridiculous because she ate… maybe two hours ago? It felt like she’d only eaten breakfast that day, and it was past sundown now.

Walking between two tents, she caught the squinting, suspicious eyes of one of the fireplace dwellers as she walked by. Squinting back at him, Nolani moved away, knowing she was not invited to share their food. Besides, they had smelly dogs with them and one growled when she turned her back. How vicious. Not even daring to snarl when she was facing.

A throng of bodies congregated ahead. Men and women peering over shoulders, pressed tight and quiet, and Nolani could hear a loud voice raised in authority. She noted the Warden sigil and smiled out of pride. She didn’t need Alistair. She could find her way without him after all. Joining the outer ring, Nolani shifted on her tiptoes to try and see the speaker. She couldn’t. Craning her head, Nolani tried to listen instead. Something about… final things before the battle. Right. The battle. That was happening soon, and Nolani was rather grateful. Since she passed the Joining, her knuckles itched to smack a darkspawn right in the mouth.

The talking person called dismissal, to find food and bedrolls. More interested in the food part, Nolani ducked and weaved around the dispersing throng, trying to see where people might be going to get said food.

A scowling man rudely shouldered her, spitting, “Knife-ear,” as he continued.

Fire erupting in her bones, Nolani spun on her heel. “Say it to my face, shem.”

He and a surly woman friend stopped. The man smiled, but it was unfriendly and curled into a sneer. “Ooooh,” he mocked, “the little knife-ear barks back. Does she bite too?”

Nolani bristled and her hands coiled tight. “You can taste my fist and see.” He laughed. They always laughed.

With a leisurely swagger, he moved within striking distance and bent near her. His stupid grin stretched from ear to ear and she needed to strike it ugly. “I’ll let you take the first-Hmph!“

Nolani smashed her fist across his cheek with boney smack. Their bystanders flinched and sucked air between their teeth the man staggered off balance and dropped to a knee. With a single chuckled “huh”, Nolani gave the man a crooked smile. “You were gonna say ‘swing’, right?” she taunted, and flexed her fingers openly. “Your turn.”

She expected him to rise with a swing and stepped back. His arm sailed harmlessly past her nose and Nolani struck out with her foot, catching his ankle. “Saw that coming before I even hit you.”

Then her temple exploded and her vision rocked as she stumbled sideways. She hadn’t expected the surly woman to step in. With dry laughter, Nolani raised her arms in guard.

And the brawl was on.
played by Sheep
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"Why are you queuin' up, Cor? Don't you know senior Wardens eat before the rest of us plebeians?" Libertus slapped Corvus on the arm and slipped into line behind him, cutting several recruits who could only stare blankly towards the large pot of stew that they were now even further from taking part in.

"We're all hungry, Lib. I don't mind waiting, really. Just as long as Cauth's people don't end up over here. I know you've been telling stories about Nimah's cooking." Corvus raised his brows but let only a hint of a smile touch his lips. "I hope you told them how utterly terrible it is."

"You know me." Libertus grinned and jumped to the front of the line to quickly serve himself.

"A realization I'm beginning to regret, by the way." Corvus called as he shook his head.

The line moved swiftly and soon Corvus was ladling thick stew into the wooden bowl cupped in his large hand, savoring the smell of meat, vegetables and broth. He found an empty wooden bench and without another word tucked in, letting the heaping spoonfuls cool in the night air before shoveling them into his mouth. He felt his core warmed by the hot meal, thankful that Nimah insisted on cooking this batch instead of Libertus. Lib was a fellow Vint, someone Corvus had picked up along the way so to speak. A hulking brute of a man, more bulwark than anything else, a fact which frequently worked in Lib's favor, Corvus liked to point out. He had a soft side though you wouldn't know it by looking at him. Libertus was a mage like many people from the Imperium, which was a sore subject depending on who and when you asked. Corvus had never seen anyone fight the way Lib fought or tell a story the way he did or even seduce women the way Lib was wont to do. Truly a man of many talents--none of which included cooking.

Corvus gave a satisfactory grunt and continued to quietly put away spoonful after spoonful as he watched Cauth from a distance rallying his fellow wardens in some kind of pep talk. He could scarcely make out what was being said but it was enough to make Corvus' smile vanish. One thing no one bothered to tell young Corvus as he held the Joining chalice to his lips was that the Wardens were not one big happy family, not completely anyway. There were rivalries, politics and even undermining at times. Corvus had done his best to climb the ranks while avoiding most of the political machinations and melodrama but for reasons he could not fully comprehend, Cauth had never liked him and he especially hated Libertus. Likely due to their Tevinter nationality even though Corvus had left the Imperium when he wasn't much older than thirteen. Libertus fondly referred to Corvus as "the Blacksnake" which both annoyed Corvus and fueled Cauth's view of them as proud Vints.

Just when Corvus could feel his ire growing the group disbanded and the crowd dispersed into small pockets, some returning to their tents others in search of food or liquor. The area around him quickly became inundated as more people joined the chow line. The added noise and activity didn't bother him much, on the contrary he found it rather comforting to be surrounded by his fellow brothers and sisters in arms. He could feel the anxiety, excitement and eagerness that surged through the crowd regarded the impending battle. It filled him to his very bones with an anticipation he found trouble putting into words. He knew the others could feel it too and sometimes it manifested into petty skirmishes, or quick flings between friends. Corvus wondered if Nimah would try to slip into his tent later for just such a rendezvous.


Certain of what he'd heard Corvus looked up in time to see a confrontation heating up between one of Cauth's warden's and an elven woman he had never seen before. Corvus found it curious how despite it being nearly the eve of a major battle some fools couldn't stand to shelf their prejudices. And just like that a fight had broken out. People thronged to the area to gawk, shoving and jostling for a better view. Corvus would have been satisfied just letting the two scuffle it out had his bowl not been knocked to the ground in the process, spilling what remained of what may very well be his last meal.

"Kaffas. Fasta vass!" Corvus lunged from his seat, shoving his way through the crowd to the center where the elf warden seemed to holding her own against not one but two combatants. Time to put a stop to it before one skirmish became many.

"What in blighted hell do you think you're doing?" Corvus stepped in, grabbing the lip of the man's hauberk. "You bloody idiots could be dead in three days time but you saw fit to end it a little early, is that it?" The crowd remained rooted to the spot, hoping to see yet another person drawn into the fracas. Corvus shoved the man to the ground with ease which seemed to cow his urge to keep swinging for the moment but the woman was already rearing to throw some more punches.

"You! Elf. What's your name? I thought I knew all of Cauth's wardens, you must be new."

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