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 A Favor, Vhenan, Zevran
 Posted: May 27 2018, 02:07 PM
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Seems climate never changed much in hundreds of years. Nolani had been the Weisshaupt only twice in her own era, and it was strange to be in the arid landscape without the intention of visiting the fortress. In fact, the fortress was barely a consideration right now, with no Wardens to house or even build the fortress.

Nolani lounged in the shade of a large umbrella, boots kicked upon the porch rail, as she cradled a mug of ale against her stomach. The sun was gliding down on her left, basking the open landscape in shades of orange, deepening the red tones of the steppes in the distance and making the large, spiky cacti cast long shadows that looked a lot like bald people surrendering. The inn and tavern establishment sat right on the edge of a one street town, to take advantage of this particular view.

She and Zevran were being served because they had endeared themselves to a caravan of nomadic merchants (staying here tonight) by engaging with attacking darkspawn. While odd shemlen, who chose to wear several layers of earthern-colored cloth to protect them from sun and sand, they had been willing to share their revelry. Trying to communicate took a lot of effort. Only two of the shems seemed to understand some variation of common, and the rest spoke the harsh Anderfel language. It was easy to understand when they placed food, drink, and protective headwear into her hands.

Honestly, Nolani was willing to travel with them for a while, being their guard. The nomads seemed to welcome it.

She tilted her head back and looked across the table, over plates of food well picked over, at Zevran. The sort of common joviality in their conversations had waned to a comfortable silence, which grew weightier the more serious thoughts crawled through her brain. Thoughts she hadn't brought to voice because of some reason or another; certain topics she'd kept under wraps because she'd been determined and optimistic about her future.

She had been determined to find a cure. Yet now, in the First Blight, those optimisms had faded, and Nolani could only predict her future as bleak. She hadn't a clue what Zevran could be considering as their future. After all his faith and loyalty, he deserved to be included in what had, so far, been a internal discussion.

"Zevran," she said, with seriousness. "I have a favor to ask." Now that she had his attention, Nolani had a nervous flash. She reached up to fidget with her single golden earring. "We're... in the First Blight. As ya know. And ya should also know..." she frowned, and looked at the tips of her boots in front of her. "I've given up hope finding a cure. I don't have the resources, or network, anymore.

"So, the favor is,"
she inhaled deeply, "Would ya kill me when my calling starts?"
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