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a dragon age roleplay

Four years strong, we are a literate to advanced Dragon Age roleplay that focuses on the events post-Trespasser, while also following the timelines of the Warden, Champion and Inquisitor.

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Played by Cherith
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 you're playing with fire, paige's plotter
played by alayna
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disclaimer: i'm awful at a) getting back to plotters b) formulating real life paragraphs of plot so its 100% viable to scream at me on discord. please scream at me on discord. i love screaming.

look at that apostate hobo. what a #LOOK. she's mastered solas's hobo look and made it 10x more chic.

anyway this is a rough estimate of paige has been up too bc i gotta. you know. flesh that out. eventually.

the blight: so little paige ran like a bat outta hell when uldred made a mess of things at kinloch hold. she was only ten or so years old and had been there for a few years. obviously a little thing getting stripped away from her family and thrown into the circle doesn't do much for the psyche but she tried her darndest. she looked up to the older mages, the ones that were """lucky""" enough to get their harrowing and become a rightful mage. somehow she managed to drink the kool-aid about andraste and the maker and what have you just about, you know, until abominations started wandering the halls and paige decided that was rather yikes.

so she suffered across lake calenhad, figured her way to highever. days later she got onto a ship to kirkwall with all the other fereldans trying to get out.

and there she was! in kirkwall! she made it! except they weren't letting anyone in, were they?

somehow a certain kade colquhoun offered to help her out. it was probably only supposed to be a few days, she was so small! delicate! hungry! tired! this precious lil fereldan with burn marks that was so obviously a mage. every little part of her said that she shouldn't trust anyone, that it was just dangerous, but whats life without a little risk? (mostly she was just so tired smh)

kirkwall: so paige hides out with kade in kirkwall up until anders, ya know, blows up the chantry. and i'm not saying that paige might've been a contributing factor to kade getting into the whole ~mages have rights too~ deal because she has some pretty wild puppy dog eyes and she had seen kinloch fall apart - they (he, mostly) had to help their brethren!

the big thing is paige's big fuck up during the kirkwall rebellion! did kade tell her to not get herself into trouble because she's a seventeen year old who isn't nearly strong enough to take on templars? absolutely. did she listen? absolutely not. did she get stuck in a corner defending other mages from too many templars she could take on herself? absolutely.

oh, did i mention that a demon had been running a long con on her? keeping her company when she was lonely and on the run from kinloch?
paige did what most mages did when all hope seemed lost - she turned to blood magic.

rebellion: paige has always been apart of kade's merry little band of apostates. she's concerned about him, absolutely, since ... you know... he's kind of leaned to torture and your usually array of scary things. not that she exactly has room to judge she is a maleficar after all, but he doesn't know that! secrets are great.

but lets be real she does judge because she's can. she isn't scared of kade, not even remotely bc she remembers making kade hold her hand when she was like twelve as she got too scared BUT she is totally freaked out by what he's doing.

also, kade is trying to teach her to shapeshift. it is not going even remotely well. probably because of the blood magic but who knows! maybe she's a terrible student. maybe he's a terrible mentor. they're terrible and i love them.

anyway i feel like paige is very much a "take it a day at a time" person. she's young still so she's prone to being sensitive and takes everything either too seriously or not seriously enough. she believes in the rebellion and what they're doing to her core; probably thinks the circle should be dissolved. a deep secret part of her probably still believes in the maker/andraste bc boy is she dealing w some shit with the blood magic and such and she thinks that itll help even a LITTLE BIT even if its super constantine of her.

i'm awful and i'll probably write something more substantial soon.

played by CRIM
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Niamh wants to braid her hair and encourage her to follow her dreams. As they are apostate hobos and any dreams they might dream would be inherently impractical, this may not be helpful, but she is trying to help. The hair is at least a more realistic goal. Kinloch hold was a real formative experience for her as well and sometimes she goes nonverbal if you bring it up?? A sign that the problem was managed deftly and with full consideration of their well-being ofc. I'm really just repeating all've the previously expressed sentiments here to mark that we should thread.
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