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 WHEN THE CAT'S AWAY, Neassa/Nevarran Warden Keep, 9:32 Dragon
 Posted: Aug 18 2015, 04:29 PM

Not the patience? Neassa gave an indignant huff. Incapable of the focus required?! A second huff, more exaggerated this time, shaking her head the whole time. "Yes, it’s been three years. Twelve months, multiplied by three.” Whatever the hell that was, the third step after 24. "I’d say that shows patience.” The sporadic interactions, admittedly, made a point out of her lack of focus but Neassa had been preoccupied.

"I’ve been busy.” She was reminded of their situation and exactly where they were. "Obviously, you have been too, hoodwinking an entire organization into harbouring you from justice.” Her tone made it sound like she was almost impressed, something she caught onto and buried with a cough."You can consider the alcoholic pet foisting an isolated incident.” Mostly because she didn’t expect to have another inflicted upon her in this lifetime, at least. "I have to come up with more inventive ways of inconveniencing you now that you’re a Warden,” there was a pause, The Seekers eyes narrowed to slits as she stared suspiciously at Cassie.

"Allegedly.” She stared harder, swirling the whisky in her glass, letting the accusation set in. It was entirely possible. Entirely. When one disregarded Cassie’s ability to fight Darkspawn and probably bathe in their blood without coughing her way into an early grave, also the sensing them, and all that blue and silver...and her being here. In a Warden’s Keep and the little matter of being in charge of two other alleged Wardens...yes. When she ignored all of the evidence, it was just as likely Cassie was the maid than a full blown Warden. Neassa hummed out a ’hmmm’

It wasn’t remotely likely but - thirty-six. The answer was thirty-six months.

She rewarded her brain with another sip of the cheapest whisky anyone had ever pawned off on her. Still, she couldn’t expect a maid to have the funds required to buy something that wasn’t hideous. There was a way to find out and it was staring her in the face. Well, in the corner of her eye. That damp spot of spilled whisky on the carpet. A maid would know- "So what’s the best way to get whisky out of shag?” Was that shag? She didn’t know. She just wanted to say it, but now that she had, she regretted it and started thinking about what she could do to draw attention elsewhere.

Oh yeah. Drunk anti-magic.

The Seeker could feel the slightest ripple of abnormality shifting through the atmosphere, like a Minstrel quietly plucking at the strings of their instrument in a crowded Tavern, just because it wasn’t loud didn’t mean it wasn’t annoying.

Had Cassie just been a Minstrel, tuning Neassa into a migraine, the Seeker would have been able to remedy it quickly by breaking the offending instrument over her head. It would be far easier than messing around with anti-magic, probably a lot more fun too.

Her awareness fluttered, distracted by more important things. Such as her paper ball hitting its target. "HA!” She had never sounded more triumphant.

Neassa’s joy was short lived, as ever, she was too busy watching Cassie to consider the paper ball becoming sentient and seeking revenge on her. She would never know what it was about her eye the thing found so offensive-waaaaait a minute. A piece of paper couldn’t achieve consciousness.

Voices of her tutors echoed in her head, ...not that you would, as a responsible Templar, but it should go without saying that one should never practice anti-magic under the influence, not even to wipe the smug off the face of a most annoying irritant. That wasn’t verbatim, she was certain she had added that last part in herself. It would be massively irresponsible. Massively.

She was going to do it.

“You brought this on yourself.” It was difficult to sound or even appear menacing when she was forced to wink until the sting subsided, the idea that it might hinder her aim didn’t even cross her mind though. It wasn’t ideal, just meant she had to be smart, if smart was interchangeable with sneaky and if sneaky was interchangeable with stupid. That’s what she would be.

Success depended on a distraction, she had overused the bottle though. Spilling it wasn’t enough. So she needed a distraction...for her distraction.

Neassa grinned, kicked Cassie in the shin under the table, slapped the bottle to unbalance it and threw Silence across the table at the Warden.

(OOC: i'm getting whiplash going from this Neassa to serious Neassa.)

 Posted: Sep 17 2015, 05:22 AM

Cassie gave a disbelieving hum, not deigning to give Neassa a more detailed response than that. Her opinion on Neassa’s patience and focus was well established, and her blustering over the three year technicality didn’t fool her one jot.

She snickered, opening her arms in an innocent ‘who, me?’ gesture. ‘The Wardens came to me, not the other way around. I even sent them away the first time. Can’t blame me for being prime Warden material. The diplomatic immunity is just a very welcome side-benefit.’ She settled back in her chair, allowing herself to feel smug. She thought Neassa had almost, almost sounded impressed. Probably the alcohol finally getting to her though. ‘Oh, so I’m only going to get one crazy, alcoholic cat? Joy of joys. I had visions of you turning up with a lyrium-addicted mabari next.’

Cassie snorted. ‘So you’ve downgraded from killing me to merely inconveniencing me, bar the odd call-out to non-existent darkspawn and a load of traps. Good to know.’ No, she was not letting that one go. Even if an ogre and a few darkspawn had turned up afterwards.

Allegedly? Allegedly what, a Warden? Cassie tilted her head, narrowing her eyes back at the Seeker in abject confusion. ‘What in the world are you on about this time?’ The next question threw her completely. She looked from the carpet to Neassa and back again, wondering if there was more than just whiskey in the bottle. Raw lyrium, maybe. This could just be one last delusion brought on by exposure to the stuff before she died horribly. Or Neassa was just plain crazy, as usual.

Since she couldn’t exactly say ‘get the slaves to do it’ anymore, she settled for, ‘haven’t the foggiest,’ though her tone was screaming ‘what are you on, and should I be backing away slowly yet?’. Francesco and Margarita’s pub had wooden floors throughout – precisely because it made cleaning up spillages easier. Cassie could mop up a floor no problem, but getting alcohol out of a rug? No clue. She wasn’t even sure the threadbare, stained, beaten thing on the floor was shag or not.

Then, of course, Neassa jumped topics again – to Silencing, this time – and started messing with the whiskey-and-possibly-lyrium bottle. Then nailed her between the eyes with a paper ball.

Apparently magical retaliation was akin to a declaration of war.

Neassa might well have taken her completely by surprise, if she hadn’t stated her intentions clearly before she acted. Given what they had just been talking about – and Neassa’s attention span – ‘this’ could only be a Silence. What Cassie wasn’t expecting was the battering ram of Neassa’s armoured boot to the shin. Swearing as she automatically bent over and drew her bruised leg up, Cassie ignored the teetering bottle and focused on the more important thing – kicking Neassa’s arse on principle.

She shoved, ice jetting from her hand for good measure, and both table and Neassa’s chair went skidding backwards across the room on their two back legs with a nice coating of frost. Dimly, she was aware of the cat hissing and running for cover again, but she hadn’t knocked Neassa off course enough and the Silence clipped the top of her head from where she was still curled over herself on her chair.

‘Fucking hell,’ she groaned, shaking her head and fighting to stave it off, rubbing her shin at the same time. It wasn’t a full hit, thankfully, but it would still block her for a few seconds. Still. At least she’d got Neassa before the damn thing hit her. Even now, she could feel the numb, tingling sensation starting to fade – starting with her tongue, of all places.

Pulling a face at the feeling, it was only then that she looked about the room to assess where the Seeker was, and realised she’d driven the table into the wall, the whiskey bottle smashed on the floor, the cat was cowering under the desk, and half the room was glittering with frost. And they’d probably made enough noise to be heard in the Warden-Commander’s office.


[OOC: I know. I think I'd just read or posted for the other thread, then read this one. So weird jumping between the two XD]

 Posted: Oct 25 2015, 11:55 AM

Neassa breathed in sharply, mock astonishment as Cassie revealed she had refused the Warden’s initial offer to doom her to a lifetime of Deep Roads, Darkspawn and aligning herself with various degrees of degenerates. ”What, like you thought you were too good for them?” It sounded a lot like Cassie was boasting and in truth, the only thing Neassa envied was that diplomatic immunity. The perks were assured, whereas Neassa was left to depend on her colleague’s having their heads so far up their own arses that they wouldn’t notice her misdeeds.

If she could depend on one thing from them, it was that she would be long dead before they managed to dislodge themselves ”That might be impressive,” Neassa conceded, rotating her glass in her hand. ”If it wasn’t for the fact that petty thieves, and worse, are considered prime Warden material just as easily.”

Her teasing tone was quickly replaced by something more serious as she leaned forward, cradling her tumbler in both hands. “I don’t want you thinking that every visit from me will include presents because that’s just not going to be the case Cassie,” unless she caught a cold and wanted to pass that along to the Warden, next time she darkened her doorway it would be empty handed. “And why does it have to be lyrium-addicted? Like I’m gonna share that with a dog…honestly.” She leaned back in her chair again, shaking her head at Cassie in judgement.

And she drank, deliberately at the moment Cassie brought up that other time Neassa had tried to kill her. That time in which she would have been successful if not for Darkspawn and a couple of innocent bystanders (and witnesses) in the form of Cair and Jorren. Cassie was so relentless in her need to remind Neassa of such things that the Seeker simply had to make a game of it to get by. Though she did note that neither Darkspawn nor witnesses were present at the moment...except for Cassie Killer, but she too could be dealt with, at a push.

“You’re so negative. What about all the good things I did that day? Hmm? What about those?” She struggled to think of them least the ones that directly involved Cassie’s wellbeing. “Like when that Ogre was charging and you were so slow I had to pull you out the way? Mmmhmm. You never mention that do you? But the traps! Oh, the traps! Never forget the traps.” She hadn’t so much as pulled Cassie away as just played the part of an immovable object meeting a stoppable force and gotten in the way, but it was all about perspective and Neassa’s, as ever, was designed to work in her favour. It made perfect sense to her to lie about something that hadn’t happened, because Cassie had gotten herself out of the way fine, than to mention the lyrium Neassa had given her as a goodwill gesture after the battle was long over. Because they had agreed back then that they would never again speak of it and Neassa wasn’t about to be the one to break that vow.

Which was rich considering her haphazard treatment of other, more pertinent vows...especially those involving the Seeker code of conduct and this whole intangible concept of honour her peers clung to.

The Seeker allowed a slow grin to possess her as Cassie became lost in Neassa’s babbling. There was something to be proud of in confusing Cassie, even if just for a moment. “Well it’s women’s work so maybe you should figure it out,” Neassa made a ‘hmmm,’ noise as she nursed her whisky, not even noticing how it was coming to influence her already.

What happened really what happened next? Because Neassa tuned out between being sent halfway across the room and having her boots coated in ice and fused to the legs of the chair she was seated on.

The fact that she hadn’t been dethroned from her seat was a miracle in itself, honestly. Neassa was still holding her glass when the last of the ice ceased its crawl across the floor. Her eyes found Cassie’s across the devastation she had wrought and Neassa had to finish the contents of her glass before she reacted...or did anything else at all. She hadn’t realised her own lack of say over whether she moved or not until she wanted to get up and couldn’t. Neassa looked down at her legs, finding them covered in ice up to her knees. Most of her armour served its purpose, but there were gaps in between the knee and shin guards that had made it easy for the ice to creep through.

As cold as it was, it burned.

Oddly, in all the places it hadn’t reached. Like her back?


Neassa broke out of her tunnel vision, the one in which she was at one end and Cassie was at the other hugging her battered shin pathetically, and her spatial awareness returned. She didn’t have to look over her shoulder to see that she was uncomfortably close to the fire, but it helped to pin point the source of the burning smell. Her cloak was catching fire and it was made of such cheap shit that it was doing so at a pace she really didn’t appreciate.

“Tell me where the fuck in the ‘being a good host handbook,’ it says to set them on fire? Is it page ten? Page twenty?” Her hands went to trying to yank herself free of the ice but when she felt no give, she inwardly started to panic. “Page, fucking doesn’t exist because it’s not a thing you should do to your guests?” Inwardly.
 Posted: Nov 5 2015, 05:32 PM

‘Nope!’ Cassie said with equally mock cheer. ‘Not good enough – send me to the Wardens then, I’d have been dead in a week. Couldn’t fight properly, so I spent a year on combat training and making the other Templars twitchy. Pity you weren’t there,’ she mused. Getting permission to practice combat magic in front of Neassa, and Neassa not allowed to Silence her? That would have been a fun year.

Cassie lifted an interjectory finger. ‘Ah, not petty thieves. Professionals, yes. Assassins instead of thugs. We need everyone we can get, but we need them to be able to fight first. No point in getting some idiot off the street who doesn’t know the pommel from the tip of a sword. But I concede your point, we’re hardly the illustrious group of legends people make us out to be.’

Cassie pressed a dramatic hand to her chest as though hurt. ‘And here I thought you were starting to like me! Alas.’ Then she shrugged, chugging back another healthy swallow of whiskey. ‘First thing that came to mind. Would ‘rabid’ have been better?’

Cassie spluttered a laugh. What good things?’ She asked in an exaggerated tone, since she couldn’t directly mention that they had happened. Neassa and her bloody conditions and promises. Which she’d lost a button to, incidentally. No doubt Neassa would be pleased that the odd replacement she’d stitched on reminded her of that moment. Or maybe she wouldn’t – it was proof Neassa had a heart, after all. ‘If I recall,I jumped out of the way of the ogre, while you simply stood there imitating a welcoming statue.’ Cassie spread her arms out and assumed an exaggerated look of grumpiness to illustrate her point. ‘You were about as solid as a statue as well. I was black and blue along that side for a week; you’ll be pleased to know. It’s probably the most damage you’ve done to me – you can add that to your tally.’ They’d mentioned tallies and records earlier hadn’t they? She felt like she was referencing something. Cassie looked at her glass, thinking that this probably wasn’t a good idea but to hell with it. She’d already started. She refilled her glass without quite draining the last of her glass, deciding that while she was making bad decisions she may as well enjoy herself.

Cassie gave Neassa a flat stare. ‘If it’s women’s work, you shouldn’t have to ask me,’ she said, taking a smug sip of whiskey. She really shouldn’t be feeling that good about out-talking Neassa there, it was a pretty simple conclusion and dear Maker whiskey and Neassa was a terrible idea...

Whiskey, Neassa, magic and anti-magic was even worse. It took Cassie a few seconds to realise what had happened between the pain in her shin, the fuzz in her head and the deadened feeling of the Silence. Then she was scrambling to her feet and hurrying over, bypassing the ice she still couldn’t defrost and going straight to Neassa’s cloak. ‘Oh shut up!’ She snapped for the lack of anything more appropriate, roughly trying to find the clasps of the cloak, nervously eyeing the flames getting closer and closer. ‘Lift your chin up!’ She said, trying to pull the neck of the cloak around to the side so she could reach it to undo it. Neassa’s head was making it rather tricky, and the cloak catching on her armour didn’t help. ‘You just had to hit me with a Silence, didn’t you?’ She could have put the fire out in a second, but noooo, Neassa had to be a dick as usual.

Finally she managed to yank the clasp open and threw the whole cloak – or rather, the pathetic half that was left – into the fire to keep it away from Neassa. She was still uncomfortably close to the fire, but at least she wasn’t in immediate risk of being set alight until Cassie could unfreeze her legs. No doubt Neassa would abuse her for burning her cloak though. It was just what Neassa did.

Cassie glanced at the room again, stomach sinking. The rug was soaked with whiskey after all, since the glasses and bottle had gone sliding off the table and smashed on the floor. The table was still planted against the wall, skid marks iced onto the floor. Neassa was nearly sat in the fire, frozen to her chair and the ground.

The last thing Cassie needed right now was for a superior to walk in to see what all the noise was about.

 Posted: Nov 6 2015, 03:03 PM

“Excuse me! Professionals. So damn good at their areas of expertise they got caught and had to rely on the Wardens to avoid the noose.” She’d drink to that. Well, she was just drinking because there was a glass of alcohol in her hand and spaces in between her talking. This was how she got drunk. Her hands didn’t know what to do with themselves if they weren’t murdering or injuring someone, they fixated on the only outlet they had. The glass of whisky. She should be careful though. At this rate she might find Cassie less than abhorrent. But she was probably going to die on this next mission anyway so...what was the harm?

At first, Neassa was deeply, deeply insulted when Cassie questioned the good in her. But then she clocked on to what the Warden was playing at. The Game The Game no one knew the rules to because Neassa made them up on the fly to fit whatever situation she found herself stuck in. Cassie’s rules would be different to someone else's rules. How did The Seeker possibly keep up? Few were given such leeway with her. Cassie really should feel special. Like a rare disease, she’d captured a part of Neassa’s twisted sense of appreciation. ”I had to dig my heels in to keep from falling into those traps and it’s just as well. You’re a lot heavier than you look.” She couldn’t be sure of that though, Neassa had already been encumbered enough with her armour and shield, let alone adding a mage to the weight she had to balance. ”But it does bring me some peace to know that it hurt you.” Neassa smiled sweetly, a most honest expression of joy. Black and blue. Good.

She merely raised the other woman her middle finger at her retort. Neassa was quite aware of her so called blunder. A woman she might be, but she was of the sort to make the mess rather than the kind to clean up afterwards.

”Just because I’m on fire doesn’t give you license to touch me with your witchy hands!” Neassa protested while Cassie put her filthy hands all over her brand new, fastly burning cloak. It became more like she was trying to choke her and Neassa couldn’t fathom how someone who had had no difficulty with getting her breastplate to crack open, was somehow fucking up the most basic of things. So what did she do? She pointedly put her chin down when Cassie told her to do the opposite. “If you’ll recall, hitting you with SIlence was the aim of the game!”

Since she was inebriated and just because of who she was as a person, Neassa hadn’t realised they were quite so loud as to draw attention. So when the door cracked open to the worried expression of two men she recognised as Cair and Jorren, Neassa was unprepared to greet them. They looked equally as unprepared for the sight they were beholden to. Neassa frozen to a chair placed inappropriately close to the open fire and Cassie trying to take off her clothes.


This was awkward.

She just gave an exasperated expression as if to say, ‘What is she like?’, which she somehow managed to convey with just her eyes and the shaking of her head. They looked between each other, eternally confused, and sort of...seeped back out into the hall without a word, as though they had never been in the first place.

After some more flailing, and despite Neassa’s lack of cooperation, The Seeker was soon free of her cloak. Apparently. She had to take it from the smell of the fire and Cassie’s look of relief, it’s not like she could see it. Cassie had stopped trying to strangle her, so she assumed the job was done. It removed the immediate problem but Neassa was still frozen to a chair half in the fire and nothing got hotter, faster, than metal.

”I think this constitutes as an attempted murder.” The prospect of having this to hang over Cassie like a black star of ‘you done fucked up,’ for future use was the only reason Neassa had made no attempt to help herself yet. ”You cold bitch.” She added in a monotone while she was the complete contrast of a cold bitch herself. Sometimes she hated full armour. This was one of those times. The ice was melting beneath the influence of the heat but it wasn’t going fast enough for her liking. Neassa herself was melting at a greater pace, for goodness sake. ”Why am I going to fuck off nowhere to get burned alive by a dragon when I can just do that here?”

She laughed, because she was becoming increasingly uncomfortable with the feeling of being baked like some chicken breast folded neatly into some foil. Enough was enough. ”Do the reverse of what you did to defrost that turkey.” Neassa slapped Cassie. No really. She slapped her, whatever part of her she could reach easily enough.

Also with Cleanse to release her of her Silence and acquaint her with the Fade. She’d never used both spells in such succession before though...and never drunk either, so, the effects might be...unexpected. See? It wasn't just slapping for slapping's sake.

As they say, the lord giveth and the lord taketh away.

 Posted: Nov 6 2015, 04:25 PM

‘Everyone makes mistakes,’ Cassie said cheerfully. ‘What matters is their skill.’ Mistakes like getting cocky when they’d gone a decade without getting caught. You get cocky, you get sloppy. That had been a fairly common story among their criminal recruits. Others were simply ex-soldiers who’d taken a fight too far and ended up at the Gallows for killing someone.

Cassie rolled her eyes, sitting back in her chair with one leg crossed over the other, idly bouncing her foot as she sipped her drink. ‘Well I’m no featherweight like I was in the Circle, killing darkspawn puts some muscle on you even when you try and stay out of the melee. Then there was the armour.’ Relatively light armour admittedly, all leather and cloth and chainmail. Cassie gave a knowing nod and a weary sigh. ‘Yes, I thought it might. Though given that the most successful you’ve ever been was an accident – self-inflicted, you could say – does say something about your general effectiveness at ‘inconveniencing’ me.’ Cassie spared two fingers from her tumbler to crook around the word, mirroring those of her free hand.

Cassie chuckled at the response, going one better and showing her index finger as well. That was their old-school methods of fighting – catching each other out at the slightest slips whenever they could. Truly, they had to get creative in the Circle when they couldn’t simply Silence or freeze each other on a whim.

‘Do you want to be set on fire, you idiot?!’ Cassie snapped, pausing in her scrabble for the clasp to smack Neassa over the back of the head out of sheer frustration when the Seeker lowered her chin. ‘What game?! All I saw was your insanity, as per fucking usual!’

Cassie remained oblivious to the two Wardens poking their heads in, too busy trying to wrangle Neassa’s cloak and swearing profusely at its owner. Finally she yanked the clasp open – she may well have simply broke it, she wasn’t sure – with a triumphant ‘ha!’ and tossed the whole thing aside to the flames. She hoped she’d half-throttled Neassa while she was at it, Maker knew the woman deserved it.

‘Oh, there’s going to be an actual murder in a minute,’ Cassie growled, scanning the room for something that might help. There was no water, only whiskey – and alcohol plus fire was a worse combination than her and Neassa and alcohol. ‘Would you have preferred me to hit you with a fireball instead?’ She asked as she grabbed a letter opener off the mantelpiece – what it was doing there Maker only knew – and considered chipping away at the ice with it. No doubt Neassa would yell bloody murder and claim it was an attempted stabbing, and it might well become an accidental one if she slipped. ‘That dragon had better eat you while you’re there Neassa, because I swear to the Maker, I might chop you up and serve you to the dogs if you show up here again.’

Then Neassa slapped her, and a combination of poor angle, aim and general carelessness due to haste meant that Neassa caught her right across the arse. ‘Fucking-!’ Cassie jumped, rounding on Neassa in disbelief. She glared down at her even as the Cleanse washed over her and her magic flooded back, trying to suppress the urge to smack the woman again. ‘Really? Was that really necessary?’ She demanded, before shooting Neassa a mutinous look and kneeling beside her, hands out over her frozen legs. ‘If you weren’t a Seeker and there was no chance of accidentally burning the Keep down as well, I’d leave you right here,’ she swore. The heavy heat haze soon had the water running in rivers from the greaves, the water evaporating before it hit the floor. It only took a few seconds to free her, though Cassie was sorely tempted to freeze her again once she was out of reach of the fire. Remembering what had started the whole thing, or almost, Cassie made sure she got out of kicking range before Neassa had regained full sensation in her legs and stood, arms folded, glowering.

 Posted: Nov 6 2015, 06:22 PM

Everyone, including career criminals, could make mistakes that Cassie would allow them, but Neassa couldn’t. Why the woman put her on such a pedestal would remain a mystery for as long as The Seeker drew breath.

She only laughed, into the echoing walls of her glass when Cassie mentioned armour. They had different understandings of the word. What Cassie considered as such was merely a first layer to The Seeker. Armour for when the Armour was breached by the many thousands that hated her. “I’m glad you’re keeping track because I just count them as…” she thought of a word, a word that started with ‘f,’ and made her sick. So she disregarded it and replaced it with something more acceptable to her sensibilities. ”Practice.”

DId she just...did Cassie just hit her over the head? ”THAT KILLS BRAIN CELLS YOU KNOW?!” Neassa hissed, infuriated. She struggled enough as it was without inconsiderate Wardens slapping the sense out of her. ”There was a game, a casting game! Don’t start dismissing it because you lost!” Yeah she’d won. But at what cost? The cost of being frozen but also on fire...only Neassa could find herself in such a situation as this.

”Yes! A fireball would be over quickly. Ice lingers. Like you.” Neassa spat, accusatory but all too aware of the fact that she was seated and Cassie was looming above her. It would not stand. Just like Neassa couldn’t, physically, stand at this moment in time. Her eyes widened as The Warden flashed a knife in the firelight, Neassa glowered. What the fuck. What the actual...what was she doing. ”I am not a letter!” She shouted, almost panicked by the knife in her face. She blew at it. Like it was a candle, in an attempt to dissuade Cassie from her current train of thought. ”Don’t talk shit, you would have to get me comatose to be able to chop me up-” wait a minute.

Neassa froze, considered the dregs of whisky in her tumbler against her need for more...and well, suffice it to say, it didn’t match up. She drank down the remains of nothing, accepting the fate of possibly being comatose and then, subsequently, chopped to pieces. Thinking on it she realised, ”That’s pretty dark for you Cassie. Do you get evil when you get drunk?”

Oh no.

Oh Maker.

Smite her and send her straight to hell. Turn her into dust. Let the earth open up and swallow her whole. Let armageddon rain down and pummel her into pulp. Please. Let her be dead. Let a long subdued illness strike her down. Something. Anything. Please.


Cassie glared down and Neassa glared up at her, as though it was all her fault. She was confused. Immeasurably. What had even happened. How had the careless waving of her hand ended up in arse slapping? With the last person on the planet she wanted the arse of. This was it. This was how she died. Misunderstood and she-fuck. She’d just given the Warden her magic back. Fuck. Misunderstood and either burned alive via fire or lightning or an excruciating mix of the two. Such timing. Such terrible timing and circumstance. Why did The Maker curse her so? What had she done to deserve this (apart from everything)?

She couldn’t be seen to back down though. Despite her horror, Neassa hardened her stare and simply replied with a firm, ”Yes, entirely necessary.” The words burned her throat, like her hand felt as though she had handled magma, how it wasn’t turned black and ashen she’d never know. It wasn’t her place to question and even if it had been, Neassa couldn’t form the words without gagging. ”It got you motivated, didn’t it?” At the woman's threat of neglect Neassa grinned smugly, full of doubt. ”No you wouldn’t. You don’t have that in you.” Let someone burn alive? That was horrific. Neassa knew, she’d witnessed it. The fire hadn’t been her own, but that of a rage demon to overwhelm a weak mage...but still. The stench stuck with her.

Shortly, she could move her legs. An inch at first, grinding against the wall of ice slowly but surely...and then it was water and she could kick the shit out of that on any day. It was lucky for Cassie that she moved out of the way, the entire time she had been working on defrosting Neassa, The Seeker had been working on forcing her way to freedom. Her legs kicked out as soon as it was possible to do so and anything that got in the way would be destroyed.

She had hoped Cassie would have been dumb enough to stick around for a dead leg, but no such luck, the woman backed off. Neassa came to stand, if not just to put distance between herself and the heat of the fire that had sweat crawling down her spine. But also because she had been seated for so long and at Cassie’s mercy, it was not something she wished to repeat.”I can do that too. It just requires ropes.” Wait no, those were the last things she wanted to be saying right now, fresh from slapping some Warden arse. ”Chains.” That didn’t help. ”Chains and ropes.” Holy fuck. ”I mean, like, I could, in a combat situation in which it was necessary to detain the enemy and not in...another situation in which it was something else.” She wished there was more whisky in her tumbler, it would at least make it less obvious that she had just swigged some air straight from the glass.

”No thank you? For the magic? You are so rude. Do they just breed them that way in Tevinter? Incredible.” She displayed her empty glass in one hand, shaking it in Cassie’s face. ”For example.” And there wasn’t even any ice left to chuck in with it.

Cassie was doing this mage thing all wrong.

 Posted: Nov 24 2015, 03:58 PM

‘Cock-ups?’ Cassie suggested innocently, while Neassa browsed for a word. She settled for a more diplomatic one, for some reason.

‘What brain cells? You haven’t got any!’ Cassie shot back, irate as she yanked at the cloak, less than gentle with Neassa’s neck. ‘Oh, I lost?! Who’s nearly sat in the fire needing me to save her?’ If Neassa wanted it to be a game, by all means. But from where Cassie was standing, she was the clear victor – though it seemed she was being punished rather than rewarded since the only prize was more Neassa.

Cassie glowered at her, brandishing the letter opener. ‘A fireball would also make you dead. Ice doesn’t. Usually.’ If she’d ever wanted the opportunity to ‘accidentally’ kill Neassa, here it was. It was such a good job their places weren’t reversed, really. Then Cassie really would have died several times over. She shot Neassa a withering look as she tried to blow out the letter opener, resisting the temptation to drive it into the block of ice around her knee. She tossed the blunt dagger aside to take the option away from herself, barely listening as Neassa stopped mid-sentence, no doubt struck by some new idiocy.

‘No. Only when I’m homicidal, which you are making me,’ she growled. She turned towards the fire, wondering if taking a lit stick from it and holding it close to the ice would hel-

Cassie leapt as something smacked her rear, and it was in mid-spin to face the chair that she realised Neassa had just slapped her arse. Neassa.

This had to be a mistake. Or a nightmare. The welcome wash of her magic went almost unnoticed as Cassie contemplated smacking Neassa’s head across the room. Just her head. With her magic back, Cassie was reasonably certain she could achieve a back-handed decapitation.

Then Neassa said that it was, in fact, necessary, and Cassie settled for cracking her over the head non-lethally, but with a harsh zap of lightning to make herself feel better. She followed it up with another dose of electricity when Neassa continued, because the woman just did not understand the phrase ‘digging yourself deeper’ without some negative reinforcement.

‘Don’t I?’ Cassie paused, taking her hands away for a long moment. The ice was still strong enough to hold for now, and the fire was hardly close enough to suddenly consume Neassa in an instant. A few more seconds of sweating wouldn’t hurt her. ‘You forget, Neassa, I spend my free time thinking up new, exciting and painful ways to kill darkspawn. Do you really think I’ve never roasted any alive?’ Not just burned, roasted. A slow kill. She usually reserved that for individuals that had particularly pissed her off. Since most darkspawn didn’t have hair to burn and stink, they mostly smelled like cooking meat until the fire reached the viscera. Then the smell got to you, but by then they were dead and Cassie could put the fire out before the stench got too bad.

It was with a slow and deliberate purpose that Cassie went back to melting Neassa free, just to drive home the point that she had all the control here. She moved clear before Neassa kicked her way free, and instead stood facing the woman down even though Neassa was taller than her when she was standing.

She felt her eyebrows crawling further and further towards her hairline as Neassa stuttered and stammered and once again proved her lack of grasp over the ‘digging yourself deeper’ concept. ‘I did not need to know what your very clear preferences are in the bedroom, Neassa,’ Cassie said bluntly, unwilling to let her get away cleanly with that fumble and hoping she choked on the non-existent whiskey in the empty tumbler.

‘If it wasn’t for you,’ Cassie seethed, taking a step forward and pointing, as if she’d like to prod Neassa to prove her point, ‘I wouldn’t have needed you to give me my magic back in the first place. So no, I’m not thanking you for giving me it back since you only did it for your own comfort and safety.’ She leaned back to avoid going cross-eyed at the glass Neassa shook in her face. She was tempted to snatch it from her and smash it over its user’s head.

‘If you want me to demonstrate how we treat guests like you in Tevinter, I’m quite happy to set you on fire for my own amusement,’ Cassie said sweetly, but through her teeth. The urge to do physical damage to Neassa was only growing the longer she stayed here.

 Posted: Nov 25 2015, 03:15 PM

She would not dignify the cock ups with a response.

Neassa had several braincells. They stood proud and alone in a desolate wood of petrified brethren, thousands upon thousands wiped out by the bombardment of cranial trauma their host fell victim to so often.

And here was Cassie; pissing all over the courage of those soldiers that yet remained with her lack of recognition-NAY her impassioned belief that Neassa truly managed to function without even a scrap of grey matter firing on all cylinders and blasting electricity across the hemisphere. Or something. Neassa didn’t know much about brains, but being drunk (or in the process of such) made her think about things deeply and see things rose tinted. It was when she wrote her best worst letters, most of which never saw postage, hate mail and apologies and little ‘this made me think of you-isms,’ she thought better of come sobriety.

Need?” Neassa scoffed abruptly, she would admit to being in the fire...because they both knew that. Her cloak knew for certain. And her arse knew too, but she had never-” I didn’t ask you to save me!” She had just given the Warden that look. Neassa could have saved herself, if Cassie had just been so inclined to literally let her sweat. It may have taken longer, she most likely would have complained about it more violently, but she would have survived. Neassa had been in stickier situations. Combat situations. Stickier combat situations...she’d been in them.

The fact that Neassa’s little slip had horrified Cassie just as much was a small comfort to The Seeker. A comfort that was made even smaller still by the woman's retort. Neassa, stupidly, tried to duck the strike but forgot all about her predicament of suspended animation. She would have preferred just another run of the mill smack across the head but of course, Cassie was feeling frisky and Neassa couldn’t do anything to avoid it. All those years spent thinking Cassie was hell in human form resonated with the jerking, jumping, rattling shock the electricity sent through her. She had been right all along. She knew it. And all with her apparent lack of brain cells...she really was quite the specimen. Against all odds, Neassa managed to perform still.

She managed not to lash out a second time, which would have been more irreperably uncoordinated than the last. Not because she didn’t want to upset Cassie again, (or her own sensibilities) but because she was saving it for when she was free of her stasis.

”Talk about unnecessary.” Neassa prodded, through gritted (and still chattering) teeth. Electricity was harder to shed than ice. It jumped across her skin for days after, lunging for door handles or her sword and anything seemingly mundane just to spite her. It was the perfect element for Cassie to wield, when she thought about it. A spiteful, wicked and unpredictable force of nature. “I’m already frozen to a chair, halfway in an open’re spoiling me.” Really.

Neassa rolled her eyes as Cassie paused purposefully in her defrosting attempts, she begrudged the sheen of sweat beginning to build on the back of her neck but tried to act like she too had all the time in the world. In truth, most meats were done with roasting after an hour or so...or whatever. She had never cooked human. Cassie, on the other hand, had. Wasn’t that what Darkspawn were? Corrupted forms of humans, dwarves and whatever the fuck else? ”HA! You have to think about painful ways of killing things.” How sad. Neassa just pulled them out of thin air on any given day.

She really should be less argumentative, especially considering both her situation and position but it was impossible not to bite back, even when she had nothing of note worth to say. Neassa smiled slyly as Cassie began to push out magic once more in order to defrost her legs. Despite her talk and her subtle threats, she was still fixed on the task of releasing the Seeker from the shell of ice she had gripped her in. Neassa ignored the fact that she was at Cassie’s mercy, except she banked on Cassie actually having mercy in order to see herself freed. She knew two things for certain; Cassie wouldn’t let her burn alive and neither would she make the best use of this brief moment in time in which she had control.

People with such moral compassas rarely knew what to do with such things.

Cassie’s instinct was to undo it, Neassa argued a lot, as was her fault, but she did so while fully aware that it wouldn’t derail Cassie’s conscience. She loved when a plan came together...even when it was just her reliance on Cassie not being as much of a bag of dicks as she was still a plan coming together.

And when she was free, when she stood, Cassie was there somehow staring up and staring her down. Neassa’s clumsy way with words overtook and even as she was speaking, she saw Cassie’s eyebrows do the thing and mirrored it. Often, The Seeker spoke absent much thought or consideration for context and this was one of the first times she realised that the latter was actually important.

Of course, Cassie didn’t let it slide.

She narrowed her eyes, internally screaming and chastising herself the whole time. ”Ugh. I don’t even have a bedroom, Cassie.” That was the best she could do, or the worst. She didn’t know. More accurately, it was her first thought but blurting out her first thoughts was why she was in this backtracking nightmare in the first place.

Somewhere along the lines she had managed to make Cassie angrier somehow. Neassa blinked in confusion as the woman stepped forward, spitting venom and pointing with that fickle finger of blame. Her mouth fell agape in shock and indignation. ”What so, I’m supposed to just sit here and take an undisclosed spell to the face without doing whatever I can to deal with it? Is that what I’m supposed to do?” She wished Cair and Jorren where here to back her up, because Cassie was just being unreasonable and that was Neassa’s job.

”Shut up.” Whatever Cassie said next was taken as a threat, or went completely unheard. Neassa was just making good on her repressed need to reprimand from several minutes ago when the woman had struck and zapped her. Neassa, having already once attempted to push Cassie over with one hand, used both in this second attempt. She was awkwardly holding her glass in one but she could still push and pull even with it to contend with. Her hope was that Cassie slipped on the ice she had created and bumped her stupid head.

She was already laughing...presuming she had been successful in her attempts to thwart Cassie. Marginally shorter than she, yet looming, full of vindication, spitting blame...she could do with being knocked off her perch.
 Posted: Jan 17 2016, 05:24 PM

Cassie didn’t even bother glancing up that time. ‘We’ve already established this. You never ask for help. You leave it up to everyone around you to figure it out and do something about it themselves.’ Cassie couldn’t remember if that was one of those strange unspoken rules in their... she wouldn’t say relationship, seeing as they both would be happier without each other. Encounters worked better. So unspoken rule; or just something that had never come up. Neassa had certainly only referenced it when lyrium withdrawal and shock had started to kick in after the ogre fight, and only vaguely at that. Wait, no, she’d banned her from talking about it then. Oops. Or... no, no, she’d banned her from talking about the vial of lyrium she’d given her. That was fine then.

Why did she have a sinking feeling that the whiskey was kicking in?

That might have contributed a little to her shock-happy treatment of Neassa after the Seeker’s misaimed slap. She always got a little looser with her magic when she’d had a few... and Neassa tested her patience even when completely sober. It wasn’t any wonder she provoked the odd slip when they were both tipsy. ‘Oh no, that was completely necessary. Nothing better for the brain than a little stimulation, after all. It might help you think better of your terrible ideas the next time one pops into your head,’ Cassie said, almost managing to sound breezy despite her gritted teeth.

‘Only when I’ve ran out of the easy ideas. I’ve been doing this a while now, Neassa. I need to come up with new ones so I don’t get bored. After a few years, you need to put a bit of thought in so you don’t go for an old one again.’ Of course, in reality there was no time for lengthy considerations of what exact type of execution she felt like that day when there were darkspawn actively trying to kill her. Their discussions in their free time however could get very macabre, very quickly as they compared notes, techniques and bragging points. Her own musings on Force Magic alone would have terrified her back in the Imperium. There was so much scope there, if one had the imagination and skill for it. She had had moments where she wondered if what she did was any better than the blood magic she abstained from. But none of it counted against the darkspawn. As long as the result was a dead spawn at your feet and you preferably alive, then the Wardens were happy for you to experiment out on the field as long as it didn’t get you killed.

By the time the Seeker was free, she was beginning to wonder if it would count on Neassa. Putting her out of her suffering would be a mercy to everyone, after all, and she just kept making it worse-

Cassie groaned, one hand covering her eyes. ‘An exhibitionist as well. Wonderful. Yet another thing I did not need to know.’ Actually, that might have been her brain making it worse for once. Oh well. Neassa needed a break occasionally.

She was never going to drink with the woman again.

Cassie let out a shrill growl of frustration, hands clenching in front of her face as if she would dearly like to have them around Neassa’s neck. ‘A spell I used only because you kicked me! Then tried to Silence me for no good reason! Was I supposed to take that without doing anything about it?’ She could stick Neassa back in the fire. Fully this time. She could. No one could blame her. And if she got the fire hot enough she might be able to destroy the evidence... but that might damage the fireplace or set the room on fire, they weren’t equipped to deal with such strong flames...

She hated having a conscience sometimes. And common sense. Wait, no, then she’d be like Neassa. Bad idea. Terrible idea. Why had she opened that whiskey bottle?

That was the only reason why Neassa was able to knock her over, she told herself as she landed hard on her back. No ice needed, just the shove and her own poor stance and coordination. Not that Neassa was so much stronger than her or anything like that. Just the whiskey.

It was definitely the reason why Neassa’s laughing drove right through her skull and hijacked her usually excellent judgement. It was definitely why Cassie lunged up from the floor with a furious yell and dove at the Seeker in a full-body tackle with no small amount of Force Magic behind it.

In the sensible back of her mind that was still aware she would regret this all massively tomorrow, she was dimly aware that no matter what happened, this was going to hurt.

[OOC: Soooo... Cassie makes terrible decisions when tipsy/drunk and angry. It’s a good thing alcohol was likely restricted or banned in the Circle, because can you imagine these two doing this then? Also I have never been drunk but I have had gas and air, which is similar, right?? Basically I have no idea if I write drunk people well or not.]

 Posted: Jan 19 2016, 02:37 PM

The joy she felt at successfully laying Cassie out was...without words. There were tears edging the corners of her eyes, she was laughing that much. It was getting hard to breathe and she suspected a coughing fit would be fast on the heels of her hysteria the very moment it faltered-

But it was quickly against her. The tears blurred her vision, she saw nothing of Cassie until Cassie was exactly all she could see, she was that close.

"Ooof!” Neassa was struck by what felt like a speeding wagon and she could sense magic at work, propelling Cassie far harder and faster than she would ever be able to achieve naturally.

The Seeker threw out her glass holding hand, keeping it aloft and pouring her balance and strength into making sure it stayed intact. With that priority set, everything else was forgotten, the whisky offering her only an ‘or,’ situation rather than an ‘and.’ She could save her whisky, save the cheap glassware...but she wouldn’t be allowed to also shuffle her feet and catch her balance.

These were the tough choices she had been specifically raised to Seeker in order to make.

If only she had realised her glass was empty...despite having waved it in Cassie’s face to infer a refill. Her brain had taken a leap, created another timeline in which Cassie had been gracious enough to do as was willed.

The ice was the reason why she didn’t end up back in the fire, her boots losing grip on the slippery surface almost instantly, but as Cassie had hit her at just such an angle, she ended up being knocked off her feet instead of sliding into a furnace. Her legs kicked out in front of her, almost assuring that she would be taking Cassie down with her. But as we have already established, that was the least of Neassa’s misplaced concerns.

Neassa even somehow forgot Cassie was there, her focus was that great. She forgot up until the moment she landed and took both their weight, plus the weight of her armour with her. There was a loud crack beneath her, a spider's web splintering through the ice at the point of impact.

She gave no thought to what Cassie planned to do once she had toppled her, never even thinking of the possible eye pokes or hair pulls that might be on the cards if she didn’t do something about it soon. Only the whisky, and she saw the amber liquid sitting pretty in its tumblr, held aloft by an arm that was rigid and unmoving while the rest of her had crumbled.

Neassa tried to smile but got a mouthful of Cassie’s hair instead and the choking began, interspersed with her trying to blow it out of her mouth.

That arm...that straight as a board arm of flailed and the whisky bubbled on a stormy sea that sent waves thrashing against the edges, up and over and-wait no...that was just a reflection from the candlelight.

At last, she clicked and as with most revelations, it came to her violently.

If she wasn’t already displeased, she was fuming by the time she focussed on Cassie and the woman swiftly became the source of her ire. "You midget ffffff-” she searched her vocabulary long and hard -"fuck,” and came up wanting.

"I will end you! She tossed the glass with exaggerated force and heard it smash somewhere across the room and now with both hands free, she could deal with her attacker more efficiently, starting with punting her off. Her wrath would be felt, it would be the knife in the heart she had meant to give Cassie back in the Circle, it would be brutal.

But she was drunk. And the floor was ice. Not the sort that made skin stick to it, but melting away steadily by the heat of the fire and that was slippery.

She moved to offload Cassie and everything went as expected in the rolling over part, but then...then everything went dark and Neassa had no idea why. Other than having her face in Cassie’s cleavage, all the candles were still alight-


That's why it was dark.

Her hand had failed to find a grip on the ice beneath them and without it to bolster her up, there was only darkness for her but at least it was warm? No. That made it worse. So, so, soooooo much worse.

I’LL SHOW YOU A TERRIBLE DECISION! i’ve never been on gas and air, but yeah, i’d say it was the same from what you’ve written ;) and yes, i’m not just on board the ‘lets mortify the life out of neassa,’ train, i’m driving it.

 Posted: Jan 21 2016, 01:55 PM

It was with a satisfying smack that Cassie cannoned into Neassa. Well, satisfying until her shoulder realised that meeting solid steel at high speed was unpleasant to say the least. She shoved the blazing pain to the back of her mind however as Neassa’s legs tangled with hers, bringing them both down. Cassie’s chin met Neassa’s breastplate with an audible thud and clack of her teeth, her neck screaming as it bent at an awkward angle.

Snarling, Cassie struggled to push up enough to use her hands, but the melting ice beneath her made her hands slip. She used her knees and back instead, levering herself up with less weight through her arms. But no sooner had she lifted herself clear, straddling Neassa’s legs and balanced well enough to start pummelling every inch of Neassa she could find did the Seeker fix her with a look of such fury and start screaming near-incoherently at her.

Then she flipped her over completely. Cassie yelled in wordless frustration and no small amount of pain as her back and head slammed into the icy floor, arms whipping out to try and break the fall and merely sliding out from under her. As such, it was a few seconds before she realised how... where Neassa had landed. And was failing to remove herself from.

‘You fucking-’ she didn’t get any further, her voice rising to a simple screech as a flush raced from her hairline down to the bust Neassa was nestled in. She lifted her elbow and drove it straight down into the top of the Seeker’s head. Her other hand swept up from below to seize Neassa’s neck, lifting her up by that with a little magical aid to remove her face from her cleavage. She brought her legs up, using her knees to help hold Neassa clear. That freed her left hand up to punch Neassa in the face.

That was one thing that had been drilled into her when she first joined. No Warden mage would rely solely on their magic – they’d know some basic hand-to-hand as well. That meant knowing how to throw a punch, preferably without breaking their hand. She would never have the sheer force behind it that Neassa would unless she used magic, and her current angle was terrible with her arm unable to draw back thanks to the floor, but Cassie had the technique down.

Using her bunched legs, Cassie kicked up and away, shoving with her arms as she did to throw Neassa away from her. Using her new freedom, Cassie sat up, twisting around to get her knees under herself so she could move if she needed to. Or try, anyway. The ice was still a problem, but Cassie had just enough sense left not to sheet fire across the floor to evaporate it. There was spilled whiskey somewhere, after all.

 Posted: Jan 22 2016, 03:39 PM

Cassie said something but all Neassa could hear was a heartbeat. She was allowed no time to either dislodge herself or ask Cassie to repeat what she had just said. Not that she really felt like she needed to ask, the tone was telling enough as it was without the elbow that came crashing down on top of Neassa’s head moments later. She would have gotten around to getting up herself sometime after she recovered from the shock and trauma of it all but Cassie, as per usual, had other ideas

Again with the head hitting!

"What did I say about braincells?!” Enraged beyond belief that her warning had not been heeded. Neassa wished only that she had been struck harder, perhaps then she might have fallen unconscious and wouldn’t have to deal with any of this. What little whisky she had had did a good job of dulling the pain, either that or The Seeker was just so used to far worse that this was nothing beyond an irritation.

She scrambled to try and grab Cassie, more out of instinct than attack as she fell backwards again. "I’d remind you but I’ve had a head inj-” and then she got punched.

For the second time in less than five minutes, her back hit the floor but this time, Neassa wasn’t too busy romanticising an empty glass of whisky to understand how she had got there. She stared at the ceiling a moment, dazed and confused, one side of her face felt like it was on fire, she could already feel it starting to swell up where Cassie had punched her. There were few ways she could retort, one of which was apology but Neassa thought she was the one owed it at this point. Another, more characteristic way, would be to scramble across the slippery floor and make Cassie pay.

"Andraste’s tits, Cassie!” Poor choice of words, good job Neassa.

She lifted her head off the floor to try and spot her enemy but couldn’t see over the peak of her breastplate. With face throbbing and head pounding, Neassa angled herself to one side to be able to sit up, leaning directly in the shattered remains of her tumbler. She groaned, small lines of red already creeping up over the hand she had slammed into it. Was there no end to its betrayal?

Neassa must have been drunk, because she audibly whimpered when she touched the side of her face before finally fixing Cassie with a hard stare, testing her jaw to see that it was still connected.

"It’s not like I was trying to cop a feel. I slipped, on the ice you made!” She felt that was a really important point in this particular argument, anything to suggest that Cassie had somehow orchestrated the whole thing to go exactly this way would do, really. It was about two seconds later that she noticed Cassie was a different colour than usual and despite her slowly swelling cheek, she grinned like an idiot. "Are you….are you blushing?”

Further embarrassing Cassie by pointing out her embarrassment (which was probably down to anger) was better than any stray hits she might be able to get in in between being blasted by magic if she had decided on her usual violent approach. "I mean, technically you did it to me first,” she gestured to her breastplate. "If it wasn’t for this badboy...coulda’ been you-” not really though, Neassa was distinctly lacking in cleavage.

"You should think about that.” And Neassa should have left it at that, but she couldn’t. "While you go through your hot flush. It's ok. I'll wait.”
 Posted: Feb 10 2016, 03:59 PM

Even through her haze of anger, Cassie heard Neassa’s ranting. ‘Your non-existant brain cells?’ Cassie growled, before driving her fist into Neassa’s face. There was a visceral satisfaction in a real punch that you just didn’t get from magic, she thought as she kicked Neassa away. It also hurt her hand a lot more than magic did. She’d have to ice it later; she’d split her knuckles open.

Even with embarrassment flushing her face, Cassie couldn’t bite back the retort as Neassa tried to see her over her own breastplate. ‘Andraste now, am I?’ she snapped, valiantly resisting the urge to set the Seeker alight to ease her own mortification and fury. She glared right back as Neassa finally righted herself, cutting her hand on the broken glass in the process. Served her right for throwing it in the first place.

Cassie was dimly aware that she was going to have to explain the state of the room at some point to somebody, but at that moment in time she was past caring.

She plastered on a simulation of a smile, but it was all teeth and frustration-wide eyes. ‘Yes, Neassa, ice I put there because you tried to Silence me for no good reason. If you hadn’t Silenced me, I wouldn’t have frozen half the room, and you wouldn’t have slipped and done... that. So this is entirely your fault,’ she said with exaggerated patience and the air of someone who had just presented an unbeatable argument. In her mind she had, and even if she hadn’t she was so used to talking rings around Neassa that it shouldn’t make a blind bit of difference. The whiskey may have been more influential on her thought processes than she was actually aware of.

Then Neassa’s gaze shifted slightly and she started to grin. Cassie narrowed her eyes at her, wondering where the Seeker’s mind was going now and if it was going to make the temptation to set her alight unbearable. Not quite, but getting close. ‘Thing is, you were in your armour Neassa, and I didn’t spend an age moving away.’ Scowling, Cassie was on the verge of picking Neassa up and flying her around the room – preferably while on fire – to hide the fact that she didn’t have a better come-back than that when the Seeker blathered on and she paused. Neassa had actually said something that might make sense. She pressed the back of her hand to her cheek. Hot, sweaty, the heat sweeping downward even though the anger was starting to fade back down to infuriated annoyance. Her pulse was jumping in her throat, even though the exertion hadn’t been that great. An actual hot flush. Wonderful.

Cassie’s eyes closed, as if asking for patience. Groaning, her tolerance and focus on Neassa abruptly diminishing in the face of this new inconvenience, Cassie clambered to her feet and headed for the closest chair, flopping into it. ‘For once, Neassa, you’re dead right,’ she grumbled, rubbing her forearm across her brow and grimacing when the fabric caught on dampness. She ran her hand over her face and the back of her neck, the faintest trail of frost helping soothe the sudden, unwelcome waves of heat. ‘My body has awful timing. I was just about to throw you through the window as well.’ The glass would have been the most painful part of that, given how they were on the ground floor, but it was the thought that counted. This – along with the actual darkspawn – was the downside of being a Warden, and a female Warden at that. 'I hope you can wait half an hour or more. These things are a bitch.'

[OOC: Sorry it's a bit short, muse has been low :/]

 Posted: Apr 12 2016, 01:46 PM

Neassa wasn't one for screaming but something about Cassie rehashing the ice situation made her want to suddenly pick up the habit. Lucky for The Warden though, her speaking voice didn't have the pitch for it so she settled on a sound that was closer to a growl. “I'm getting real tired of your shit Cassie,” if only Silence could actually rob the woman of her voice, it would be perfect.

Her mood was on the upturn as Cassie's soured, even with the annoyingly tiny slithers of glass in her hand making her itch, seeing the woman so out of sorts was such a comfort. Neassa awkwardly got to her feet, the ice making it as difficult as possible for her. At the same time Cassie was sliding into a chair and looking defeated. She wheeled round on her heel, a grin set firmly in place as she made sense of the situation, bit by bit.

The Seeker found the room a fine temperature but took the opportunity to chuck a fresh log on the fire anyway...because she knew it wouldn't help. She stood by smirking as the flames gnawed away at the wood greedily, cast in a sinister orange glow. Neassa turned back to look at Cassie with a broad smile. She knew exactly what she was doing and hoped that Cassie did too.

In all her wisdom Neassa had concluded that Cassie couldn't possibly cast any vicious retorts her way while she was so indisposed. It would be irresponsible to practice magic while caught in the throes one of life's nasty surprises that only women got to enjoy. Neassa had already intended on dying long before she could join her sisters in such misery and confronted now with the state of Cassie, the Seeker was insistent on an early grave.

Not like she really had to put any effort in towards that. With her track record of incompetence it was already a miracle she still drew breath.

And this was how Cassie treated miracles?! With disdain and shoddy threats outdone only by even shoddier whisky.

Well then.

Neassa moved towards Cassie, a definite swagger to her now that she was back to having the upper hand. What was she up to now? Neassa came to lean on the back of the chair Cassie had collapsed in. “Looks like you could do with being the one thrown out the window.” Her tone was empty of intention, while the drumming of her fingers on the back of the wood spoke instead of a quiet unrest and it was the latter that Cassie should be concerned about.

Her lean intensified until she had the chair tilted at the extreme on it’s back legs, Warden and all. Throwing Cassie and the chair out the window wouldn’t be the most practical thing in the world.

She let it drop back down to all fours, huffing over her lost opportunity. It felt a lot like giving up and winners like Neassa just didn't do that. Had she given herself more time to not think properly about it, well...honestly, she probably would have went ahead and done the same thing anyway. What thing you ask? Having ruled out tossing the Warden out the window with the chair, The Seeker saw a clear solution and she came round to the left side of Cassie to see about solution-ising her problem.

First she came to kneel, appearing to contemplate something mysterious and endearing and possibly almsot looked apologetic over so many years of torment-nope. That was just the face she got when she was trying to estimate how heavy something was before she tried to lift it. In just a moment Cassie was unceremoniously thrown over her shoulder and would see the floor falling away from her as Neassa straightened up (with considerable effort because she forgot to factor in the weight of her armour). This made no sense, one day in the near future she would realise that...but now? In this very moment? The Seeker could see no other viable course of action other than inaction and that wasn't her speed.

“Here. Let. Me. Help. You.” Each word came with a step towards the window. Cassie was heavier than she looked, but Neassa was determined to help.
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