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 #18.5 - Announcement half-time, [no dinos here]
 Posted: Jun 14 2015, 12:35 PM
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Announcement #18.5: Half-time
Hello again! This is just a quick update that continues from the one posted last week. If you haven't read and commented on that update yet, please head over here and do that.

Now, on to the updates!

▶ First up, as many of you have already noticed, we finished our clean up of the site. Many inactive characters have been archived, including some canons. This frees up a good number of canon characters. This also means that a number of great face claims have been opened up as well.

Please head over to the Canons page to see which canons are freed up that we'd like to see on Unbound. You can also check out the Playbys page to see if your favorite is available. If you have been wanting to update the face of one of your characters, now is a great time.

▶ Next up, we want to say congrats to Wisher on taking on our new Hawke, Ketena.

▶ Thirdly, we want to start talking about some of the forum restructuring I mentioned in the big update. This includes two things: our member groups and our regional forums.

Member Groups
This is our current list of groups:
At the moment, we're really unbalanced in the Outlaw group because it includes Pirates, Mercenaries, Apostates and other bad-guy types. Previously we had a separate group for Apostates. However, with Inquisition, we wanted to create a group for the Mage Rebellion. So regular apostates and mage rebels were separated. Our thought is to combine apostates and mage rebels again into the old Apostate group, getting rid of the Rebellion group and balancing out the Outlaw group a little.

We're open to other ideas though, if you have them. You can leave your thoughts in a comment below, or discuss it further with us in the Unbound group chat. We'd like to make the change for our July update.

Forum Structure
With Inquisition, we spread out the number of regions we have on the forum, breaking out new areas from countries to match some of the regions on the War Table. However, we realize that some of these regions just aren't being used as much -- which is fine. But we think it might look nice if we combine some of these areas up and put those threads back in the country where they belong.

I'm not going to list out all our current regions, but you know we have Northern and Southern Thedas broken out and many, many different regions. We'd like to move back to having one forum per country, and then maybe add a place on our first post template to incorporate the specific location where the thread is taking place.

We can talk more about it in our group chat, but if you have ideas about how to combine/clean-up our current regional breakdown, we'd like to hear it.

▶ Lastly, I just want to throw up the link to our Unbound Group Chat again. If you're on Skype and would like to hang out with us outside of the chat box, you can request to be added here.

Thanks everyone!

~The Staff

To reach an admin about items concerning Unbound, please PM the Andraste account.
 Posted: Jun 14 2015, 04:05 PM

Well, with the downsize of the site it appears, I think it might be beneficial to group all the 'rebel-style' groups together I think. I think that would help balance things out and if things start to grow (I'm sure they will) then you could once more separate them ^^ But having the Rebellion, Outlaws, and baddies all in one group I think would help with minimizing work and catagories and easier organize things.

As for forums, I would say the set up of northern and southern thedas is good, and maybe have it where you main locations are the main forums (ones that get the most threads currently) and then the others you can list under 'other locations'. For example, northern thedas have like, Nevarra, Tevinter, and Antiva as the main threads and then in other nations have like Rivari, Anderfels, etc... as subforums. This way you aren't removing the chance to play, but they are more centralize. The same with Southern, maybe have Ferelden, Orlais, and Haven open, and the others underneath 'other locations'.

But that's just kind of my idea ^^.
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