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Here on Unbound, our plot follows four different timelines, set throughout the canonical history of the Dragon Age. The events following Trespasser, the time of the Inquisition, the rise of the Champion of Kirkwall and the quest of the Warden against the Fifth Blight.

And So is the Golden City blackened
With each step you take in my Hall.
Marvel at perfection, for it is fleeting.
You have brought Sin to Heaven
And doom upon all the world.

-Threnodies 8.13

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 THE BASTARDS, the absolute worst
as played by NNNG

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the bastards
So you wanna be a mercenary huh? You're one of the world's unloved children, chewed up and regurgitated by life, gnarled and nursing a knotted ball of disdain for everyone around you. You don't expect anything to go to plan, you prepare for the worst as a natural instinct. When things go right, you're instantly suspicious and lose sleep over the topsy turvy state of affairs.

It's under pressure you perform best, the rest of the time you're just in a dormant state of fucked offness. You have an appreciation for violence and are a quite talented at it yourself, but you're just one person...and even though the whole room turns to stare at you in abject horror whenever you enter a room, it's not enough. You want more. Need more.

You need a crew.

Typically, The Bastards don't need anyone, but you don't take no for an answer and they like that.

Once swearing yourself into the band of misfits, you can find yourself being called upon for all varieties of work ranging from wet work and espionage to elective arson, buyers choice.

So if you're looking for some cash or just starting out in the Merc business but are too pussy to go it alone, keep an eye out for your friendly neighborhood Bastard. Or maybe you're looking to hire someone who lives for doing the dirty work at a fraction of the price of some other shiny Merc crew (she is happy to undercut/uppercut her competition).


The Bastards operate mainly out of a brothel named Saint Cecilia located in shitsville Ferelden. The Orlesian proprietor chose the location specifically due to its complete lack of class, aiming to be the jewel in an otherwise grimy neighborhood. It works out well with locals and travellers alike presuming the place to be exotic and upmarket which isn't a hard sell when it's surrounded by trash.

Ferelden also has perhaps the highest concentration of asshats too (outside of Orlais, but that's according to Neassa).


  • LECLERC Orlesian Saint Cecilia proprietor and investor in The Bastards
  • LECLERC was among a group of displaced refugees that Neassa helped escape Haven when it was attacked by Corpyheus
  • LECLERC met Neassa again when she stumbled into their brothel hideously drunk and disorderly
  • Remembering the Seeker LECLERC didn't immediately have her taken outside and beaten to within an inch of her life
  • One nights stay turned into two and before long Neassa was a familiar face in the brothel
  • LECLERC isn't a charity though, Neassa was too surly to proposition and honestly LECLERC feared for their life should they even suggest that she become a lady of the night to pay her way
  • LECLERC kept Neassa around as a sort of unofficial heavy, she was never paid in cash but got room and board for free so long as she was on hand to rough up the problematic patrons
  • Eventually Saint Cecilia became less of the cesspit it once was, with fewer riffraff passing through the doors
  • Neassa's silhouette propping up the bar kept hands to themselves and rules adhered to
  • LECLERC enjoyed a period of great wealth and decided to invest in Neassa's Mercenary group, naming themselves a partner
  • Saint Cecilia's became The Bastards hub, ground floor for the babes and basement level for the brutes
  • That's it, male or female, personal agenda and motives are all yours to decide
  • One of wars orphans, a poor lil baby with no one in the world to call their own
  • Hates being treated like a kid
  • Useless at absolutely everything besides dying like the rest of their family
  • Young and full of bitterness
  • They don't care what happens to them whatsoever, make frequent jokes about wanting to be dead and is always the first to put themselves down
  • Just sort of appeared one day and Neassa mistook them for a wannabe Bastard They lacked the will to correct her and being a Merc might lead to death quicker
  • So here they are, zero hope, zero ambition, happiest when complaining
  • A secret personal vendetta against one of the founding Bastards (but I'll leave that up to you)
  • FABRE worked as one of Saint Cecilia's treats before the formation of The Bastards
  • FABRE was not suited to the life of a concubine, other people's happiness has never been of great concern to them
  • In fact, it disgusts them
  • FABRE took to murder a little too well, even Neassa exerts some measure of caution around FABRE
  • Vowed to never let anyone touch them ever again unless they've given express permission first, on penalty of death or as close as they can get away with before someone stops them
  • Loose cannon, nothing in moderation, every job would be a massacre if left to their own devices
  • Overly confident and obnoxious especially as a member of The Bastards, always assuming their cohorts have their back
  • A dream with a knife and gifted with infiltration, the only reasons anyone keeps them around
  • HESS is the surgeon
  • As good at tearing people apart as they are at putting them back together
  • Of a creepy disposition
  • Relishes the challenge of healing horrific wounds and injuries
  • Trial and error healer, self taught
  • Your typical mad scientist
  • Old enough to have had kids
  • Poor kids suffered through Munchausen by proxy, with HESS being the cause of whatever ailed them as well as the one who eventually figured out how to cure them
  • An amatuer healer has to start somewhere
  • Kids are all grown up and very much estranged
  • HESS likes to feel needed and can sour easily if made to feel unimportant
  • Definite God complex
Any questions just ask bby ;)
Dec 18 2017, 12:24 PM
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