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The Compendium is where you will find all the information you need to get started here on Unbound. It contains detailed rules of our board as well as everything you need to know about existing plot, lore and history specific to Unbound and the Dragon Age canon.

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The Community Corner is where any member can go to take a break from their usual plotting and posting, either by posting a departure notice (thus saving you from activity sweeps) or to play games or talk about things besides Dragon Age. It's also where you can go to participate in weekly challenges and find or submit resources to share with your fellow members.

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When you’re ready to apply for a character at Unbound, you’ll place your application into one of the subforums here: Incomplete for applications in progress, Complete for applications ready to be reviewed by the admins. The Pending area will be used by admins when requesting additional information on an application.

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Here all member character development takes place. Each member with at least one approved character can request an individual subforum for all of their plotting, thread tracking and character development needs from character journals to timelines to one shots. This has replaced the plotting, codices and thread tracker forums Unbound previously utilized in an effort to give every member a space to call their own.


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In -385 the Ancient Magisters of Tevinter sacrificed hundreds of slaves and two-thirds of the Imperium's lyrium in a misguided attempt to enter the Golden City. But when their sin turned the Golden City black they were cast from the Fade into the world as the first darkspawn. Almost 90 years later while the world is still at war with the Darkspawn, heroes from Thedas' future appear in the Deep Roads near Cadash Thaig.

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In 9:41 Dragon the Elder One known as Corypheus interrupted the conclave called by the Divine Justinia. The ritual completed with the Divine's murder was supposed to grant power to Corypheus but instead creating a breach to the Fade that ripped apart the sky. Rifts to the Fade sprang open all over Thedas, tossing demons into the world and stealing heroes across space... and time.

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Stretch your writing legs with a new character, a new universe, or whatever other writing your heart desires. Take your darlings and challenge yourself to something new.

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Here is where all in character correspondences take please. Letters both past and present sent from all corners of Thedas. Travelling by courier, raven or a bottle cast to sea. Use these as a means of furthering a plot, relationship or simply to take a break from normal posting.


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Just passing through? Here is where anyone can advertise their roleplay regardless of host, provided we have an easily accessible way to return the favor. To keep your ad looking pretty please remember that Jcink uses the [ALIGN][/ALIGN] tags. Feel free to also check out our advertisement here.

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