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The Temple of Sacred Ashes was rebuilt following The Fifth Blight and in 9:41 a small gathering of forces has made the Chantry there its home. Their hope is to fight back against Corypheus, but they are leaderless and hope is low. To make matters worse, the breach in the sky and the rifts open to the Fade have been swallowing people whole. Hope is at an all time low; this may be worse than any Blight Thedas has faced.
Apr 19 2018, 01:50 PM
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Between the breach, the rifts and the eluvians the routes to the fade are many. Not everyone makes it all the way to the other side immediately - or at all.
Apr 11 2018, 05:00 PM
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The Veil between this world and the Fade has been torn. Demons roam the countrysides of Ferelden, Orlais and the Free Marches. But what was thought to be contained is proving to have spread further north. Reports roll in regularly with tell of spirits in the Anderfels and wraiths in Rivain. No land remains untouched any longer.

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