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a dragon age roleplay

Four years strong, we are a literate to advanced Dragon Age roleplay that focuses on the events post-Trespasser, while also following the timelines of the Warden, Champion and Inquisitor.

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Played by Holly
♕   andraste
♕   cherith
♕   cat
♕   dinah
♕   crim

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#3782 Shouted By: SKINNER
21st August 2017
holly -- watch it burn

#3780 Shouted By: BETHANY HAWKE
19th August 2017

#3779 Shouted By: ALISTAIR THEIRIN
19th August 2017

#3778 Shouted By: LARA
18th August 2017
cherith – one jump ahead

#3777 Shouted By: INEZ HIROUX
17th August 2017

#3776 Shouted By: MAVEN RAMSEY
17th August 2017
cat & diana -- carry your throne

#3775 Shouted By: BUG
17th August 2017
alayna — growing pains

#3774 Shouted By: IONA ANAXAS
14th August 2017

#3773 Shouted By: NOLANI MAHARIEL
14th August 2017
Angel -- Wake Me Up

#3772 Shouted By: RALEIGH SAMSON
14th August 2017

#3771 Shouted By: DANTE BAUTISTA
14th August 2017

#3770 Shouted By: THORNE
13th August 2017

13th August 2017

#3768 Shouted By: DELRIN BARRIS
13th August 2017

13th August 2017
Milk,Birthe,Alayna - Twisted Lies

#3764 Shouted By: ZEVRAN ARAINAI
12th August 2017
holly — our dirty hands

#3763 Shouted By: ZEVRAN ARAINAI
12th August 2017
jitterbug — desperate times

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