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 Posted: Apr 29 2016, 11:55 AM
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Unbound's Bi-Weekly Challenges
In an effort to not only inspire further creativity but also in response to the overwhelming acceptance of the new achievement and shop system, we've decided to also release a Bi-Weekly Challenge program! It's main purpose is to give you further avenues to create and grow as a writer, to nudge your writing in directions you might've not considered, or kindle inspiration where it might be flagging. Its secondary purpose is to also give you more opportunities to earn sovereigns and achievements, since we all love those, don't we?

Participation is never mandatory, but it's important to remember that challenge participation will not count towards your character's activity.

How It Works
- Every other Saturday, a new challenge is presented and will run until the following Saturday night.

- Challenges will come in the form of a single or multi-element prompt, a quote or phrase or even a single word.

- Challenges might also involve a single member or come in the form of small groups of members.

- Word counts may or may not be required depending on the nature and complexity of the challenge.

- Points and achievements will vary depending on the challenge (meaning most challenges offer points, but achievements might require multiple challenges to be completed).

How to Turn in Challenges
Please use the moderation forum like you normally would to claim your achievements and points, after you post your submission in the challenge thread to share it with everyone. Be sure to link to the specific challenge thread you're claiming points for.
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