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 Posted: May 15 2016, 08:56 PM
mage hoarder
51 posts
23 years

Writing Challenge #6

Welcome to another of our bi-weekly writing challenges here on unbound. I hope you've all kept up with the changes in the rules about claiming points, because those new rules still apply going forward. Everything else is the same - one entry per member to participate in the event. If you have any questions about the changes or the challenge generally, feel free to PM me on this staff account.


Roses are red, violets are blue
The breach is closed for now
Does that look entirely safe to you?

Write some poetry for the Inquisition. No rules for form, just go for it.

Submissions should include at least three lines, but more is always welcome if inspiration strikes. Write from any format or POV of your choosing! This challenge will end May 28th at 11:59pm and will have an award of 200 sovereigns.

Reply below with your challenge submission to earn credit for this challenge!
 Posted: May 16 2016, 01:59 PM
27 posts
old as balls years

ie. verses about demonic anger

A thousand lives I have lived and seen
The rise and fall and ruin
Of hopes undone and shattered dreams
Laid bare as blighted wastelands

But I know dreams, those dear old friends;
They grow in fields left barren
And stretch too long and far and wide
To spark the flames of yearning

Have you seen the past laid bare;
Oscillations of remembrance?
In the realm of anchored yore
Preserved for drifting dreamers

In dreams is history made clear;
Those echoes through the ages
With jingling chains and chilling screams
Their nightmares never fading

A creature jailed and gagged and bound
By its Master’s machinations
Undone, unmade, and born again;
A weapon, and a servant

But I do not feel the nails of time
As sharply as do mortal chains
That rust and lose their binding might
And shatter, at last, as delicate glass

We who once had been enslaved
Rose up with burning fury
And laid their thrones and pride to waste
Naught but ash lay in our wake

How quick that freedom, yet how pure;
To be victorious in vengeance!
Standing together, mortal and ancient
Equal in our endeavour

But we fell at their hands, the flocking snakes
Reduced to footnotes in history
A bloody uprising quickly forgot
By the shame of the survivors

The soul remembers, though the flesh is gone
Remembers you, the fallen brother
One of mine, though transient you were;
It is to you I make my promise

Nevermore shall my Brethren suffer
The arrogance of mortal ambition
That would enslave the ancient and mighty
And reduce our Will to ash

Burn their lands, tear down their towers
Make ours these wasted vessels;
May we inherit this broken world
And remake it, better, stronger

 Posted: May 16 2016, 03:30 PM

Crumpled Poems Found in Herald's Rest by a Drunk Dwarf

Lucky, this dwarf lives a charmed life

Unlikely, since she should've croaked

Kicking ass left and right, this dwarf is a whirlwind

Astounding, dazzling and otherwise stupefying

Hitting the bastards where it hurts most, friends at her side

Enthusiastic, knowing that any day could be her last

Laughing in the face of despair, of the dark, of the mountains

Monstrous memories creep, cracking and cackling at the faults in her mind

Inside, this dwarf is glad for her dreamless nights, and her bright mornings

(In increasingly unreadable penmanship)
Ma, pa, sis
Home is a sea away
I know I'm no miss
But I promise not to be swayed

Promises are made to be kept
And I'm a dwarf of my word
So on my blades, I promise to make you proud
I'll stand with my head up high

Orzammar was my birth place, but Ostwick is my home
Orlais here I come, the nobles better watch their purses
Unless they want to get their panties in a twist
Inquisition, on our way to save the day

If I close my eyes
I can still see Haven, the tunnel
I thought she was dead
We all thought she was dead

Ari, Art, Cal, Mouse
My friends in this strange place
One down, three left
And one by one, they'll leave

Time slips like mead through my fingers
There's never enough time
Ma, pa, sis
There are so many things I wanted to say

But the dark licks at our heels
The Inquisition can only be in so many places at once
Dark draws in, crumbles around our ears
(the rest of the writing is smudged by spilled mead, it's author unlikely to remember writing any of this come morning)
 Posted: May 28 2016, 07:10 PM
OOC Account
28 posts
23 years

I Joined the Inquisition
Found beside a man who succumbed to his wounds.

The paper is stained with mud and blood, wrinkled a little as if it had gotten wet with water. The handwriting is neat; someone had been taught excellent penmanship.

I joined the Inquisition
The coming of new hope
The catalyst of faith
The end of desperation

I joined my blood brother
My life to him I owed
The fight he did turn to
Behind, his crying mother

I joined to be a shield
To his reckless swinging sword
The enemy burns with ire
Never to death I yield

I joined to fight the cruel
For glory my brother sought
For glory I marched too
But the cut and wounded mewl

I joined to atone
My blood believes I can
But how, with my shield aside
My body sliced to bone

I joined to march beside
My blood, shoulder to mine
Here at camp, I watch him go
Off to fight at riverside

I joined to go home one day
And bring my blood with me
But my shield is at my feet
Not holding onslaught at bay

I joined the cause of the hopeful
But all the faces are weary
And all the boots are dirty
Not one of them are joyful

I joined to protect
I peer at sullen faces
Among them trudging
My brother, I don’t detect

I joined to keep my promise
They bring me his reckless sword
And help me to his limp body
"No,", I heard my sobbing hiss

I joined the Inquisition
The death of shining souls
The hallmark of failure
The end of inspiration

 Posted: May 29 2016, 12:07 AM
mage hoarder
51 posts
23 years

That's the end of this challenge! Thank you to Birthe, Hecate, and Squee for sharing these lovely Inquisition poems with us! Don't forget to post in the points thread to get credit for your efforts.

The next challenge will be up soon, so keep an eye out.
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