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Here on Unbound, our plot follows four different timelines, set throughout the canonical history of the Dragon Age. The events following Trespasser, the time of the Inquisition, the rise of the Champion of Kirkwall and the quest of the Warden against the Fifth Blight.

And So is the Golden City blackened
With each step you take in my Hall.
Marvel at perfection, for it is fleeting.
You have brought Sin to Heaven
And doom upon all the world.

-Threnodies 8.13

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 Orlesian Markets [O], Open || 9:48 Dragon
as played by Mal

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Val Royeaux.

There was never a city more majestic and utterly terrifying to Mallandrae. The Dalish hardly interacted with humans- albeit there are some clans, like her own, that traded with human merchants and whatnot. Despite this fact, red-head hardly knew anything about Orlais; besides, of course, the things Guillermo had told her during his monthly visits.

What Mallandrae knew about Orlais was questionable. They were very stuck up nobles who enjoyed wearing masks as if that would protect them from… words? It was all very confusing to the poor girl. When it came to big cities in Orlais, Guillermo would always tell her the same thing. “Stay close, stay quiet, let me do the talking, yes?” Or some variation thereof.

This time, however, Guillermo had foolishly turned his back to the ever-curious elf. A rather stingy merchant had claimed the entirety of his concentration. Not wanting to let a good item go, he decided to use that silver tongue of his to see what they could agree on. Not that Mal really cared. The way words meant life or death in this place… it was weird. Words were just words. Could a word cut you? No. That’s just a silly thought.

Seeing her chance, Mal walked off to the South side of Val Royeaux, staring at everything she possibly could with this wide, blue eyes.

Beautiful, is it not?” A sweet voice spoke not far from where the elf was. It caused her to stop and turned her head. Ah. One of the merchants. Or so she must have been given the fact she was standing right beside a stand full of sparkling jewels and gems. It caught the elf’s eyes instantaneously and her legs seemed to move on their own accord towards them.

Great. Creators. They are beautiful! Look at this one.” The elf squealed, snatching up a thick, gold chained necklace with a very large, very impressive looking pendant. The thing was heavy. Incredibly heavy. So heavy, in fact, that anyone with any knowledge on human culture would know that heavy gold and gems meant a very expensive item.

I was referring to the city. Please be careful with that. It’s more expensive than you, I’m sure.

Mallandrae blinked at the lady, slowly lowering the necklace back where she found it, but not as gently as she should have. Didn't have to be rude about it, did ya? Mal thought to herself, jaw clenching in an attempt to hold her tongue.

As the gemmed pendant made a heartstopping “clank” on the table, the merchant flinched and raised her hands as if sheer will could rewind time. Magicless broad would have to do better than that. Maybe get some reflexes? Mal was bitter. However, her curiosity overpowered these feelings, allowing her to delve into conversation.

How expensive is it?” The question earned her a little laugh of disbelief.

Ten thousand royals.” The reply was curt but not impolite.

That does sound like a lot.” Mallandrae observed, nodding her head as if she knew exactly how much ten thousand royals was worth. In truth, she hadn’t a clue. The number sounded big, so it must have been impressive, right?

Digging into a utility bag on her hip, tongue sticking out in concentration, Mallandrae pulled out a soft leather pouch. She carefully pulled the string, watching the knot unravel to open just enough for the coins inside to tip out and fall into her waiting hand. Five similar looking coins fell into her open palm. “What can this get me?

Oh, goodness! Nothing at my stall, I assure you. I possess nothing but the highest quality jewelry in all of Orlais.” And with that, the merchant turned pointedly away from Mallandrae. It made the elf huff incredulously.

Mallandrae placed the coinage in their rightful pockets, continuing her walk through the Orlesian capitol, no destination in mind. “What’s the point of having coins if I can’t buy anything? Fenedhis lasa. Not like I’d want to buy from such a rude lady. Though the necklace was pretty...
Nov 12 2017, 05:34 PM
as played by Cherith

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She didn't mean to keep coming back here, but the place just called to her sometimes. To them both, she assumed, thinking of Paj'liara. It wasn't exactly her family in a way that it wasn't exactly Paj's either, but Kat felt responsible for making sure she knew the growing family was alive and well south of the city. Of course they were. Without Ben riling up old grudges, his brother's family was managing quite well on their own. In fact, in the last few years, they'd managed to work their way back into the good graces of society. Kat suspected the little ones they flaunted with their bright blue eyes and curly straw colored hair had a lot to do with it.

Kat made her way through the market back towards the inn for dinner before she and Paj headed out under The Phoenix's sails. Gold caught her eye, jewels and the lilt of a haughty saleswoman's voice. Thinking to stop and grab something for her girl, Kat sauntered down the aisle the stall. A customer turned away and Katarina chuckled at the comment she made as she started to stride away.

She lifted on her toes to glance over the elf's shoulder, the vendor having turned her back on the elf in her eagerness to be rid of her. The jewels were still on display however and Kat grinned, putting her hand out to stop the elf before she could get farther away. She read the vendor's name and shook her head.

"Whatever price Lota quoted you, I assure you, it's far too much," Kat said loudly. She pitched her voice so anyone in earshot would be interested enough to pay attention. "Lota's Ornate Trinkets," she continued, reading the sign aloud. "More like Lota's Fanciful Forgeries." She smiled at the young elven redhead. "You'd be much better off taking your money elsewhere."

Walking around the elven woman for a moment she shot a bright smile at the woman, Lota, she presumed, who had turned to listen. The Orlesian woman's face had turned red, twin pink dots in her cheeks. Katarina waved at her dismissively, absurdly aware of the drabness of her own sailor's garb in comparison to the jewelry saleswoman's. She shrugged and put an arm around the redhead, leading her away.

Leaning in, she whispered conspiratorially, "She'll lose a few hours business at best. But we should hoof it in case she decides to call the guard." She shrugged and let the woman go, continuing to walk but this time at a slightly increased pace. She half-expected the elf to follow after her and after a moment, peeked behind to make sure this was the case.
Nov 14 2017, 11:24 PM
as played by Mal

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As Mallandrae started to walk away from the offending vendor a hand found its way on her shoulder, attempt to stay the elfven woman. Comically, she leaned back in a dramatic fashion to prevent the hand from falling off her shoulder while her feet danced clumsily underfoot to turn her back around. Finally twisting the right way, the young elf stared wide-eyed at the blonde woman who had come to her rescue. The woman who looked like an angel of MythalI herself. No, it wasn't as if Mallandrae had had a dagger drawn on her; however, most of the time in this sea of politics and status the young woman felt like she was drowning in all the culture and words and fashion, et cetera, et cetera. Would she ever get the hang of it?

Those clear blue eyes of her got impossibly larger when Mythall's angel jabbed at the Orlesian merchant. She could hardly believed her pointed ears. Someone was defending her? Mal's heroine was simply telling the truth and saving everyone who witnessed from wasting their coin at this stall. A true protector of sorts.

Guillermo warned me about thieves. They come in all shapes and forms, he said. Lota must be a thief. Selling fakes like they're real. But is it right to embarrass her like this? Should we have just walked away?

Regardless of the answer, Mallandrae couldn't hold in her relief anymore. The look on Lota's face cause Mal's body to shake with a single chortle. She quickly hid her mouth behind the back of her hand. Red also tainted her cheeks at the outburst. Although her feelings of glee outshone that of shame.

Mallandrae didn't talk during the encounter at all. It seemed all but natural for her to remain quiet as the presumed humans talked to one another. That or she was completely starstruck by what just happened. Her heart fluttered with the warmth of being shown kindness. It was rare for her to find. Why was that?

An arm then draped itself over the elf's shoulders. It forced Mal to snap out of her thoughts and move. She walked beside her saviour, matching step for step. When the pirate's words tickled her ears, "WE SHOULD HOOF IT IN CASE SHE DECIDES TO CALL THE GUARD", Mallandrae swallowed heavily.

Guards? No, no, she couldn't get in trouble with the guards. Mallandrae picked up the pace, feeling safe following the other woman. She knew she should have ran back to find Guillermo, to confess what happened just in case the guards were called. He always had his ways of talking her out of problems. At least Mal had been lucky to find humans good with their tongues.

"Was she really selling forged items? Why would she do that?" Mallandrae asked as she jogged to walk beside the blonde. The woman wasn't dressed like anyone else the elf had seen in Val Royeaux. That made her a travellor.

Like me.

"Thank you. I didn't say that, did I? You didn't have to stop and do all that, but you did. You're a really nice person" A small blush touched her cheeks as her internal dialogue finished with 'you're as kind as Mythal'. That would be quite the compliment for such a small act. Mal figured she would attempt to censor at least some of her words. Guillermo often told her it was for the best.

"Should, uh, we be hiding or anything?" The question came suddenly and in a rush. She was looking at one of the armed guards and swallowed nervously as the eyes of his helm followed their steps. It crossed her mind that she didn't know what the guards would be called for. The pirate had been warning others of the merchant, right? Wouldn't the guard seize Lota for being a liar?
Nov 15 2017, 01:26 PM
as played by Cherith

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The elf moved to follow, coming up next to Katarina with wide-eyed curiosity. Those days were far behind her, but she remembered being so inexperienced once. And then again and again in each new city she found herself in, alone and without the best grasp on the language. She had less to worry about than this one, with her human features, but her father had taught her a healthy respect for the disdain both humans and elves carried for the half-breed she was. She'd been grateful for the kindness of strangers when she'd come across it, and despite her chosen profession, repaid it from time to time when she was able.

She shrugged with a sideways smile. "Was she? Who knows. I didn’t get the best look at it but from my experience, it's unlikely she had the best stuff out on the table in either case. " She'd been unconcerned with the truth of her words when she'd called the woman out for her goods. Kat's point had been made. "Although, if you're looking for the finest jewelry, you'll not find it out on the street. Anyone worth anything here has their items made custom," she added with a roll of her eyes.

The elf blushed and Kat couldn't help but chuckle slightly. "Oh, no. I'm not at all. But I hate Orlais and the way they look down on everyone… even shopkeepers looking to make a coin act as though it must be a privilege to shop with them." A scowl touched her lips.

With a glance around down the next intersection, Kat took the lesser travelled path down a narrow alley and out the other side. A tavern with a front patio sat at the corner and she spotted water on the horizon at the end of the next block. She could smell the water from here along with the strong scent of freshly tarred boats. It wasn't as strong, but she would know that smell anywhere.

She pointed at the tavern. "We could hide here." Not for nothing, but she was parched and it was so much easier to hide in plain sight than carry about on rooftops and down a dozen alleys. "I doubt seriously she'd send anyone after us… most especially if she is selling forged goods. But, it'll be easier to ride out a few minutes here than spend twenty minutes wandering all over the city."

Her hand reached down and patted a small coin purse. It had barely enough for a drink or two, but that was plenty. She took off her hat and squished it down, smoothing down her hair over her ears and tucked the hat back on her head. With a sharp blue-eyed wink at the redheaded elf, she nodded at the door.

"Come on. Get a drink on me."
Nov 19 2017, 10:54 PM
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