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Here on Unbound, our plot follows four different timelines, set throughout the canonical history of the Dragon Age. The events following Trespasser, the time of the Inquisition, the rise of the Champion of Kirkwall and the quest of the Warden against the Fifth Blight.

And So is the Golden City blackened
With each step you take in my Hall.
Marvel at perfection, for it is fleeting.
You have brought Sin to Heaven
And doom upon all the world.

-Threnodies 8.13

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 MONTILYET, JOSEPHINE, Diplomat, Romantic, Pacifist
as played by Mal

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Josephine Montilyet
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Born 9:14 Dragon
30 years old

Lawful Good
sexual orientation
family members
Yves Montilyet (father)
Laurien Montilyet (brother)
Antoine Montilyet (brother)
Yvette Montilyet (sister)
Unnamed brother
weapon expertise
Daggers (poor)
Attended the Unversity of Orlais
Orlesian & Antivan Politics
hair color
eye color
defining markings
Physical: None
Psychological: Guilt/ minor trauma due to the "incident" that ended her career as a bard
face claim
Sonam Kapoor
9:41 Dragon
Josephine Montilyet pinched the bridge of her nose and leanred back in her large, rather expensive, chair. She had received the most annoying of letters declaring that Comte Gerard of the Laurent Family would no longer sacrifice (his words) any more of his precious resources if the Inquisition was not capable (once again, his words) of producing what they had promised to give him in return for his continuous support. Of course, Lady Montilyet had told the misseur that he would have to utilize more patience in order to wait for the chaos and drama to pass the Imperial Court. Those in charge had been rather... tense, to put it lightly. Once the commotion settled, then, and only then, would Lady Montilyet secure a chair next to Empress Celene upon a future visit she would make to the Orlesian theatre. It would be for the benefit of the persistent Comte, as well as her own at this point. It seemed that in Comte Gerard's mind the inquisitor had nothing better to do than to ensure a place for another noble to get an upper hand in The Game.

Picking up her pen once more, the Ambassador began to scratch on a piece of good quality paper. Her letters curved eloquently across the page. It was rather serious business. She would have to reply in haste as not to offend the waiting nobleman. The sooner she dealt with this, the sooner they could all move on. Comte Gerard would be satisfied to wait once more and the Inquisition would still receive their goods. The Ambassador recognized the importance of the Laurent Family's resources. Where else would they receive an order of stone so easily? The Laurent Family possessed a monopoly on the business. Their claim had been made a few decades back.

Josephine picked her words carefully, not that she would not regularly. If there was one thing the Antivan diplomat excelled at, it was using words to her advantage. Why draw swords and blood when a tongue could quell all tensions?

A knock on the door broke Josephine from her concentration. She called to the person on the other side to enter, only looking up when she heard them stop in front of her desk. "Ah, Inquisitor. What can I do for you?"

"Summon the War Table. We've got a lead on the Red Templars in the Storm Coast."

"At once, your Worship" Josephine responded, leaving the letter on her desk as she moved to do as requested.

9:30 Dragon

Josephine kept herself busy simply because she liked to. She was never one to neglect her duties... or to even do something without her utmost attention and energy. Putting out quality was a must in a world that gathered and used information against you. Any slip up in her words or presentation would surely lead to a future embarrassment. Additionally, the critical eye she looked at her own work with was used against others as well. As great as she was at picking up her own mistakes, Josephine was magnificent at picking up on others as well.

The Ambassador sighed, rising from her desk so she could fetch a glass of Antivan wine. Twelve hours and sixteen minutes. That was how long it took her to finally complete her work for the day. Josephine produced a glass before sashaying to a cabinet and opening the door carefully. Grabbing a bottle of wine, she was quick to remove its cork, waiting an appropriate amount of time before pouring herself a glass. It was good to let it breathe. Raising the glass carefully to her nose, the Ambassador let the aroma flood her senses before allowing herself to take a sip. A satisifed smile tugged at her mouth before she sat on a large chair adjacent to her fireplace. The evening melted into night before Josephine was well aware of it. The Antivan woman was on her second glass of wine, lost in thought while watching the fire crackle and dance across the darkened walls of her office. Being the Ambassador of Antiva had its perks. It was rewarding, for starters. Jospehine was often surprised with how talented she had become at The Game. Though she supposed her upbringing had conditioned her to be nothing less than perfect. It would be her future, afterall, to take over the Montilyet Family Fortunte. The last thing her parents needed was someone lacking the skill to navigate the political playing field.

Being a diplomat was something she absolutely adored. Certainly this was always the path she was destined to take. Josephine thought of her time as a bard, a familiar dull pain arising in her chest. It forced her to take another drink of wine. Growing up, Josephine heard the most beautiful and romantic stories of the life of a Bard. Being the hopeless lover she was, Lady Montilyet fell victim to the life of adventure, song, and danger. If only she'd known the harm of the profession. Would it have changed anything? Would it have altered the outcome of that night?

Her eyes closed tight, hand tightened around the glass before she let out a breath. If not you, someone else. A familiar voice rang in her head. It was not of her own but of her old friend Lady Nightingale. It was a kind gesture for her to say, but it changed nothing. The fact of the matter was Josephine was the one to push that poor soul down a flight of stairs. And it was Josephine who was unsure she'd ever be able to wipe the blood from her hands.

I am both incredibly scared and incredibly excited to be playing this character. I've always had my nervousness when playing a canon character... mostly because I want to be perfect and do the character justice. However, I chose Lady Montilyet because we are almost nothing alike. It means she will be challenging to write but incredibly rewarding. Plus I may romance her every single playthrough of Inquisition. What can I say? I love a gal in politics.
Nov 12 2017, 08:11 PM
as played by Mal

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FINALLY Application done~
Nov 19 2017, 06:59 PM
as played by STAFF

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Nov 19 2017, 09:17 PM
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