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Here on Unbound, our plot follows four different timelines, set throughout the canonical history of the Dragon Age. The events following Trespasser, the time of the Inquisition, the rise of the Champion of Kirkwall and the quest of the Warden against the Fifth Blight.

And So is the Golden City blackened
With each step you take in my Hall.
Marvel at perfection, for it is fleeting.
You have brought Sin to Heaven
And doom upon all the world.

-Threnodies 8.13

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 LET'S HAVE A WAR, Garrett & Isabela | Modern AU
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the middle of nowhere, new york

Cold steel brushed his back as he walked, the gun reminding Garrett of its presence in case things went south in the deal. He was preparing to drop five million on a higher grade of cocaine, smuggled from another state. After that, he had the task of delivering the bulk drug in separate amounts to his several dealers around the city, so his profit margin could increase. Like most of the people on top, he wasn't afraid to get his hands dirty. He commanded respect among his lessers, for taking the same risk as all of them, provided one thing remained true: no one rats on nobody. It was a steadfast rule that some had pushed the limits of in the past, and found out the dire consquences of going against him and his own.

Garrett had instructed his girlfriend and partner, Isabela, to remain in the car until further notice. She'd driven them there, as he'd been too out of sorts to focus on the road, and didn't want to have the additional responsibility of driving safely when he had a backstabbing to plan. The meeting place was in the middle of nowhere, a small safehaven from the usual bustle of the city. No one had followed them here; always a good sign for such a significant amount of money and drugs to be exchanged.

The sun glinted off the black car approaching slowly, moving awkwardly over the rough terrain in the forested area. Garrett turned around and threw Isabela a thumbs up and a wink, then headed over without a care in the world. It was always amusing to see the look of trepidation cross the other party's faces. Was he heading over there with such confidence to kill them? But then, Garrett would always play it up nice and friendly, get their guard down. Rumors circulated that those who didn't return got bought out by the Champion's business, so all of the underliers disbanded, or looked for work within Garrett's circle, too. It was the most efficient way to become a monopoly, and so far, it hadn't given him too much grief.

Three of them got out of the car. The man with a ponytail whispered something to the leader, and whatever he said was ignored. All of them looked a bit stony-faced upon Garrett's approach. "Did someone die, or do you just have really bad news for me?" Garrett wondered aloud, and wasn't at all concerned that had been the first impression given.

"I don't usually come myself. Too risky," the one with sunken eyes and a bored expession said, "but there's been a.. change on the price. If you're no longer interested, we understand. Business has been... better than expected with the new product, and demand is higher. Ten million."

"Ten--you're robbing me blind." Garrett responded in angry surprise, though he was relieved his plan would work far more effectively now. Rage was a great motivator. One hand rested on his hip, as if he needed it there for contemplation, and not to have better access to the gun tucked into the waistband of his jeans when the moment arose.

"Again. We understand if you want to back out. There was no way to contact you before the meet. Too risky."

"Right," Garrett said, stalling for time, at this point. He looked to their vehicle and wondered if doing so would make it go up in flames. How long was it going to take? The person who'd put the bomb on the car had been shady, no doubt, but wasn't everyone here? "Do you want to know something that's funny?"

The oldest one narrowed his eyes. "What?"

As if on cue, there was a horrific noise behind them and the car exploded, fire and ash unfurling into the sky. All heads turned at once, and Garrett reached for his gun, shooting three times in succession right in the middle of their skull from behind. They dropped, one after another, and he lowered his gaze to the trio. "That." He dropped the gun with the bodies, the gloves on his hands keeping his prints safe. He'd been sure to shave off the serial number on the gun so it was untraceable, prior to taking it here.

He turned back around and sighed as Isabela still remained in the car. What had she thought the signal was? How wasn't a burning car obvious enough? Garrett waved his arms obnoxiously above his head, then bent down and searched the leader's pockets for car keys.

They had 10 million dollars worth of cocaine to unload.
Aug 7 2017, 01:40 PM
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“Ya got this, baby.” Isabela put her tanned legs up on the dashboard as he got out of the car, lighting up a cigarette. This deal wasn’t going to be as cut-and-dry as it could’ve been - things rarely ever were in their line of work. Not that they had ever wanted it to be… they didn’t sign up for this life for it to be boring. Tricks and backstabbing were a necessary part of any scoundrel’s artillery. So when Garrett suggested planting a bomb, Isabela eagerly agreed. Fuck yeah.

There was no nervousness as the car appeared through the treeline. Garrett always had a confidence about him. As dangerous as their lives were, she never found herself worrying. Her Champion always came out on top. They were always two steps ahead of everyone else. Garrett was building an empire and they were getting rich. Sometimes it felt like their luck would never run out.

She returned his wink by blowing a kiss. A little good luck charm never hurt.

Isabela wasn’t paying that much attention to what was going on outside the vehicle, knowing the fireworks would start soon. Garrett knew what he was doing (though what he was doing was usually baiting, following somewhat-deserved black eyes). The sound cut out of the Buzzfeed video she was watching as a message from Bethany popped up: Are we still good for dinner tonight? Just as she opened it up to respond, their bomb finally went off, followed by the familiar sound of gunshots.

We might be a little late. If they went at all.

Eyes rolling as she looked up from her phone to see her boyfriend doing what she could only describe as flailing, Isabela slid her phone into her bra and got out of the car. The trunk popped open and she revealed the false bottom.

Isabela considered the three bodies for a moment before throwing her cigarette butt onto the one with a ponytail. What man thought that was a good look? No wonder he was dead; she would’ve killed him for his fatal fashion sense. Isabela crouched down next to Garrett and plucked the watch off of the leader’s wrist. He wouldn’t be needing it anymore. “Five million dollars richer look good on us.” It’ll take time to get the product moved and then, the most agonizing part, having it laundered. This feeling, though, right now, having outwitted them? It made it all worth it.

Stepping away from the rapidly growing puddle of blood (she couldn’t stain these new leather boots), her attention turned to the blazing vehicle. The dark plume of smoke was ascending higher and higher. Out here, away from the countless eyes in the city, they’d be lucky with a few extra minutes before anyone saw anything. They were still racing against time. Sooner or later someone would call in the suspicious smoke cloud. The dead men’s crew would be waiting for the all-clear. The sooner they got out of this the better.

Aug 25 2017, 09:16 AM
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Coughing on his approach to the car, he hoped that he'd weighed the shot correctly so the whole thing wouldn't be a bust, and wasted product too. The engine was at the front, and he'd told the seedy guy that smelled like cats the situation: he said that he'd make it perfect so long as he got some of the payout. Garrett waved away some of the smoke, and smiled upon realizing that it was just as the guy had said: the back half remained untouched, save for a bit of charring. Good thing, too, because he would have went back to that place and shot the man dead between the eyes if it hadn't.

Car keys in hand, Garrett popped open the trunk of the vehicle they'd driven up in. Nothing. He scowled and slammed on the base to see if the bottom would pop out. Negative. With a frustrated sigh, he walked around to the passenger door of the car, well aware that Isabela was making her way up to him. Her shoes couldn't have been any louder on her approach: Garrett might as well just not have stopped shooting, with all of that racket. On second thought, a silencer would have been a good fucking idea. Dumbass.

He pulled the backseat out and tossed it outside; he still felt the heat radiating from the front end of the car. He had to be quick about it before the potency of the product changed due to atmosphere. Garrett's eyes lit up at the sight of the bags of beautiful, beautiful powder. Bingo. He lifted one, weighing it in one hand: about twenty pounds. Garrett picked up two more and moved back to their car. Isabela had already gotten it ready.

"Thanks, babe." He didn't ask for her help in moving the bags: she'd just complain about something and would slow down the process instead of speed it up. Time wasn't on their side and Isabela was better focusing on what she did best: thinking about the money. Garrett rolled his eyes on the way back to the dead dealers' car. "We're not spending all of it, okay? I think we've gotta keep our heads down for a bit after this. You know? I took out some heavy hitters and their people'r gonna notice." He didn't regret what he'd decided to do for a second, but he was certain of one thing: it was going to come back and bite him at some point. It'd be best to stay vigilant and not go overboard with the stolen product.

As soon as he'd finished transferring the cocaine to their vehicle, he righted the trunk back how it was supposed to be. "The safe house is clear, right? No visitors or anything?" It wasn't really his fault for being such a socialite, but family was important to him, as well as a few friends outside of his contacts within his slowly growing empire. He climbed into the passenger's seat and put on his seat belt. "Don't fuckin' speed." The last thing they needed was to get busted before making it back somewhere safe.

Garrett didn't have the face for jail: he'd get turned into somebody's bitch immediately. No doubt about that.
Sep 12 2017, 02:04 PM
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