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 April 2015: Member Voting
 Posted: Apr 4 2015, 03:38 PM
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April 2015 Voting

So as we mentioned in the newest update, we're launching member awards for Unbound. In order to not make the announcement a mile long, we reserved all the specific voting details for this post here.

First, voting will not take place in a regular forum poll. We want these to be as fair as possible and to do that, we'll be providing a link to a survey off-Unbound where the results are only viewable to the admins.

On the survey, you'll see three choices: one for favorite female character, one for favorite male character and lastly a member recognition.

Your mission (should you choose to accept it) is to look at the list provided of all characters or members and choose the one you'd most like to recognize for recent writing or activity. You do not have to have written with this person/character, but maybe you've admired their writing in other threads, or the plotting they're doing, or their general character concept. Take into account everything you know about the character to make your choice.

For member voting, only members currently active are available on the list. Please choose a member you best feel represents Unbound in good writing, interesting characters, interaction in the cbox or contributions.

We've noticed in the past month that the games area on the site has become very popular, which is awesome. However, please remember that character activity in the games area, does not count towards activity when we do activity sweeps. If you have not made a concerted effort to plot with your character, or have not updated any rp threads with a character, they will still be up for inactivation.

If you have questions about anything, please contact an admin. The survey will be live until April 30th 8pm PST. We'll look at the votes and create the awards, posting them and the other new updates sometime on the 1st of May.

Now that you've read the details, head on over and...

~The Staff

To reach an admin about items concerning Unbound, please PM the Andraste account.
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