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 #35 - ALL NEW, FADED FOR WHO?, another biggie
 Posted: Jan 6 2017, 11:32 AM
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Well, we made it everybody! Thank you all so much for your patience and enthusiasm as we worked through this enormous change. There were some speedbumps along the way, but we should have everything all smoothed out now. I’m just going to dive right in with the changes now, so please make sure you read everything carefully.

the timeline
The most important update we want to go over with you is the new timeline or rather timelines. As of now you can consider Unbound to be a post-Trespasser roleplay. Solas has revealed his plans to tear down the Veil and is gathering an elven army. The Inquisition has been disbanded and Honor Trevelyan is missing. Lady Vivienne is the new Divine and has the control of not only the Chantry, but the new Circle of Magi and Templar Order. Qunari are still Qunari-ing. Tevinter is still Tevinting. A blight might be stirring in the Anders. Yet for most, even in the wake of the Elder One’s assault and subsequent defeat, life carries on as usual. For now.

However we’ve decided to make some changes to the lore that specifically applies to Unbound. As in, we’ve wiped it clean. The stories of Tamar Aeducan and Ketena Hawke are gone and we have made it available for a new Hero of Ferelden and Champion of Kirkwall to take their place. To provide consistency between the time of the Warden to the events post-Trespasser, certain decisions are set. Anora is Queen of Ferelden. The Champion of Kirkwall sided with the Templars after the destruction of the Chantry. All other decisions are at the discretion of whoever takes up the role of the Warden or Champion.

Which means we are running four timelines (The Blight, The Champion of Kirkwall, Inquisition and Post-Trespasser) all at once. To keep these timelines clearly defined and avoid confusion, they have been split into their own categories and forums on the main index. Within them you will be able to find the usual break down of location forums. If you find threads that you feel are misplaced, please submit a moderation request and we will move it to where you would like it.

characters & developement
As you’ve no doubt noticed there have been changes to the application, mini profile and main profile. Please take the time to update your applications with the new template, using this as an opportunity to do any updating to the information within if needed. If you have an older character, you do not have to rewrite your roleplay sample if you do not wish to. With the new mini and main profile there are a number of new fields to fill in (we’ve made as many as possible into drop downs for your convenience) to give a better snapshot of your character and offer you more ways to customize your account. If you are not a fan of making graphics or gifs, you are welcome to reach out to DINAH or CAT and they will happily whip you up some, but please be sure to fill out every field. Any images or gifs that are left blank might be filled in by the staff at their discretion…

For all new characters please reacquaint yourself with the new application guidelines to ensure you are completing your application correctly. While the word count of 800-1500 words is still the same, character roleplay samples can now be written during any timeline. Just be sure to date your sample so we know in which context it’s in.

With four timelines running simultaneously, we’ve updated all of the development templates and encourage everyone to take advantage of the new codex. The codices are provided to help you keep track of all the major events in your character’s personal timeline and outline any meaningful relationships and connections they have across the years. Now more than ever these are a helpful tool to keep yourself organized.

Characters are no longer sorted by their affiliation and are instead sorted by their combat class (or lackthereof).

activity & claims
The official grace period for all characters who’ve had a post in October, November and December has concluded and anyone who did not post their Activity Interests have been archived and claims released. If you are still interested in playing a character who’s been archived, you are welcome to go through the normal reactivation process with the same reactivation restrictions. As well, if you have submitted an interest post and your character was archived, let us know in the moderation forum and it will be corrected with no strikes against your account.

Claims for charade characters (even those who were formerly regular characters) have had their face claims released. Face claims for Charade characters will no longer be accepted in an official capacity to keep them available for regular characters. You are welcome to reference an unclaimed face for aesthetic purposes, but know someone can still come and use that face when they apply officially.

To foster a closer community, we’ve gone ahead and turned away from Skype to a more user friendly and reliable platform called Discord. Discord allows us to issue an open invitation to anyone who wishes to join— no more having to sign up to be added! With the ability to separate chats by topic and message other member directly, as well as a number of bots to make it more personalized, we hope that this gives you a more enjoyable experience over clunky old Skype.

The cbox has been removed in favor of Discord in an effort to give guests a more direct way to contact members and staff and to get to know us. The cbox has never been a true indicator of how active we are, so let them meet us where we dwell.

NOTE: if you are joining Discord, please use your player name to avoid confusion!

With the tagbox now in the forefront, we encourage all of you to utilize it accordingly after making posts to keep your partners alert to new owes. If you would like to turn off the auto-refresh feature on the shoutbox, you can do so in the SHOUTBOX SETTINGS portion of your OPTIONS menu in the USER CONTROL PANEL.

For new members who are unused to using a tagbox, the code is:


things of note
Throughout the update we’ve gone ahead and moved forums around and removed obsolete or underutilized lore threads to help make it easier for people to find the things they need.

  • Want ads and claim threads have been moved into the character creation forum.

  • Correspondences and the templates for shippers, trackers and codices have been broken down and moved into the development forum.

  • Our archives are still intact and moved into a staff only category to avoid anyone sifting through and looting. If you need anything from there, please contact a staff member.

  • Announcements are now in the community corner forum and the games subforum has been removed. You are welcome to post games and random OOC threads in the usual place.

  • There are no longer any past or AU forums and Charades have been moved to the One of Us category.

  • We will also be featuring a random member in our new character spotlight, rather than voting for OTMs.

Thank you all so much for your participation in this update and for being just the wonderful group of people you are. Unbound has always been a labor of love and we’re so happy to take this next step with you all!

Naturally there are things that are still buggy or might’ve been overlooked, so please don’t hesitate to PM us if you find something. Chances are we’re already aware and actively working to fix it, but better safe than sorry.

To ensure you’ve read this monster of an announcement, please reply with your favorite gif and feel free to leave your thoughts below!

 Posted: Jan 6 2017, 10:23 PM
229 posts
27 years

The excitement is real, ladies and gentlemen!!

I can't wait to get into the good ol' days and plot when the only thing everyone had to worry about was, yanno, the blight and dragons and old gods. None of this crazy rebellion nonsense. Like... who even invited Solas anyways? Pfft. Not I.

We're 4 YEARS STRONG and this is the sort of change that can only come from that level of dedication on all fronts. Thanks to Cherith, Dinah and Crim for being the rocks Unbound has needed when I was away. Thanks to all of our old members for keeping interest alive and making the journey here seem like it was worth it. And thank you, all of our new additions for taking the interest to hop aboard even as we paint the ship. lolol I'm just.... [vibrates] I'm so happy this board has become what it is and I have a hard time picturing my life without it at this point. You're all my savory net fam and I'm just really grateful okay. Grateful squid pudding.

This transition was a doozy to pull off and I'm all kinds of stoked. It's gonna be interesting and I can't wait to see how everyone and their characters adjust throughout the years.

I'll go ahead and use this as my soapbox to let people know what my lot is up to in the new base timeline of 9:44. You may be surprised. Or not. We'll see.

  • Benoit will not be surviving into 9:44. I haven't picked an exact date, but before Corypheus is defeated, your favorite pirate Captain (don't argue it) will be sailing his last voyage, going down with his ship when he does. xoxo

  • Caithe is on a quest, attempting to locate very specific relics, each holding some significant correlation to Razikale. People are more than welcome to tag along for spelunking expeditions. He's going to be spending a lot of time down in the dark coming up.

  • Cullen has retired. Having kicked the lyrium, he's taking control of his life and living it how he wants to live it. Gonna put a ring on his gal Tallulah and open up a sanctuary for Templars recovering from their addictions or those too far gone to even try, as well as the tranquil of Thedas who have no home to return to.

  • Kade will not go where the new Divine demands. He will not toil away in a Circle. He will not become tranquil. Which means, even with the war considered 'over', he's still fighting to whatever bitter end awaits him.

  • Velanna heard something about an elvhen gathering... she intends to check it out. B)))

tl;dr, I'm so happy to be here with all of you and I am all jittery thinking about the possibilities laying at our fingertips. I love you guys. Like. Legit. Hardcore. The sort of love they write ballads about. ;)))

 Posted: Jan 6 2017, 10:31 PM
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user posted image

Lol way to show me up Cat.
 Posted: Jan 7 2017, 01:36 AM
230 posts
36 years

user posted image

O. M. G. You guys. Look at this stuff. Isn't it neat?

Listen. If I've talked to you in depth about the board at all in the past, you know that this format has been a LONG LONG LONG time coming. I've wanted to shorten the board up for a while and open back up all the characters and history we've been holding on to forever. And now it's here and I'm oh so glad.

For those of you that have been with us for a while, thanks so much for sticking around. You've made this place worth the trip, truly. Thanks for putting up with me when I was on my lonesome as an admin and super duper slow at everything. Mad props to you for keeping us propped up. Newbies welcome to our strange, wonderful world. Join us in the Discord chat if you haven't already, and I hope you guys are here for the long-haul because we're pretty awesome imho.

Stealing from Cat, I'll take this chance to give a quick update on my hoard of characters. I've dropped two canon characters: Aveline & Teagan. And listen that was really tough. Those two are my RP rocks. I love them so much, but it was really time for me to put them aside so I can try some new stuff. Also, so I could do this:

  • Meredith: HAS RETURNED. I've picked up the most wonderful Knight Commander in all the world (sorry, Cullen but you know she's the shit). She'll be stalking around Kirkwall in all her amazing glory.
  • Honor: Is both going everywhere and nowhere. I will not be playing her in the post-Inquisition forum, consider her missing for that era until such time comes as she's ready to return.
  • Katarina: Will likely no longer be a pirate as of late 9:42. Future plots with her will be on land and she's likely to be angrier and more stabby than ever before.
  • Brig: Is still an asshole, taking your money and causing mischief.
  • Sorrow: Is at the moment unknown for post-Inquisition, but will be around in the Inquisition timeline - and can be around as her previously un-undead self as a templar recruit anywhere you might like to meet her.
  • Adrien: Last but not least is the newest addition to my bevy of rogue-ish ne'er–do–wells (that's 4, if you're counting). She's an angry little Assassin, who is not fond of elves and may or may not be looking for something... or someone. I'll have a plotter up for her soon-ish.

To reach an admin about items concerning Unbound, please PM the Andraste account.
 Posted: Jan 7 2017, 08:27 AM
25 posts
30 years

user posted image

I'm listing this as my favourite, not as a reaction, bc my reaction is a continuous stream of excited screaming ok. all the new templates are so beautiful Imma cry, I love the member group colours, I love the new system, I love everything I'm so stoked Imma post everything ok. I also really dig the new spotlight system!

I'm gonna copy cat too bc I'm secretly trying to steal her identity

  • asher was captured by the venatori, handed off to the red templars as a gift, and spent a lot of the inquisition timeline in captivity, until he was freed by kade's group. he is now following after kade going "kade no" and trying to save his eternal soul. also using his magic more, but feels real guilty about it. pls use him as your punching bag, I'll allow it.
  • branson abandoned his kid with tallulah, cullen and his sisters post-inquisition, and ran off with a group of highwaymen. he's been kicking it outlaw style for a while, then remembered he has a conscience, fucked his highwayman boss over and ran home to cullen to find his bab and be a dad again. he's definitely being followed. Imma have a bear attack him. also kade.
  • cassian finally made his margrave of perendale act #official by getting the commander of perendale to acknowledge him, but is still kicking it in orlais, hosting orgies, playing the bellwether devil and basically just being a pain in everyone's bee-hind.
  • iloren is shacked up with bug in orlais and also a bellwether informant, he's so grown up -cries- he's still looking for his parents' killers, and snuffing out humans he sees mistreating elves along the way.
  • narcisse is in charades, being, you know, demonic. I'm shelving him as a full character for now, but if anyone needs a demony plot device (preferably in the inquisition timeline, post-inquisition is unknown), he's ready and willing!
  • naevia died in 9:42 at skyhold, when the archon suspected she'd turned disloyal and sent an assassin after her.
  • sebastian completely failed to take kirkwall and is not taking it well. will in 9:44 be gallivanting around the countryside on a quest to find anders with his two best bros. people are welcome to join, he'll probably shout at a tree at some point, who'd want to miss it.
  • Imma be completely honest, I forgot who I played after iloren.

so that's my nerds. and I'm getting one more, watch this space.

PS: you should add a code to the codex template post.
 Posted: Jan 7 2017, 09:26 AM
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user posted image

Party time! I can't wait to get some threads going, and a huge thanks to the staff for working so hard.
 Posted: Jan 7 2017, 10:59 AM
37 posts
26 years

user posted image

(cries) i wanna smooch you guys, you've really done such a good job!! the site looks bomb af

  • bug post-inquisition bug's settled in val foret w/ iloren, who she finds is excellent company (despite the fact that he keeps bringing animals 'n beasts home.) thanks to (lots of) guidance and (tons of) help from friends and family, bug has started to settle into her role as bellwether with more confidence. she still fumbles, sure, but she's not as anxious or unsure of herself as she was at the start of all this! as for the bellwether network itself: it has started to grow at an alarming rate. bug's mentor, ada van aalsburg, has voiced concern that the network is becoming an overextended and bloated contingent —there is too much information coming in, and only so much can be sifted through at a time. this, ultimately, ends up making the network a less reliable source of information which is not good for business. (whispers aggressively) something must be done.

    oh!! also!! bug's taken up knitting. she's really bad at it. 8^) let her knit you things.

    tldr: bug's doing good 'n the network is having some technical difficulties!!

 Posted: Jan 7 2017, 08:09 PM
mage hoarder
51 posts
23 years

user posted image

niamh has left the inquisition behind before it could officially disband. she hasn't survived this long without some ability to escape trouble, and she's certainly not going back to those reformed circles ever. ya'll are never getting the chance to lock her in with a bunch of demons again. she's back to the abandoned apostate life, and a big thank you to kade + the questionably merry band for agreeing to take her in to their non-existent home. someone please give her some shoes.

user posted image

beatrix did not take the news of adament fortress well, nor have the rest of the grey wardens. they now have a civil war of their own going, and she's a leading figure in the hardline faction of their split. she has no issue with culling the weak from their ranks before rebuilding an independent organization - hell, she'd let the south burn in the next blight if they refused the wardens again. rumors abound but no one outside of weisshaupt knows exactly how bad things are getting for the wardens.

user posted image

maeve's clan has settled safely in wycome and the mercs were driven off with the inquisition's help. she, however, is nowhere to be found. one can only guess where she went when she left her clan and everything she's ever known behind.
 Posted: Jan 7 2017, 09:02 PM

Anders: With the death of the Inquisition, Anders turned the only direction he had left to go. Homeward. In this case, that meant Rivain, where waited Isabela, two children, and a Lordship in Rivian, formerly held by Luis, that fell to Isabela following his death.He has gotten several piercings to make himself look more Rivaini, and has wormed his way into the country's nobles in order to escape the Divine's long reach.He is currently contemplating action against the new Divine, given her brutal treatment of Mages, but is, primarily, content in being a father to his children, and doting husband to his wife.Aside from hatred for the new Divine, he has also been considering action against Sebastian Vael for his attack on Kirkwall, and, on an unrelated note, establishing contact with the man responsible for the assassinations of leading members in the Crows, namely Zevran Arainai.Overall, he has taken his new life in stride, and plans to make the best of it, come Calling, or his eventual murder at the hands of Divine Victoria's henchmen.He still holds a grudge against Hawke for twisting his arm into killing Mages, and would not care to see his old rival again, the likeliest outcome would be a fight, with the possibility of the death of either one of them very real.
 Posted: Jan 8 2017, 04:00 PM

user posted image

Celoni was taken back to Tevinter when his owner decided that, with the Inquisition disbanded, it would probably be a good idea to head home before someone decided to get back at him for the whole slaveowner thing. He's still in captivity and probably will be up until whatever the next DA game will involve. He's available in Charades if someone happens to have someone in Tevinter they want to play.

Norano Talasan disappeared into the wilds the moment the Circles were reinstated. He may have joined a Dalish clan, or he may have ended up offering his staff to a certain egg-headed elf, but whatever the case may be he's not showing his face to anyone remotely connected with the new Divine or the old Inquisition.
His clan is fine. The rift in their lands was taken care of, and they're getting along the best they can out in the badlands. Norano can't join them because they still consider him dead.

Harris Rahose is quite happy with the actions of the new Divine, as he truly and honestly believes that it is in the best interest of the mages to stay in a Circle. He's remained in the Templar Order, and can often be found throughout Thedas (usually Ferelden), tracking renegades and doing general Templar stuff.

Valiant considered going back the Circles, but decided that it would be better for her to remain working for the Nevarran Grey Wardens. She's also decided it would be in her best interest to learn how to stab things, on the off chance that one of the hazards of the job decides to go after her instead of one of the actual Wardens. There is no way this cannot end well.
 Posted: Jan 8 2017, 05:03 PM
92 posts
31 years

So it's later than 'tomorrow' but here's me updating.

Willow: Is now a pirate captain of two(-ish) years looking for a crew. She's also technically part of the Red Jennies whenever she's on land, so she's up for trouble wherever she is. Open to past rivalries/enemies, friends, lovers, the lot.

Cassie: Has opted for a Klingon promotion and is now the Warden-Commander of Nevarra after the last one put off his Calling so long he was practically a ghoul enthralled to the Old Gods. Cassie's trying to fix what he broke and revive the Nevarran Wardens. Any good old Wardeny stuff would be great, and she's also got information ties to the Inquisition through Leliana so she's happy to help if more darkspawn weirdness kicks off again.

Inera: Hoo boy. Miss Independent here has decided that since her old wolf died she's off to teach the Dread Wolf how to sit on command.

Okay, so she's actually going to find Fen'Harel's army to see if the weird dreams they've been getting are true or if he's trying to trick the People and harm them. That may require joining said army and spying on it/him for a while, something she got pretty good at over the years. Soooo Sheep, I'll be prodding you soon for post-Trespasser plots XD

Also my favourite gif is this. Because it just is Dor'Falon, the goofball wolf, may he rest in wolfy heaven XD

user posted image

 Posted: Jan 10 2017, 08:49 PM
OOC Account
28 posts
23 years

user posted image

I'm thrilled with this change! All the admins did awesome and I am really digging the new formats after getting to play with them for about a week!

I'll follow everyone else, but just speak about my now active characters. If they are not mentioned in this list, I have archived them and left their stories largely open in case I decide to resurrect one.

Quirin: This Red Templar deserted in 9:43. His ex-boyfriend, Daniel (currently NPC'd), convinced Quirin to run away with him. He has spent the time avoiding Red Templars, Mages, the Inquisition, and damn near everyone BUT Daniel and trying not to die from his lyrium addiction. It's gotten worse, it feels worse, and he just wants it OUT. Quirin's new story arc is about eventually making it to Cullen's sanctuary, in a desperate attempt to relieve him of the red. However, there's plenty of adventure to be had along the way!

Gabriella: Is a newer addition that I made within the present timeline. She is Bellwether's Justice, but she is a wicked and sadistic assassin. She took over her father's position as Justice about five years ago, when she was deemed "active" by her mother, who was a former assassin. She can have a narrow view of things, but all's fair to those who deserve it and everything is permitted in the Grand Game. She's in Orlais, doing Bellwether things, and crashing into Cassian's home to ruin his one man party.

Paj'Liara: She goes by Paj, tho. This is Benoit's daughter. Yes, he spawned, but she's a lil cin-min roll, I promise. I'm still working out her details, but she's wandered since she was 18 in search for her dad. I know she finds him, it's a matter of when though (CAT NEED TO TALK). But there's this short fun time before Benoit dies and Paj then inherits everything and she's just going to be figuring out what to do with all this gold. Because... she was Dalish and doesn't know what to do with it. :'D
 Posted: Jan 15 2017, 01:22 PM
26 posts
38 years

-some years later-

user posted image

Aurelio will be doing much of the same. Chilling on the boat and occasionally venturing onto the land to bump into people.
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