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 Bring Me That Horizon, Time-travelling pirate crew
 Posted: Apr 24 2018, 03:42 AM
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Crew of The Storm Dragon
Since the woman who would have been the Herald never walked out of the Fade after the Conclave, the rifts appearing throughout 9:41 got bigger and wider spread. I'm looking for a pirate crew who would have been on Willow's ship when it sailed through a huge rift in the ocean during mid-to-late 9:41 and ended up in -307. Not that anyone would realise they'd time-travelled until they made port, of course.

Given they came through on a Dragon Age era frigate, The Storm Dragon is unquestionably the best ship in the -307 seas. This gives her crew the potential to utterly command the oceans and potentially create the Felicisima Armada a thousand years too early.

There is that tiny issue of the First Blight, however. While the ocean is a pretty safe place compared to anywhere on land at that time, not all pirates are completely without conscience. I'm open to rping with pirates of any morality, and seeing what conflict arises from their different outlooks on what to do during the Blight - whether to help, or profit. Willow herself will fall somewhere in the middle - help when she can, but profit whenever possible.

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