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a dragon age roleplay

Four years strong, we are a literate to advanced Dragon Age roleplay that focuses on the events post-Trespasser, while also following the timelines of the Warden, Champion and Inquisitor.

Please register your account in ALL CAPS (Ex: HONOR TREVELYAN)

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 WRITING CHALLENGE #20, 2 august - 26 august
played by mage hoarder
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Writing Challenge #20

Welcome to another writing challenge here on Unbound. Can you believe we're up to 20 of these? We are! And to celebrate this milestone, we're running a special event: our character roulette. That means that entry is closed to those character accounts that are signed up for the event, which have been randomly matched up using a generator. As always, direct any questions about these challenges to my staff account.

Prompt: The conclave destroyed. The sky itself shattered. Where were you?

As explained in the signup, for this challenge you will be writing from the perspective of someone else's character. They've been matched up in pairs of two for you to switch off. You may want to double-check where your partner's character was at the time of the Conclave before you get going.

Branson Rutherford (Birthe) - Aveline Vallen (Cherith)

Christel Simic (Holly) - Isabela (Alayna)

Daniel Faulkner (Gabriel) - Nolani Mahariel (Squee)

Honor Treveylan (Cherith) - Alistair Theirin (Diana)

Dorian Pavus (Gabriel) - Morrigan (Sugar)

Mathilde Geoffroy (Holly) - Quirin Albrecht (Squee)

Garrett Hawke (Sugar) - Thorne (Gabriel)

Bethany Hawke (Diana) - Asher Coghlan (Birthe)

Calpernia (Holly) - Delrin Barris (Cherith)

Bug (Milk) - Aimé Decaisne iv (Birthe)

Posts should be at least 400 words to claim credit. Write from any format or POV of your choosing! This challenge will end August 26th at 11:59pm and will have an award of 200 sovereigns.

Reply below with your challenge submission to earn credit for this challenge!
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