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Near Kal'Sharok, the Cadash Thaig is home to the Cadash clan of ancient lore. In 9:41 most of the history from that time is gone, the Shaperate's records lost forever. In -307 Ancient the Deep Roads are traversed by Darkspawn, those determined to fight against then, and... you.
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After 90 years of fighting in the Deep Roads between Orzammar and Kal'Sharok, the darkspawn cast out from the Black City have only strengthened and multiplied. An new army criss-crossing the lands of the Imperium is forming in the Anderfels, near Weisshaupt. There perhaps enough force to fight back against the Old God Dumat and end the Blight for once. In two years this force will pronounce themselves as the sworn protectors of all Thedas, they shall be known as the Grey Wardens.
May 27 2018, 02:07 PM
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The great Imperium has been drawn low by the mistakes of a handful of fools who tried to enter the Golden City. It's unknown if it was Dumat who called to them, or they who thought themselves deserving enough to enter the Fade and crash the city gates. But their great sim has tarnished the name of the Imperium which now suffers from evil attacks from without and rebellion from within. Magic is strong here and abused, and all but the wealthy and most powerful suffer at its hands.
Jul 21 2018, 11:28 PM
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