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 A True Wonder..., Alistair~
 Posted: Apr 13 2018, 07:23 PM

"Bloody nug," Airalle growled, her voice taken on the thick accent of the Dalish as it did when she became annoyed. "Scarin' me 'ave to death. I wish all the damn vermin would just die."

Liviana attempted to keep her composer as her friend griped by placing her hand over her mouth to muffle the laughter that was threatening to spill out. Nugs were the least of their worries in the deep but you never knew what to expect when you heard the scratching on the walls and the fall of rock. You expect the worst only to be fooled by this cute little creature.

The two of them were currently the look outs while the rest of their band played bodyguards to a bunch of dwarves demanding to search the rubble in hopes of finding supplies untainted by the darkspawn menace. Liviana was happy to play scout with Arialle while the others dealt with the asshole dwarves. She never liked them, especially with their attitude towards elves.

Liviana let out a groan, pressing her hands against her lower back as she leaned backwards. She sighed a moment later as her back let out a series of pops. The tension in her back lessened immediately and she raised her hands up high to stretch a moment later. She wondered how long this was going to take?

Rubbing her hand along the back of her neck, Liviana paused suddenly, frowning. There was a sound coming from the tunnel in which they watched. As she listened, it became clearer: a voice. Apparently a chatty one at that. She glanced over at Arialle who nodded her head in silent agreement. Liviana jumped down from her perch, pulling her daggers free as she creeped along the tunnel, sticking to the shadows.

It was a man. Healthy looking, which gave her pause. People normally didn't roam the deeproads alone and the ones that did were half out of their mind, corrupted from the taint. Liviana pressed her lips into a thin line, trying to assess the situation. A movement caught her eye, and she focused hee gaze behind him. It was a deepstalker, vicious little things with a bad bite.

"Behind you," She spoke In warning, stepping out from her spot in the shadows. What she saw next actually made her jaw drop and she wasn't certain how to proceed. The little creature screeched at her, only to run up the man's leg and onto his shoulder. Liviana blinked several times before she spoke again. "Is that thing...attached to you?"
 Posted: Apr 19 2018, 02:20 PM
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Left, left, left, right. No….. Left, right, right, right, right…. Right. Left. Left. Right.

Attempting to retrace his steps without a map was damn near impossible with how dark it was, down here, in here—this blighted place wasn’t helping his spirits any, either. Following the deepstalker that he’d adopted as his own probably wasn’t the smartest idea, either, seeing as the creature wanted to stay within the roads, and not make it to the surface like he did.

”Do you have any friends down here? Or is it just you alone? It’s probably better if it’s just you, since I don’t think your friends would like me very much. Do your kind eat people? Do you think?” Alistair’s voice bounced off the walls, echoing in silence. There was absolutely nothing around them, and he was starting to wonder if they’d gotten in too deep for his own good. His stomach pulled within his gut and rumbled, a heavy reminder to how hungry he was. What he wouldn’t give for some cheese… a nice, thick block of cheese. Maybe a bit melty, too, hot on his tongue, sliding down his throat, a sultry promise of satisfaction for hours to follow. Maker, he was starving. He’d been too uncomfortable at that party to have eaten too much—a huge mistake on his part.

”Bettttttttttty,” Alistair whined, picking up the pace after the deepstalker as it suddenly moved with haste through the deeproads as if she’d heard something. ”Slow down! I don’t suppose I can tap into the wall to make water, or something, do you?” This area was so barren, even the Darkspawn didn’t want it. Good thing, too, or he might have wound up setting fire to their toenails and eating those. They kept going on like this for a mile or so, Alistair speaking with no answer from the deepstalker that he had nursed back to health after bashing it with his shield—something he’d apologized fifty times for, but she’d scared him. She’d slowed down—the lead to what she’d heard or smelled or—however deepstalkers sensed things in the presence, seemed to have ran cold, because she was jogging nearer to him, now.

Of all the things he was hoping for, a voice coming from nowhere wasn’t on that list. Alistair turned around to attempt to pinpoint its location and then jumped when a body dropped down near in front of him. ”Holy—” Alistair regained himself quickly, hand cautiously remaining over his longsword in case he needed to draw it. The woman seemed far more interested in Betty, however, who’d been scared enough to climb up him, and continued to screech from his shoulder. Alistair winced, shuffling back a step so Betty was jostled off, and instead hung by his boots.

”Er…” Alistair regarded her with slight trepidation, due to the fact she seemed to be more interested in a creature than him. ”I suppose? I’ve been down here for days and hardly know my left foot from my right anymore, for all I know, Betty’s just waiting for me to die. You wouldn’t do that to me, though, would youuuu?” His attention turned back to the woman, whose presence he was still daunted by.

”You wouldn’t happen to have any food, would you? Or uh, I don’t know—know how to get out of here? I’ll take Orlais any day over this. You haven’t seen a couple of kids and a screaming woman running around, have you?” An afterthought—he’d forgotten that he’d originally raced through the green light portal thing to try and save lives.
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