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 A NEW STORY, liviana
 Posted: Apr 22 2018, 01:09 PM
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41 years

Varric’s hands were steady against Bianca as he leaned up against the wall. He hated the Deep Roads — suddenly he was glad his father had been fixing the Provings. It had saved him from a life down here…He didn’t want to think about that. The dwarves he had met seemed miserable. And talking to the members of House Cadash was like talking to a damn rock itself. His fingers move steadily across the mechanisms of the crossbow, slowly checking all of the levers and pulleys one last time. It was difficult to find replacement parts down here so the dwarf had taken extra precautions to make sure he wasn’t without his weapon.

“Braids?” He called out, his eyes adjusting to the new light of this section. Things were dim and with the rock collapse, things had become dimmer.

The Darkspawn had come out from nowhere. Typical bastards. They’d surrounded her and the group of merry men and poked and prodded. It had been a good showing from both sides, but it wasn’t long before one of her team struck the side wall with his hammer, sending a ricochet through the cave walls. They had to spread out after that, avoiding falling rocks and Darkspawn.

Now, things seemed quiet. Almost too quiet.

Varric moved steadily around one of the larger rocks in the middle of the clearing, his eyes trained on the ground. He could see a few moving fingers of a Darkspawn nearby. Didn’t look like it had all that much time left on its clock.

Carver. Maybe he had turned into one of them. Maybe he had been completed absorbed and…and…

Damn it, Varric, pull yourself together. You can’t get soft now. It wasn’t Carver, he thought, moving closer to the disembodied hand. Couldn’t be. Carver was fine. Hell, he had probably already made it to the surface by now. He was probably drinking ale with the Magister Supreme of Tevinter. Maker wouldn’t that be a sight.

Varric heard something to his left and swept that way, Bianca drawn and ready to fire. His finger rested on the trigger prepared to fire, until he realized who it was. Braids. Maker, was he glad to see her. For the two days that they had been traveling, it had been quiet, allowing them time to get to know each other as much as language would allow. She was quick with a comeback and seemed to have a bleeding heart for every sodding plant, animal, and creature that asked for help. It was almost…admirable. “For a second, I thought you’d disappeared under one of those rocks,” Varric said, slinging Bianca onto his back and meeting her stride as she walked. He had to step quicker, his legs a good foot shorter than hers. “Bad way to go. Especially for someone like you. I can’t imagine your family took out an insurance policy on your life, did they?”

But she didn’t have time to answer. An ogre moved around the corner, its arms outstretched towards the pair of them. “Well, shit,” Varric said, readying Bianca. “Hope you’ve got a little more power in you, Braids. This one’s going to be nasty!”

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