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 Posted: Aug 29 2012, 05:51 PM
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Getting Started

Welcome to Unbound! We are a literate to advanced Dragon Age roleplay that focuses on the events at the beginning of the Inquisition while simultaneous exploring the years during the First Blight.

In September 2017, Unbound celebrated it's 5 year anniversary. We know that it can seem overwhelming to join a board with as much lore and experience as ours, so we've put together this guide to help you get started. Of course, if you have any questions you can always reach out to the staff via PM, Discord, or the guest-friendly Questions forum as well.

Getting Up to Speed

The world of Thedas in which Unbound takes place comes from the lore of Dragon Age. While having played the games is not required, the best place to get started on Unbound is to familiarize yourself with our rules. If you have played the games and have a good grasp on how the world of Thedas works not all of this reading is required, but if you haven't we recommend you read through the information provided to help you understand the world of Thedas. Or go and play the games themselves, they're amazing!

Below is the necessary reading for any new member joining us:<p>

If you are unfamiliar with the Dragon Age universe consider reading these:

Creating Your Character

Unbound accepts both canon and original concept characters. We have a pretty simple applications process. Feel free to ask questions in our guest friendly Questions forum, or ask for an admin in the cbox.

To get started, register your character's account (with their first and last name in all caps) and check out these threads to get started with the application process:

Once you've created your character and been approved — congratulations! Fill out your claims (your claims are the FACE CLAIM, MEMBER DIRECTORY, CANON CLAIM(if applicable))! We have so many warm and inviting members with amazing characters to play with, but we understand that it can sometimes be hard to know where to start getting your character involved in plotting.

Questions & Extras

For some joining a new board can be a lot to take in, but we hope that this guide proves useful to those who might otherwise be daunted at joining such a large board that has years of threads and characters and members beneath its belt. We hope that with your arrival Unbound continues to thrive and grow into a friendly community of writers and Dragon Age fans for years to come.<p>

Here are some miscellaneous resources in case you still have questions:

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