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Posted by: SOLAS Apr 19 2018, 10:49 PM

If they were going to stop the Breach from getting any bigger, they needed to find a way to close it. And to do that, they needed power. His agents were quick to set out and find the devices scattered all over Thedas and set them to work, but for now, he would look for an option that didn't rely fully on him and his work, or his own magic. If they could perhaps harness the power of the red lyrium and use it to close the Breach, maybe they could find a moment of reprieve before tackling their next problem - the Rifts.

When he asked Ellana to join him, he almost thought she might say no. No one wanted to dare get too close to the ruins of the Conclave - it was too dangerous. Too many demons, too many unstable Rifts and then of course the Breach itself. Solas however wanted a closer look, and if that meant getting too close, too far into the danger, than he would risk it. Ellana however, needed to assess if the risk was worth it for her.

Apparently it was.

"This was where the explosion may have happened," he remarked, looking at the frozen bodies, burned and stuck in a horrified look, the ground scorched around them. A hand rests over his heart briefly, the man staring at the ground before continuing to walk, "I don't advise we go much further. I worry we are getting too far from camp and too deep into the ruins." His gaze moves around where they stand, and he wanders close to a cropping of red lyrium. This was the point of their journey.

Solas is wise to keep his distance, holding up a hand as Ellana approaches at his side, "Don't touch it, I have no idea what it will do." His voice is serious, his staff tapping the lyrium just to see if that did anything. Ears twitch at the sound of soft whispers, wondering if it's just his imagination. "Do you... hear that?" The question is curios if not worried, Solas dropping to a crouch and leaning closer to it. Was the lyrium... speaking? Whispering? Singing?

Posted by: ELLANA LAVELLAN Apr 24 2018, 10:02 AM

There was something eerie about standing amongst the ruins of the Conclave, silence hanging heavy in the air as she surveyed the charred corpses that littered the ground around them. It was like a moment frozen in time, the deceased trapped in eternal torment with their anguish clearly displayed on their faces, caught unaware by the blast that destroyed countless lives in an instant. Ellana couldn't help but feel as if they were desecrating the ruins of the temple; a hundred unmarked graves lay scattered around them. Would their souls find any peace in the after life?

"What chance does the Inquisition have against something that possesses this much power?" If they were able to destroy one building in such a display, who was to say that they wouldn't be able to do it again? Her brows pinch together was the thought consumes her, worry weighing like a rock in the pit of her stomach as she tries to avoid the dark path she has set herself on. We have to try, the elf reminds herself. When Solas declares that they shouldn't proceed any further, the mage watches him with a curious yet concerned expression as she approaches.

I have no idea what it will do. His words send a chill through her body as she stares at the cropping of the red rock, concern slowly melting away to uncertainty. The entire point of their journey to the sight of the explosion was to try and study the red lyrium as much as they could -- to see if they could gather any clues that may help them in sealing the Breach that continued to grow with each passing day.

When Solas speaks it sounds as if he is a hundred miles away -- or as if her head has been submerged in water. It is faint and distant, muddle by a quiet humming that she can't quite place. Was she humming? Her right hand twitches and rises up to tug at her earlobe in an attempt to get the sound to stop, but there is no relief from the sound as it instead seems to grow in intensity. Blue eyes narrow as the mage attempts to pinpoint where it is coming from before her gaze falls to the red lyrium before them.

There is an urge to lean towards the lyrium, to get closer and inspect it, as if she will be able to make out the words that whisper so softly in her ears if she can just get closer -- Ellana doesn't realize that she had been moving closer until her foot catches on a rock, causing her small frame to trip forward and narrowly miss knocking both herself and Solas over in the process. Regaining her balance, Ellana blanches and immediately takes a few steps back. "I.. heard something, but I'm uncertain what it is."

She felt uneasy. There was no way the lyrium could be making that sound -- was there? "It doesn't .. feel right, Solas."

Posted by: SOLAS May 18 2018, 01:47 PM
As she stumbles, his arm rises to sort of... brace her before she falls flat on her face, Solas turning to raise a brow at her. Something about this lyrium was not safe - that worry was beginning to make him suspicious this was a terrible idea. What if something happened to himself, or her, and he was unable to fix it? Bad enough the sky was falling down upon them, now they would be entranced by a... whispering stone.

"Careful," he says and watches her take a few steps back. That was probably for the best, "It does not feel right, you are correct. Something about this is... wrong. It looks like lyrium but...?" He rubs a hand along his jaw before taking steps back himself, glancing at it before standing beside Ellana, "Can you feel it?" He whispers, a soft shake of his head as if he is shaking off a whispering voice, "The power?"

As much as he is afraid to admit it, he wonders if this lyrium will be what saves them.

A frustrated sigh leaves him, staff tapping against the ground at their feet. "I have no idea what is wrong with it. Can lyrium be corrupted?" The question is more rhetorical than anything else, the man trying to let his thoughts out simply to air them, "Or, can it become more powerful when exposed to certain magic?" Eyes wander to it once more, and the whispers try to entice him back - something he knows to be dangerous already. A hand gestures at the red rocks before falling back to his side, "It is powerful, I can tell. But dangerous."

Looking to Ellana now, he searches her face before speaking again, "What if it could help close the Breach?"

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