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Posted by: ANDRASTE Aug 24 2012, 12:43 PM
Our Story

In -385 Ancient (800 TE) Ancient Magisters of the Tevinter Imperium sacrificed slaves and two-thirds of the Imperiums lyrium in a misguded attempt to enter the Fade's Golden City. Their sin turned the Golden City black and cast them from the Fade into the world as the first darkspawn

In 9:41 Dragon at the conclave to discuss mage chantry relations, an entity known as The Elder One murders Divine Justinia in a powerful blood magic ritual that rips open the sky. Rifts form across Thedas tossing demons into the world and stealing heroes across space... and time.

In -307 Ancient an army forms under a great warrior to fight the darkspawn forces that have been tormenting Thedas for almost 90 years. In the Deep Roads, near the Cadash Thaig, strangers appear with valuable knowledge that might help push back the forces of evil. And end a war over a thousand years in the future.

In two years the Grey Wardens will perform the first joining ritual, drinking the blood of darkspawn to giving them unnatural strength against their enemies.

But will be another hundred years before the great god Dumat is finally slain finally ending....

The First Blight.

Posted by: ANDRASTE Apr 10 2018, 04:50 PM
Options for Play

You are Left-Behind

It's 9:41 Dragon, the Conclave has exploded and the world suffers under a massive breach in the sky from which demons are pouring from the Fade into the world. Smaller rifts are popping up all over the place and Corypheus is on the loose, building power. There is no leader of the Inquisition, just a rag-tag band of Chantry forces stationed in Haven.

If you decide to keep a character in the future, it's important to remember that there is no Herald of Andraste. As far as anyone is concerned, no one survived the Conclave. The Inquisition's advisers will remain leaderless, save themselves, and their efforts will struggle without the support of faction leaders.

Also, the breach is not closed and no one (save perhaps Solas) has any thoughts on how to close it. This may cause mages and templars to put aside some differences in an effort to concentrate their forces against the demons emerging from it. Smaller rifts will continue to appear as well for reasons unbeknownst anyone. Closing these may be possible, or they may happen suddenly and without warning. You may also be close enough to see people sucked into them, never(?) reappearing.

You are Tossed through Time

It's -307 Ancient and you have been torn through time, and the Fade, only to appear in the Deep Roads beneath Cadash Thaig. You may be alone or with one or two others you may or may not know before appearing in the Deep Roads. From there you search for an exit, not knowing what's happened or where you are. Presumably you make it to the Thaig and then to a city (Orzammar or Kal'Sharok) and then to the surface. But then what? How will you get home.

For those in the past it'll be important to remember a few things:
  • While the dwarves speak the closest thing to what you know as Common (they did invent it after all), understanding them will take time and patience. Likewise applies to those who might speak Tevene or Anders.
  • No time is a good time for elves, but the age of the First Blight is far worse.It wasn't that long ago that Arlathan was raised by the Imperium. Elves are enslaved or on the run and the Imperium would rather kill them than chase after them. The dwarves of Orzammar might be more generous than those of Kal'Sharok, but neither will go out of their way for an elf. Having a human or dwarven friend around will help... somewhat.
  • The Wardens won't be a thing for another 2 or so years. The Archdemon, Dumat, will not be slain for another 90 years. Andraste wont be around for another 200 years. These things will mean nothing to no one, unless they are also from your time period. Existing Wardens from 9:41 will be of great help, particularly those who aren't from Ferelden and remember their history enough to travel to Weisshaupt, if you want to gather forces.
  • Honorah Trevelyan (the would-be savior, Herald of Andraste) is also lost in time. She did not "survive" the Conclave -- no one did, as far as the Inquisition is concerned. She too is struggling in the past. She has the anchor, but with Solas to stabilize it, she will be A HASSLE to be around. Chances are most people are brought through smaller rifts of her creation.
  • The darkspawn in the First Blight are born of the Magisters who turned the Golden City, black. Any darkspawn fought during this time will be bigger and stronger and more magical than anyone who fought them during the Fifth Blight or in the Deep Roads will be used to.
  • Ferelden... isn't so much a thing. If you surface in Ferelden instead of The Imperium, you'll run into the Almarri tribes that populated the area at the time, in addition to the occasional elf, and a whole lot of trees and nonsense nature bits. So, good luck.

You are Lost in The Fade

This doesn't have to be forever. You could be lost for a short time, a long time, or if you wish -- forever. However it is possible to get stuck here sometime in 9:41 before being spat out again in either time period.

It is not however possible to use this to pass messages back and forth from time to time. It is the Fade of 9:41 for all intents and purposes. You either go in and get right back out in 9:41 (lucky) or you go in and end up in -3:07 Ancient (unlucky).

If you have other questions feel free to ask them in the #site-questions channel on Discord

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