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Here on Unbound, our plot follows four different timelines, set throughout the canonical history of the Dragon Age. The events following Trespasser, the time of the Inquisition, the rise of the Champion of Kirkwall and the quest of the Warden against the Fifth Blight.

And So is the Golden City blackened
With each step you take in my Hall.
Marvel at perfection, for it is fleeting.
You have brought Sin to Heaven
And doom upon all the world.

-Threnodies 8.13

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 de Valmont, Euégnie-Joséphine, Her Imperial and Royal Highness
as played by Poisson

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Eugénie-Joséphine de Valmont
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76 years old

Lawful neutral
sexual orientation
Being the most titled princess of Thedas, with 35 titles and lands, and doing her best to manage them:
By birth:
Royal Princess of Antiva, Duchessa di Firenze, di Milano, and Savoia (those three are in Antiva), and also Comtesse de Périgord and Sade, Baronne de Biron, Mareuil, Bourdeilles, and Beynac (those six are in Orlais), by her mother.
Imperial Princess of Olrais, and Royal Princess of Neverra, Marquise de Merteuil, Comtesse de Gercourt and de Bastide, and Vicomtesse de Valmont (those four are in Orlais), and also Duchess of Limburg, Countess of Namur and Flander (those three are in Nevarra), by her father.
By marriage:
First (Orlais): Grande-Duchesse, Marquise de Hautefort and Pompadour, Comtesse de Montignac, and Vicomtesse de Segur and Beaufort.
Second (Rivain): Royal Princess of Rivain, Marquesa de Ardales, de Moya, and de Osera, Condesa de Ablitas, de Teba, de Baños, de Mora, and de Santa Cruz de la Sierra, and Vizcondesa de la Calzada.
Third (Anderfels): Royal Princess of Anderfels, Countess of Hossberg, Marchioness of The Blasted Hills and The Weathered Pass, and Duchess of the Broken Tooth.
Fourth (Ferelden): Princess of the Blood of Ferelden, Arlessa of Denerim and West Hills.
Also, she's acting for peace and order in her lands and countries.
family members
By birth:
The Imperial Family of Orlais (both of her parents), especially her four daughters: Marie-Thérèse, Marie-Antoinette, Marie-Louise, and Marie-Amélie
The Royal Family of Antiva (by her mother)
The Royal Family of Neverra (by her father)
By marriage:
Frist: House de Hautefort (a Grand-Ducal house related to the Imperial Family of Orlais), late father of Marie-Amélie
Second: The Royal Family of Rivain, late father of Marie-Thérèse
Third: The Royal Family of Anderfels, late father of Marie-Antoinette
Fourth: House Kendells (an arling house related to the Royal Family of Ferelden), late father of Marie-Louise
weapon expertise
Canes-rapiers, daggers, archery, needles, stilettos, fans with hidden blades, and parasols with retractable syringe, all poisoned.
Sabotage, and subterfuge
hair color
Pearly grey
eye color
Icy blue
defining markings
Such as tattoos or scars.
She is an old princess, with an old body.
face claim
Diana Rigg
9:41 Dragon :
" - A non-lady from a Marcher noble family, you, the great-niece of my dear Lady Lucille Trevelyan. Is this what Thedas is condemned for? The end of the world, or, the risky bet of finding ourselves with an incompetent and insignificant little lady as saviour. I must admit that this dangerous prospect pleases me, so be it. But, of course, you may know that without an organization with a reassuring hierarchy, and real numbers, I can not decently go forward officially as an ally, besides, you have no support, no land, no wealth, and no army. After discussing with your Ambassadress, we have agreed to give me a say on all matters of espionage, diplomacy, finance and the army. In exchange, my possessions will be your places of safety, as long as you remain at my service. Also, I will share you some of my connections and contacts, it will be a good way for everyone to know if you can handle some little parties. By the way, you will be late for your first one, I suggest you pay a visit to the young Montilyet, the Marquis DuRellion is waiting for the Herald of Andraste. And on that note..."
I left the room immediately, waiting for no reply from my interlocutor, joining my people as soon as possible. Crossing the hall of the chantry, I heard all along the Marquis measured shouts of voice, which I am sure did not wear enough real arguments to make Lady Josephine wincing. It's strange how she reminds me of her grandmother, a little bit. I hope her future will be as bright, and eventful.
Once in my own carriage, and on the way, I was thinking back, yet again, of this action from me, all the consequences in coming, and those which were already steps. It was clear that the different crowns to which I am attached were currently aware of what I did, since the very moment of my departure for Haven. But what about their reactions, as well as those of their elites ...
Regarding Orlais, the Empire was in conflict with itself, weak and vulnerable, so my opinion, my words, and my actions will undoubtedly be part of the conflict. It is up to me and the Inquisition to turn those details as matters of longing for the two Lions.
Considering Ferelden, the matter is a little bit more problematic for the moment. The Inquisition having established it quarters in this realm, to find itself with an army of mangy and rabid Jarls and Bans, is a risk which can not be ignored. They suffered the Fifth Blight, Treason, and it is at their kingdom that belligerent Templars and rebel mages have taken refuge. And I do not doubt that my visit animated some relics of animosity related to the Orlesian Occupation and the marriage of their Queen and my son.
As for Nevarra, the presence of one of their princess in the Inquisition can only be favourable, even if it is only for the aura of respectability it brings to us.
Nothing to fear from the Anderfels, their king is incapable, too busy to look disdainfully at his own navel to notice the different movements of the powers in place. This leaves me free for my personal manoeuvres.
I wonder what Antiva thinks about Lady Montilyet and her behaviour with the Inquisition. I must send en letter to her parents, and why not pressing the issue with Lord Adorno Ciel Otranto and the Du Paraquettes, or she will be dead soon.
Also, I must keep the Rivain in its neutrality. Adding even one more actor on this Stage can only bring more chaos.
But now, what about the Templars and the Magi? And why did Magisters from Tevinter come so far into the South? Would it have a connection with the Redcliffe refugees? For the moment I must protect my lands from all the tears in the Veil, and all that comes from the Fade. I shall ask Lady Enchanter Vivienne to help me in this task, I am sure the Duc de Ghislain will lend me her.
nineteen years old
Metropolitan France : CET (Central European Time) UTC/GMT +1 hour
I'm a French (a quarter Spanish) young man and want to improve my English by playing this character I have in mind since years. Furthermore, I love court plots and intrigues, and everything related with nobility (by the way, studying European aristocracy is one of my favourite topics)
Nov 19 2017, 11:46 AM
as played by STAFF

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