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a dragon age roleplay

Four years strong, we are a literate to advanced Dragon Age roleplay that focuses on the events post-Trespasser, while also following the timelines of the Warden, Champion and Inquisitor.

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 you're playing with fire, plotting with alayna!!
played by alayna
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hi i'm alayna and i'm here to brawl. here are my garbage babies ... who may or may not be willing to brawl.

feel free to hit me up on discord, im a loser with her phone on 24/7 and i'm always ready to scream. i scream about all things. i love screaming and i love to scream with you about our children. little things? big things? all good screaming material. headcanons are good and 100% a healthy part of any relationship.

but really, just stop by to say hello. im here and i will probably message you something stupid like "hey, is your character allergic to bees?" bc i love stupid shit like that.

paige was taken to kinloch hold at the ripe age of seven after the forest on their freehold went up in flames. she was there for a few years - up until uldred's massive fuck up. in the resulting chaos paige managed to escape the tower but did losing hearing in her right ear defending a fellow mage. she somehow found her way to highever a couple weeks later, blending in with the wintersend activities, and got herself on a ship to kirkwall with everyone else fleeing the blight. she was just fleeing templars.

finally in kirkwall, it's a miracle she wasn't just sent right back on a boat to the ass end of thedas. lucky for her a certain kade colquhoun took pity on this tiny preteen mage and took her in. she was in kirkwall up until the rebellion. note, she was like... twelve to seventeen during the da2 timeline, but she was around. perpetually frightened of templars. trying to weasel her way into the mage rebellion in the later years tho she's literally a child.

ever since the kirkwall rebellion paige has loyally been sulking in kade's shadow, doing mage rebellion things. you know, killing templars. ignoring your demons. its all fun and games out here, boys.

currently no one knows that paige is a filthy maleficar. she first used blood magic in the kirkwall rebellion, being cornered by too many templars against little ol' her. she uses it sparingly - maybe she's guilty of doing it ... sometimes.... or whatever .... she's not a great mage and you know what makes you a little stronger? blood magic.

twenty three . human . mage . maleficar . rebel scum .
born naishe, this lovable pirate traveled rivain with her mother, madam hari, who was a swindler. she often went on these trips with her mother and they definitely rubbed off on her. eventually hari converted to the qun and when naishe refused to follow suit, she sold her daughter into marriage with an associate of the antivan crows - luis. they wed a few weeks later in antivan city when isabela was barely an adult. the first few months were fun, and then they weren't, and she tried to antagonize luis as much as she could, starting up an affair with a certain zevran arainai who also taught her basic knife combat. before luis could sell his wife to anyone else he was murdered by zevran, and it is unknown whether or not isabela ordered the hit though she did give zevran valuable information.

with two daggers given to her by zevran and a sack of jewelry, isabela bribed the men of the siren's call, luis's ship, to get her to llomeryn. isabela got herself a new crew and a captain who coined the name isabela. she killed him over an insult, becoming captain of the siren's call and well... the rest is history!

anyway thanks for reading that fun summary. we all know about isabela and how she stumbled into hawke's merry gang of misfits. she was there up until the kirkwall rebellion, except for that period she left with the tome of koslun (~9:34) and between 9:34-9:37 (she left after da2 act 2, returning just before act 3).

after that she set sail and has been at sea ever since. she struck up a deal to serve the inquisition but has no allegiance to them. in 9:44 she's still out doing her typical raiding, smuggling, occasionally taking down slaver ships with the tiny little conscience she has. it's not unlikely to run into her at port cities or llomeryn.

forty two . human . rogue . duelist . queen of the eastern seas .
inez hiroux
inez hiroux was born saeriel, an elf of simple means in halamshiral. a simple girl of simple means who set out as a minstrel once she was old enough to leave her parents. she always had a talent for instruments; she taught herself, scraping up what coin she could do gather hand-me-down instruments or even broken ones and then teaching herself.

one day she discovered by a certain lady jade vidal, a lady of halamshiral, a bardmaster herself. inez was never very emotive, always kept a straight face no matter what was in front of her. a tragedy occurred in front of saeriels eyes and yet.... nothing? no reaction? lady vidal saw potential in saeriel, a girl already proficient at instruments who just needed the simple steering of a learned woman.

i happily imagine that up into the war of the lions, inez was a simple bard. doing normal bard things. then she started working under the notorious briala - sabotaging imperial armies and her bardmaster died and she was passed the mantle of the chariot for the bellwether. she believed in briala... up until she didn't. she, since about mid/late 9:42, has dedicated herself to the bellwether.

for the most part, inez is stationed in val royeaux. but you know, minstreling and barding can take you all over the place. she is the chariot, after all.

thirty two . elf . rogue . bard . bellwether . the chariot .
played by CRIM
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Niamh wants to braid her hair and encourage her to follow her dreams. As they are apostate hobos and any dreams they might dream would be inherently impractical, this may not be helpful, but she is trying to help. The hair is at least a more realistic goal. Kinloch hold was a real formative experience for her as well and sometimes she goes nonverbal if you bring it up?? A sign that the problem was managed deftly and with full consideration of their well-being ofc. I'm really just repeating all've the previously expressed sentiments here to mark that we should thread.
played by caaat
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Ait's complicated
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zevran & isabela

so. i've been feeling the need to put into words how important this relationship is to zevran. he has met dozens during his jobs with the Crows... some he still remembers, others are sort of... blips he can't place the names to faces with. isabela is on a different level. someone he would be more open with than would necessarily be healthy. she's strong and determined and gorgeous. he's not proud of many of the things he's done in his life, but he's glad to see that, as far as she's concerned, he did something good.

he doesn't toss around the word friend often, but he enjoys calling her one. almost as much as he enjoys how warm she is and how she never fails to taste sweet. it's more than that with her though. he's proud of what she's made of herself with the new life she's been given and... in a way, it encourages him, especially after their crossing paths in denerim, at the pearl, to seize this second chance of his as well.

he'd come if she sent for him is what i'm saying. :// not because she needs someone to save her, but because he wants to. he wants to make things easier if she'd let him. she's earned some loyalty after everything that's happened.

should there ever be a place for him on her ship, he would happily assume it. he's not the best with all of the... sailing stuff, but he has multiple other uses, not the least of which being good company. who wouldn't like their own personal dangerously handsome masseur and assassin? soooo if you ever wanna line our timelines up.... ♡

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