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 #15 - Activity & Inquisition Updates
 Posted: Mar 15 2015, 06:51 PM
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Activity & Inquisition Updates

Happy March everyone! We've only got a couple quick updates for everyone. Please read through them and use the moderation thread if we've missed something you think needs to be updated. When you're finished, let us know in this thread and include in your post which character from the entire DA series is your favorite and why.

Finally we'd like to announce the next step of the Inquisition. As of the 2nd of Firstfall 9:41 the Inquisition has sided with the templars. The timeline for Inquisition posts must still remain prior to 30 Harvestmere 9:41.

The staff has done a major sweep of inactive characters. In recent months we've gained a lot of new members and new characters and it's important to us to make sure characters are active. With so many new people around we especially want to make sure that there aren't people holding on to face claims or canon characters claims that aren't being used. As part of this activity sweep, we've also inactivated plotters, trackers and codices associated with now inactive characters.

When reviewing for inactivity, we take into account both the last in character plot or rp thread with that character. Posting in the games or similar topics do not count towards activity.

We've also inactivated several old threads that had not been posted in since prior to the new year. If you find a thread that you believe has been inactivated incorrectly, please let us know.

We'd also like to archive any completed threads. Please make sure when finishing a thread to mark it as finished in the title, then post a link in the moderation thread so it can be archived to our finished thread area. If you have an unfinished thread that needs to be inactivated, you can also let us know that as well.

In addition to all the cleanup, we're changing the official activity rule to 30 days for any character, whether they're canon or not, unless you've posted to the absence thread. If you are posting an absence, please include an expected return date. We understand that real life can sometimes really change your ability to post as frequently as you'd like. However, it's important to be fair to the other members of the forum that you are realistic with your expectations.

~The Staff

 Posted: Mar 15 2015, 07:56 PM

Read! It's really quite tough to choose my favorite character in the entire series, because pretty much all of them hit just the right buttons for me. I have to say, though, that DA: I has probably the best cast of characters; first of all, there's far more kiddies to love, and on top of that, they're all wondrously varied and weird, in some cases. The funny answer would be Sandhal because I actually do love him, but the honest answer would probably be Cullen. He, like so few of the characters in the series, had a role to play in all of the games. I think, though, that he had some of the greatest character development I've seen in the series; he starts off as an awkward and shy templar who nevertheless does his duty--and then when the Circle falls, he leaves a broken man. And then throughout the entirety of his arc, he works through everything that it means to be a Templar, the trauma that came with everything that happened to him, as well as his addiction to Lyrium.

Long story short, Cullen is my son and I will defend his honor at all costs.
 Posted: Mar 15 2015, 08:06 PM

The entire series????? I have to second Elle and say I think this is a terribly difficult question aaaaand I'm on the fence between Morrigan and Varric. Morrigan, because I'm a total sucker for characters who get misunderstood because they're more self-serving than they actually are legitimately evil, and she's always there to get roped into helping the good guys win and she doesn't even do much to get out of the way of that semi when it comes gunning for her, so I tend to think she does have some shred of decency in her besides just self-preservation. And after the way she fought so hard for her son, y'all are gonna have to fight me if you think she's just heartless.

And Varric, because I really started to feel for that lug in DA2 and then to have him on board again in DA:I was just fabulous. I really liked the personal development we got to see for him, too, through the various plotlines in 2 and continuing on in Inquisition, and again, I just have this sweet spot for the folks who seem to be self-serving but actually do have enough good in them to want to be just a little bit better for the sake of the world sometimes. Also who doesn't love sarcasm. Seriously, his line when you ask him to write for Cassandra and he says "That's a terrible idea I have to do it" makes him my spirit animal. So yes.
 Posted: Mar 15 2015, 08:20 PM


Ohgod the whole thing?? I love so many of them. I love all of them. Okay thats a lie but i love like, 95% of them.

I'd have to go with Dorian and it's only partially b/c I love his mustachio'd face with a burning passion. I really identify with the whole 'your family is not a good family and you are not safe there' plot and it means a lot to me. Also he's sassy and snarky and lord knows I am weak for that.

He is my husband and i love him so
 Posted: Mar 15 2015, 08:28 PM


There are so many I can't even.... it makes my head hurt to just think about it! The series is just full to bursting with some absolutely wonderful and vivid characters that it almost makes it entirely impossible to choose one, just about. UHM. If I had to ABSOLUTELY choose I'd probably say Varric and his magnificent chest hair ~
 Posted: Mar 15 2015, 08:28 PM
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I've read the update!

As for favorite characters ever, that's...I like almost all of them. I also have a pathological need to make every single companion befriend the PC in all of the games, which results in some weird conversations and obsessing over party selection based on approval. (Except Varric and Solas, it's pretty easy to get both of them to like you if you play like I do.)

I genuinely don't pay much attention to stacking parties based on game strategy, it's all about who'll approve of what I'm going to choose. My friend watched me play Inquisition for a bit and it drove her up the wall - I was playing on hard, and the fact that I wasn't dying while I had a really lopsided party frustrated her so much, it was fun. The Feastday gifts made all of that a bit easier in Origins, the rest has me glued to Wikis all the time.
 Posted: Mar 16 2015, 03:43 AM

Thanks for all you guys do!

I thought really hard about this (while I was in the shower). I didn't want to automatically jump to Varric, but after thinking it over, he really is my favorite character. He's just incredibly well-written, and all the little tidbits that make him up (his stories, what you hear of him from other characters, his reaction to things) are just so delightful. I also love that he was originally written as a typical, sleazy, mob-boss dwarf (which is, considering that he's definitely not, a bit more believable for a stereotypical dwarf) and just came out with this huge heart.

He is a pain in the ASS to write, and writing him gives me huge anxiety because I just love what Mary Kirby created. I don't do him justice. He brings a kind of modernity to the medieval-fantasy world of Dragon Age - but not too much to take it out of that flavor.

And those that have known me forever know I love dwarves anyway. And crossbows.
 Posted: Mar 16 2015, 03:56 AM

~MWAH~ love you guys, admins like you are the reason why i get up in the morning.

Carroll, hands down, fav. Hes so dedicated to his job, hes funny and witty and i wish he was romancable. What a babe.

Also VIVIENNE AND BETHANY, MY LIFE BLOOD, MY LOVELY MAGES. QUEENS OF THE WORLD. Two strong, well written female characters and who take the world on in their own way. Bethany is pure sunshine and doesn't let the injustices of the world dull her, someone who we were able to see IN GAME her growth from being the youngest twin in the shadows of her brothers to becoming her own woman even if she was a little bitter in a few ways. But shes BETHANY.

And Vivienne, the woman of iron will and beauty and grace, who can become literally the most powerful woman in Thedas and takes the reigns with a firm hand, not many can do what she does and still look MARVELOUS at the same time.

I love lady mages.
 Posted: Mar 16 2015, 04:45 AM

Out of everything?? Uhhh... gonna go for the first one to enter my head and say Cole. I love how he makes no sense and confuses everybody except Solas.
 Posted: Mar 16 2015, 05:56 AM

Update read.

Okay, favorite character in the entire series, oh god. Ummmmm how do I, I can't even. . . I'd have to say Wynne. I have so many feelings about that mage it doesn't even. . .gah! Wynne is the most amazing person, she was always there to give advice to the Warden and she never failed to admit she wasn't perfect, a trait older people lose sometimes. Also, she proved that people who are "abominations" though I refuse to call her that, don't always have to be crazy people, and that some spirits are truly benevolent. Which is why Cole was a second favorite for me, but Wynne won by just a little smidgen. In the end, the reason she won is because of what she did at the end of Asunder. I won't say it here but people know what I mean who've read the book. A selfless decision on something huge like that, my heart belongs to that sassy old lady.
 Posted: Mar 16 2015, 06:33 AM

Read read read!

I'm going to have the stupidest answer to this humanly possible, but here I go: my favorite character in the entire series is Duncan, thanks in large part to that dumb Gaider book The Calling. Also his character instantly solidified my adoration for Wardens thanks to his inclusion in every origin story in DA:O. He was this common thread that showed up in all of the different origins, and his fate at Ostagar really set the tone for how emotionally traumatic the rest of the series was going to be.
 Posted: Mar 16 2015, 07:35 AM

Brynn, your Varric is awesome.

I also bow down to Mary Kirby because, (while I'm still not too far into DAI, so I may be giving someone (Sera? Cass?) a short shrift) as of now, my favorite character is Merrill. I love her confidence, competence and optimism. I love that she's essentially a woman engineer, and we have so few of those in fiction. I love her absolutely classical Greek tragic arc, built on her strength that is also her flaw, and I love the messy, complicated and imperfect mother/daughter relationship she has with Marethari (which we *also* don't get enough of in fiction). And I identify with the whole "deal with a devil to do what you love" thing.

 Posted: Mar 16 2015, 08:55 AM

I read the thing!

Surprising literally everyone with how surprising and out of character this is, my favorite Dragon Age child of all time is...



When I read Asunder, I became fascinated with who and what he was. Then when I found out he was going to actually be A COMPANION, I kind of lost my shit and kept him near me at all times and just kept asking him questions and wrapping him in blankets just trying to learn about him.

His speech patterns, thought patterns, powers, and what he is...well I'll leave out spoilers but oh my gosh my child.

As for reaction to other update stuff. YEAH TEMPLARS! YEAH OTHER STUFF.

Sorry there isn't a 'be back' date on my absence thread thing, though. I saw that's now an issue. But it's not really a 'going to be back' sort of situation, but more of a 'you literally won't see me from 10-5pm+ on week days' sort of deal SO I figured it'd be chill.

And sorry again for asking too many questions in the questions thread/coming up with dumb ideas. I think I'm fully done now, and all my questions will just be lore clarifications from now on. <333
[mushes staff]
y'all are cute

 Posted: Mar 16 2015, 10:10 AM

My eyeballs have seen this page and my brain has interpreted the letters on it as words.

You'll never guess who my favorite character is. Like, this will take you all by surprise.

It's Fenris.

YEP. I am a sucker for that pool of broody manpain. Dorian may be my beloved child, but like...there are a few aspects of his character (e.g. his attitude towards slavery) that bother me too much to list him as my absolute favorite character. Fenris, however, has just enough angry righteousness in him to make me swoon. But, see, the whole "I was a slave" thing did not stop him from developing a sense of humor, morals, and a big squishy heart. And of course I have to mention that I would walk 50 miles in bare feet to hear Gideon Emery say my name. -cough-
 Posted: Mar 16 2015, 10:23 AM

Favorite characters are hard to choose! I've got a lot of love for pretty much all the companions and most of the other characters, so I've got like 20 different "favorites."

To go with my first gut answer, it's definitely Morrigan. She's got that hunger for knowledge that I can relate to (I wanna know everything). Her relationship with her mother is really heartbreaking, especially since there's been some aspect of it in every game. I think Morrigan is a complex character, and it's hard to really place where her allegiances lie. She's clever as hell, but it is pretty funny to see her when she's wrong about something.

Plus, I dig the way she talks. It's cool. B)
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