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Posted by: ANDRASTE Aug 24 2012, 12:43 PM
our story
Here on Unbound, our plot follows four different timelines, set throughout the canonical history of the Dragon Age. The events following Trespasser, the time of the Inquisition, the rise of the Champion of Kirkwall and the quest of the Warden against the Fifth Blight. The course of all four stories will be updated here as they progress.
The Reign of Divine Victoria
The year is 9:44 Dragon. It’s been two years since the defeat of the Elder One and the Inquisition has disbanded. The mage Vivienne is the new Divine and rules not only the Chantry, but the new Circle of Magi and Templar Order with an iron fist. Those who served the Inquisition have returned to their former lives, with the knowledge they helped stop a great evil from destroying the world. With the betrayal of Solas and his plans to sunder the Veil by any means necessary, Honor Trevelyan has sworn to stop him, disappearing from Skyhold without a word and without a trace, but works in the shadows to build a new army to fight against the looming threat...

The Inquisition
The last hope to bring peace between the warring rebel mages and Templar Order ends in disaster. A conclave destroyed, the Divine dead, and a sole survivor emerging from the Fade. That survivor is Honor Trevelyan, who bears a mysterious mark capable of sealing the tears in the Veil, and responsible for thwarting the plans of the Elder One, Corypheus. Bent on obtaining godhood, Corypheus intends to throw Thedas into chaos and crush the budding Inquisition. With an army at her side and an ancient magister on her heels, Honor must set out to put the world to rights...

The Path of the Herald of Andraste

9:41 Dragon
  • 1 Guardian Divine Justinia V's conclave to negotiate peace between warring mages and templars ends in disaster. Honor Trevelyan is the only survivor of the explosion that killed all others in attendance and tore a breach in the sky. The Inquisition is born.

  • 5 Harvestmere With the aid of Josephine and Leliana, the Inquisition garners enough political clout to approach the Templar Order for aid in sealing the Breach. Backed by the power of ten of Orlais' most influential noble houses, Honor and her companions travel to Therinfal Redoubt to meet with the Lord Seeker. What they encounter there however requires far more than mere diplomacy.

    honor sided with templars

  • 30 Harvestmere: In Your Heart Shall Burn During the celebration after the Breach is sealed, Haven is attacked. In an attempt to allow the most people time to escape a quick plan is hatched to bury their attackers and the remnants of their encampment in an avalanche.

  • 27 Firstfall After Honor meets up with the rest of the Inquisition forces who survived the escape from Haven and a grueling journey through the mountains, led by Solas, the Inquisition arrives at Skyhold. Under the command of the Herald and her advisers the Inquisition sets up base in the abandoned keep, the first use it's seen in hundreds of years.

9:42 Dragon
  • 28 Cloudreach: Wicked Eyes, Wicked Hearts The Inquisition is invited to Halamshiral in Orlais to celebrate First Day. The Winter Palace celebration proves eventful as Honor and her companions learn of a plot to assassinate the Empress. They must prove themselves to the gentry of Orlais while at the same time uncovering evidence of the venatori agent meant to take Celene’s life. Upon discovery that it was Grand Duchess Florianne behind the plot, Honor exposes her and helps cement Celene’s rule by putting an end to the civil war and the elven uprising with Briala's influence.

    florianne killed while celene rules with briala

  • 14 Solace: Here Lies the Abyss Rumors of Grey Warden disappearances leads Honor to seek the aid of Hawke and the Warden Stroud. With them they discover Corypheus is using his influence to create a false Calling that is pushing the Wardens to use blood magic and a demon army to push into the Deep Roads and slay the remaining Old Gods once and for all. Knowing the false Calling is just a lure to build a force for his own ends, the Inquisition storms Adamant Fortress in hopes of bringing the Wardens to their senses. Things turn dire when Honor and her companions are plunged physically into the Fade, but through the sacrifice of Stroud they were able to defeat the Nightmare Demon and return to Adamant to bring the surviving Grey Wardens into the service of the Inquisition.

    stroud stays in the fade and the wardens were not exiled

  • 7 Firstfall As Corypheus's remaining forces amass in the Arbor Wilds in an attempt to seize the knowledge kept within the Well of Sorrows, Honor and her army of allies descend upon them before they can succeed. By adhering to the Temple of Mythal's sacred rituals and aligning with Abelas and his ancient warriors to stop Calpurnia, Samson and their soldiers, Honor was able to drink from the Well and take the knowledge of the elves for herself.

    honor respected the temple and drank from the well of sorrows

  • 22 Firstfall The final confrontation with Corypheus begins in the Valley of Sacred Ashes, where Honor and her companions clash against him for a final time. With the assistance of the Guardian of Mythal, Honor slays the Elder One, but the celebration is diminished by Solas's disappearance. Two months later, Vivienne is named the new Divine.

    vivinne became divine victoria

9:44 Dragon
  • 22 Firstfall 9:44: Called back to Halamshiral by Divine Victoria to decide the future of the Inquisition, Honor uncovers a Qunari plot to kill the leaders of southern Thedas and invade, which sets her on the path to reuniting with Solas. From him she learns of his true identity as Fen'Harel and his intention to sunder the Veil and restore the world of the ancient elves. Vowing to stop him after he retook the Anchor and her left forearm, Honor returns to the Exalted Council to disband the Inquisition and focus her efforts on stopping Solas in secret.

    the inquisition was disbanded

The Champion of Kirkwall
Their home of Lothering destroyed by the advancing darkspawn, the Hawke family has fled Ferelden’s Blight with the most unusual companions, the Witch of the Wilds, Flemeth. Submitting themselves into the service of a local outfit in order to earn passage into the city-state of the Free Marches, Kirkwall, the Hawke siblings have vowed to stick together. No matter the cost. Yet with tensions between the Circle of Magi and the Templar Order in the city’s Gallows on the rise and a Qunari presence inciting racial tension, it's only a matter of time before it all comes to a head...

The Rise of the Champion

9:30 Dragon
  • 21 Harvestmere With Kirkwall already flooded with refugees from the Blight, the Hawke siblings pledge their service to the elven smuggler, Athenril, in order to gain entrance to the city. However they maintain close ties with their companion, Aveline Vallen, who instead joins the Kirkwall guard.

9:31 - 9:34 Dragon
  • 28 Harvestmere Having completed their one year of service to Athenril and looking for a way to gather enough money to join Bartrand's expedition, which promises wealth and prestige they can use to help reclaim their family estate in Hightown.

  • 13 Haring 9:31 The expedition is derailed by Bartrand's betrayal, but not a total loss, Hawke and his companions return to Kirkwall with their riches, but without Bethany, who contracted the blight sickness. To save his sister's life, Hawke sends Bethany away with the Grey Wardens and returns home to discover in his absence Carver has joined the Templar Order.

    bethany becomes a grey warden and carver becomes a templar

  • 15 Kingsway 9:34 Tensions between Kirkwall and the stranded Qunari finally reach the breaking point, ending in a violent clash between Hawke and the Arishok. With the Qunari defeated, the citizens of Kirkwall declare Hawke their new Champion, however with Viscount Dumar's death and no heir apparent the city is left rudderless.

    hawke kills the arishok and isabela stays

9:35 - 9:39 Dragon
  • 1 Solace 9:36 With the financial backing of Nehalenni Almasi of Nevarra, the Grand Tourney once again puts down roots in the Free Marches. Beckoning warriors, merchants, tradesmen and citizens from every land to come and participate in its spectacle, it also gained the interest of many other unsavory sorts.

  • 13 Drakonis 9:37 Targeted by a crazed dwarven cult, seeking the "blood of the Hawke", Hawke and his companions look for answers in an abandoned Grey Warden fortress in the Vinmark Mountains. There, they uncover the truth of how Malcom and Leandra were able to flee Kirkwall and settle in Ferelden, but also a plot to awaken an ancient darkspawn— Corypheus. Opposing the Warden, Janeka, Hawke slays Corypheus and leaves the Warden prison behind.

    hawke sided with larius

  • 2 Bloomingtide 9:37 Conflict between the mages of the Gallows and the Templar Order finally reaches a tipping point when Anders takes the matter of mage freedom into his own hands and destroys Kirkwall's Chantry. Enraged and with fresh justification, Meredith calls for the Rite of Annulment, turning not only the Gallows, but the entire city into a battleground where countless mages, templars, and innocent citizens are killed or wounded. Condemning Anders's actions, but allowing him to flee, Hawke and his remaining companions join Meredith to bring the Gallows back under control. However, once Orsino and his followers are dealt with, Meredith's mind succumbs to the red lyrium she obtained from Bartrand's idol and goes mad. Left with no choice but to cut her down, Hawke puts an end to her madness with the help of his brother and Knight Captain Cullen. The latter assuming the role of Knight Commander and rebuilds what remained of the Circle and the Order alongside the new First Enchanter, Tallulah Amell.

    hawke sided with templars and allowed anders to live

9:40 Dragon
  • 27 Justinian 9:40 The effects of Anders's actions in Kirkwall are felt beyond Kirkwall and lead to further tension between mages and templars across southern Thedas. However, it isn't until rumors of the Rite of Tranquility's weaknesses and potential reversal gains momentum that a conclave between the First Enchanters and Grand Cleric Fiona is called. There they vote to secede from the Chantry entirely and in response Lord Seeker Lambert declares the Nevarran Accord that had established the Order and the Circles abolished— the Mage-Templar War is officially begun.

The Fifth Blight
Deep in the Korcari Wilds, a Blight stirs. Minding by the call of an Archdemon, the Darkspawn have surfaced from the Deep Roads and begun their march on the world above. A small contingent of Grey Wardens, on the invitation of King Cailan, have returned to Ferelden to aid in the stand against them at Ostagar. Led by the Grey Warden, Duncan, they have a young, but promising, new recruit in their ranks…

The Journey of the Warden

9:30 Dragon
  • 26 Kingway With one hunter missing and another blighted, the Grey Warden Duncan arrives to the Sabrae clan in an hour of need. The young Dalish elf, Nolani Mahariel, is slowly dying and it's only through Duncan's intervention that her life is able to be spared. The cost — becoming a Grey Warden herself.

  • 5 Harvestmere: The Battle of Ostagar Duncan and Nolani join the few Ferelden wardens in the Korcari Wilds to aid King Cailan and his army against the horde of darkspawn surging up from the Deep Roads. Their attempts to stem the tide fail as Cailan is betrayed by his general — Loghain. The army is defeated and the warden ranks are cut down to two: Nolani and the junior warden Alistair.

  • 16 Harvestmere Seeking the aid of Arl Eamon, the group finds Eamon's son, Connor, possessed by a demon and the Arl stricken with a mysterious illness. Unwilling to let the boy linger as an abomination and in need of finding a cure for the Arl, Nolani strikes Connor down herself before tracking the Urn of Sacred Ashes in the village of Haven.

    connor was killed

  • 15 Haring By either a miracle or the restorative power of Andraste's ashes, Eamon is healed. Troubled by what has transpired in his absence, Eamon focuses his energy on calling a Landsmeet in Denerim where Alistair can be named Cailan's successor, but urges Nolani and the others to continue building their army in the meantime.

  • 29 Haring Returning to the Brecilian Forest, Nolani encounters another Dalish tribe at war with the werewolves lurking deep in the forest's heart. At the behest of the clan's Keeper, Zathrian, Nolani sought to eradicate the werewolves' leader, Witherfang, and save his clansmen only to discover Zathrian is the cause of the werewolves' curse. However an act of revenge for the death of Zathrian's children does not move Nolani and, holding him responsible for the suffering of not only the werewolves, but his own clan, sees that he is executed and effectively brokers peace between the werewolves and the Dalish elves.

    nolani makes peace between the dalish and werewolves

9:31 Dragon
  • 14 Wintermarch Traveling northward at the behest of Levi Dryden, the party seeks to investigate the old Grey Warden fortress of Soldier's Peak. When they arrive they discover that the keep is beset by ghostly apparitions of long-dead wardens reliving the final battle of their lives, lead by Sophia Dryden. Fighting their way through Soldier's Peak, Nolani slayed the demon possessing Sophia yet allowed Avernus to remain and continue his research under more ethical means. Before she leaves she takes the Power of the Blood potion Avernus offers her and assumes its power.

    sophia killed and avernus lives

  • 23 Wintermarch Seeking to call on the mages of the Circle of Magi, Nolani and her companions head to Kinloch Hold only to find the Tower in upheaval. The mage, Uldred, and his blood mage followers have assaulted the Circle and attempted to seize control. In response, Knight-Commander Greagior had ordered the Rite of Annulment, but allows Nolani to venture deeper into the Tower to salvage who she can, including First Enchanter Irving. Arriving at the Harrowing Chamber, Nolani defeats Uldred and his followers, but only manages to rescue Irving and Senior Enchanter Wynne.

    nolani saves the circle along with irving

  • 5 Drakonis The final treaty leads the Warden's and their party to Orzammar, where the throne is in contest between the Lord Harrowmont and Prince Bhelen Aeducan. Seeking to resolve the contest, Nolani ventures into the Deep Roads in search of the living paragon Branka in hopes of having her voice lent in deciding a new king. When they finally find Branka, she has discovered the forgotten Anvil of the Void and seeks to use it to create new golems. Despite the opposition of Caradin, the paragon who first created the Anvil, Nolani allows Branka to take the Anvil and create new golems for their cause. Branka also forges a crown for Nolani, which she bequeaths to Bhelen Aeducan and names him the new king of Orzammar.

    nolani sides with branka and names bhelen king

  • 22 Cloudreach With the treaties fulfilled and Ferelden united, Nolani and the others return to Denerim where the armies of her allies have gathered. There, the senior warden, Riordan, reveals the nature of defeating an Archdemon and how the warden's life would be forfeited should they strike the killing blow. Morrigan, however, reveals she knows of a ritual where no warden need give up their life to slay the demon. Favoring the idea of surviving the defeat of the Archdemon, Nolani supports Morrigan and the two convince Alistair to perform her dark ritual.

    anora declared queen and the dark ritual is performed

  • 10 Bloomingtide After a battle hard fought, Nolani and her companions successfully defeat the Archdemon and send the remaining darkspawn scattered to flee back to the Deep Roads. As a reward for her hand in defeating the Blight, Queen Anora offers a reward to the newly anointed Hero of Ferelden. Her boon: the territorial sovereignty of the Dalish in the Brecillian Forest.

  • 22 August Resolving the war between the intelligent darkspawn, The Architect, and the crazed broodmother, known only as The Mother, Nolani defeated both in an effort to restore order to the Arling of Amaranthine and return her focus to rebuilding the Ferelden wardens.

    killed both the architect and the mother

9:34 Dragon
  • 5 Cloudreach In search of a cure for the Calling, Nolani steps away from her role as Warden-Commander and bequeaths command of Vigil's Keep to Alistair Theirin.

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