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Here on Unbound, our plot follows four different timelines, set throughout the canonical history of the Dragon Age. The events following Trespasser, the time of the Inquisition, the rise of the Champion of Kirkwall and the quest of the Warden against the Fifth Blight.

And So is the Golden City blackened
With each step you take in my Hall.
Marvel at perfection, for it is fleeting.
You have brought Sin to Heaven
And doom upon all the world.

-Threnodies 8.13

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 A Way With Women, Katarina, 9:45?
as played by SQUEE

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TBD, 9:45?

The sails luffed overhead, lazily snapping in the gentle wind that tugged them slowly forward into the oppressing gray. Paj stood starboard bow, one hand on The Phoenix’s railing and the other encircled on the black and silver grip of her sword. The air was muffled around her, nervous words and general ship creaks swallowed by the ethereal atmosphere.

“I don’t like this fog,” she muttered, under her breath, fingers rubbing the hilt in absent minded strokes. With no crewman in front of her, Paj sunk her teeth into her bottom lip in a brief, outward expression of her uneasy uncertainty. Before sailing this way, she’d spoken to a few about the path she was taking, and they had warned her of fog and carnivorous monsters inhabiting the rocks and ocean. In a world with magic and creatures of the deep sea left uncataloged, Paj had considered for only two moments before deciding they would sail pass these mysterious islands.

Some part of her was curious. Paj had a ship, and freedom, and wanderlust. Why shouldn’t she explore the places previous sailors barely dared? On potential superstition? It was merely a question left unanswered: what was here? Another part, a new part of her, thought such a bold place would be excellent to hide worldly possessions - either her father's or her own.

Yet this fog felt… supernatural. The moisture clung close to the skin of her arms, left bare and prone to gooseflesh. The air felt heavy entering her lungs. Mindlessly adjusting the high-neck of her sleeveless obsidian blouse, Paj closed her eyes. It was magic. Tingling the atmosphere and butterfly kissing her skin. The Veil into the Beyond was thin here.

Gray eyes popped back open. Spinning on her heel, Paj moved swift from bow toward center ship, where she’d asked Kat to be to relay information to their current navigator.

“Rhoda,” Paj addressed a dusky woman, who’s chestnut hair put a prized horse’s mane to shame. She took the woman’s arm as she walked. “Climb into the nest with Maizy. Be our second set of eyes.” Was the fog thickening as she spoke? Or was it her perception?

Sending Rhoda clambering, Paj approached Kat in the gloom. Her beautiful... What was Kat? A second captain? They shared power well enough and Paj leaned on the yellow-haired woman's expertise more often than not. Stepping close, her lips hovered near Kat’s cheek as she whispered. “Magic is involved. Perhaps the fog. How do we tell the crew without freaking them out?” Including herself, there was only one other magically gifted crew member. Paj’s biggest worry was prematurely starting a panic, having seen plenty of negative, knee-jerk reactions toward magic. “Do we even say anything?”

As she looked in Kat’s ocean eyes for guidance, a soft lilt weaved into her ear from the fog’s depths. A wordless, beautiful melody that was both enticing and haunting.

Sep 25 2017, 12:16 AM
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The darkening sky had her full attention. Something about it felt heavy, dangerous. They were beyond the borders of the places Katarina had ever visited before, an existing venture she'd been eager to dive into. She stood on the deck, eyes straining to see what the fog was settling down on all around them. Only the water was visible and it too was shrinking and darkening before their eyes. She already had a hand on the navigator's arm, shaking her head while she spotted Paj down below giving out an order to Rhoda.

They all saw it, whispers drifted up from the crew and Kat tried to stand still, tall, confident that this would pass. Heads had turned her way, or to Paj, looking for reassurance. Paj was coming her way and Kat stiffened at the furrow between her Captain's brows.

Before Paj could climb the steps between them, something… a sweet lilting sound drifted in through the fog, settling like a caress all around her. She'd never heard anything like it: a wild, haunting echo from somewhere beyond the ship.


Paj confirmed her suspicions once she'd approached and Kat turned to her, this time her lips turning down with concern.

"We should send them below deck, at least until we know what we're dealing with." She turned into her words, finding Paj's cheek within her reach. Her lips landed on Paj's soft skin for a fleeting moment, her hand already searching for fingers to squeeze tight with reassurance. Hers or Paj's-- she wasn't sure it mattered.

"The fog is good enough reason on its own, we can't risk losing people overboard, and we'll have to slow so we can navigate where we can see." She gestured out with her free hand. "Which isn't much. We can worry about the rest when we figure it out for ourselves." Kat didn't give the order herself, leaving that for The Phoenix's captain herself. They may share some duties, and a cabin, but Katarina had learned how to tow the line between friend and subordinate for years. Reporting to her lover was unsurprisingly similar and she knew when to concede control and obey orders.

As they spoke, the fog grew more dense and the sound was louder… closer. And there was something about it that made her drop Paj's hand, following the echos of sound to the portside rail. Her eyes scanned the water below, looking for a source.

"Paj--" she called softly, eyes staring down into the water. Entreating her lover, not her Captain, she waved a hand to get the woman to join her at the rail.

It was still a little ways ahead of them, but a jutting rocky shore broke above the ocean. Without further direction for navigation, The Phoenix would list far enough to hit the rocks. Kat squinted, unsure she believed what she saw. Out of the fog appeared several female figures, standing… singing. "I-- Oh. They're beautiful."
Oct 1 2017, 10:08 PM
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She held Kat’s hand tight and close to her body, an uneasy smile on her face. She found comfort in Kat’s kiss and touch, happy to have her unvoiced considerations being suggested.

With a small nod to Kat’s reasoning, Paj pulled upon the threads of the Veil. The fog was rolling thicker now and she could no longer see the bow. Her voice would be swallowed by the swathing fog without some magical amplification. “Bare bones on deck! The rest of you get beneath!” Paj called out.

Sneaking a kiss onto Kat’s hand, she let fall. “I’ll watch steering,” she told Kat. “Be my eyes?” The Phoenix lolled gently underfoot, moving hopefully forward and at a steady pace.

Paj’s whole body tingled with otherworldliness, the thin Veil so apparent to her as if she’d entered dreams. It felt… dangerous. A whisper, unheard by everyone but her, warned her from across the Veil. She could sense, beneath the charming sound, a sinister destiny which originated… Below the waters?

At Kat’s beckoning, Paj’Liara allowed a broad crewmate to hold the wheel. As she approached, she saw the sudden rocky shore. Immediately and urgently, Paj cried back to the bulky human to steer starboard. Even still, The Phoenix shivered as it scraped the rocks and Paj’s heart hammered in her throat as she reached the rail, worried about the damage.

The singing was louder. Much louder. Hypnotizingly gorgeous melodies treating her to their delightful sound. Paj was drawn flush to the rail beside Kat, her gaze turned to the rocks like a compass pointing north. Forms were scattered along the shore, admittedly beautiful with pretty long locks of hair and curvy feminine forms.

“They are,” Paj agreed. “Perhaps they are stranded? No-!” The captain snatched around, pressing her back against the rail. Paj reluctantly covered her ears against the lilting echo carrying through the fog. At a decreased volume, she still felt the luring tug to gaze upon beauty although not as strongly. “It’s magic!” Paj told her, grasping her arm. The ship gave a small pitch, jarred against the rocks, and Paj emitted a low snarl between bared teeth.

There was movement to her other side. It was the human, supposed the be at the steering wheel, staring with an entranced smile upon the rocks. Below him, beneath the rail, a form clambered across the woods but the fog made it hard to see. Then it lunged up, attacked, and yanked him over the rail before diving after him.

“Kaaat!” Paj turned, glimpsed over the rail, and started. A hideous, turquoise but almost people like face clung to the wood with claws, grinning up at her with discolored, pointed teeth. It hissed, angered at being spotted. Paj wrapped her arms around Kat and tore her off the rail as the creature sprung. She yelped as her shoulder caught claws, and then barked an curse at the creature clinging to the spot they had just stood. Ugly and fish-like tail writhing, claws tearing at the wood - nothing like the women singing on the rocks.

“Hideous sons of bitches!” she declared. “Get off my ship!” Magic snapped through her and leapt off her fingers in a purple and aqua, infecting the creature by setting his insides on a counter or explosion and coupled it with a telekinetic burst from her mind, making the creature shriek and fall away.

Then she heard a shriek in the fog from closer to the bow.
Dec 27 2017, 01:38 PM
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