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 #21 - In Your Heart Shall Burn, We got you Corypheus for our anniversary
 Posted: Sep 7 2015, 11:27 AM
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It's here! We can officially say, Happy 3 Year Anniversary, Unbound!

Thank you so much to all of you, no matter how long you've been here, for helping Unbound reach this moment. It's really special to the three of us.

As promised we've got a few quick updates to celebrate the official anniversary. You're already enjoying our biggest update, with the redesign of the site.

▶ However, there is one other really large change! Unbound is now a premium forum. The biggest impact of premium status is the ability to turn the ads off! We'll also be able to host more mature content, if that's something that people are interested in. We haven't set up specifics for mature threads yet but we'll have those up soon. (Sooner if it's something people are immediately interested in.)

▶ In addition, we've also added 4 new skins to the site all based on our new design, for a total of five color options total to choose between. We'll be officially retiring our old layout in favor of this one and you'll be able to choose any of the new skins from the drop-down at the bottom of the page, or your user control panel. Hopefully we caught all the little color shifts in templates, but if you see anything funky on one of the new skins, let us know. [Cherith did fix the coding on the War Table template, so that's working now.]

▶ In official Unbound plot news, we're finally announcing The Fall of Haven. We've had the end of Haven placed at 30 Harvestmere, 9:41 Dragon for some time. However, today we're opening up an event subforum in Haven where people can play through that exciting event! Cherith will be putting up an official thread with Honor for the battle and watch for a new War Table thread where you can sign up for that if you'd like.

This event will last through November (two months) and we'll give you a few reminders before we complete it and remove the event subforum.

▶ This also means that Skyhold is finally open for posts. You're welcome to start threads in Skyhold, however please keep all posts within the time period from 1 Firstfall 9:41 and First Day 9:42 Dragon. We estimate a two week time period for the trek from Haven to Skyhold for the Inquisition party (and posts during that trip can be made in the Skyhold forum) and then there's the rest of Firstfall, all of Haring and the celebration of First Day.

▶ In the last of our new news, we're finally announcing the winners of our Summer member poll. I'm listing the winners here, but you can also see their badges under the "Of the Month" listing in the top bar.

  • Male of Summer '15 - Cullen Rutherford
  • Female of Summer '15 - Ari
  • Member of Summer '15 - Captain
Congrats to Captain and Glass for winning! The poll for fall will go up in late October/early November!

▶ We also want to thank everyone for their keen eyes after the new design launch and helping us spot the last few things that needed to be tweaked. We've been through all the templates, and everything should be updated now. If you spot anything else though, please let us know.

Now, let's talk about some upcoming ideas and changes.

▶ First, there's been some talk about word count and a suggestion on lowering it some. To give some explanation, our word count has always been either equal or higher than other dragon age boards, and on par with other advanced roleplay sites. Unbound is an advanced site and part of that includes that word count expectation. However, we do understand that being able to meet a word count is not necessarily a reflection of good writing.

We've talked about the word count, our feelings on keeping it high as well as the comments from people who wanted to see it lowered some. We've put our thoughts and our final decision together in a post over here. Please take a look and if you have any questions or need clarification, leave a comment or PM Andraste.

▶ Secondly, there was also a suggestion regarding achievements. Which honestly is something that the staff has been contemplating for a long time but hasn't had the time to work out. So we thought we'd at least let you know that it's something we're working on. In fact, our ideas will incorporate both the board store, as well as an achievement list. Now that we know it's something you're really interested in, we're making that a priority to work on. We'll share more on that as we get there, but look for updates on it really soon.

▶ Finally, before we sign off for today, we want to welcome all the new members that have joined us recently. So to: MechanicalAngel, Firebird, Novera, Victoria, Vyrda, Speedy, Trick and Creeper, WELCOME! Thanks for joining us and we hope you like it here. If you haven't already seen that we have a Skype chat, you can go here to find out more.

▶ And one last thing. When you're done reading today's update, please comment below and tell us how you found Unbound. Whether from an ad or a friend or from a google search, we'd be interested in finding out.

Thank you! And here's to three more years!

~The Staff

 Posted: Sep 7 2015, 11:38 AM

This is all very exciting!

I found you by googling "dragon age rp". In all honesty I wasn't expecting to find much, or if I did find something I wasn't expecting it to reach my expectations. So you can imagine my surprise when I found Unbound.

This site is amazing, and I applaud you admins in all the hard work that you've went through to make it as beautiful and awesome as it is. :)

Oh! And more mature stuff is fine with me. But not necessarily something that needs to be rushed if there are more importanr things that need attention. ^^
 Posted: Sep 7 2015, 11:45 AM

I wouldn't mind having the ability to roleplay mature stuff. And read everything. THANKS FOR THE VOTES GUYS ;______________; you made me so happy!!!
 Posted: Sep 7 2015, 12:00 PM
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all read, and you know me, i like my dirty and edgy things. also congratulations to the winners. I DON'T EVEN KNOW HOW I FOUND THIS PLACE, I think a friend linked me.

 Posted: Sep 7 2015, 12:39 PM

Y'all are legit the best admins ever! <3 <3 Honestly, it has been a very long time since I was as excited for a site event as I am at this very moment. It is a testament to how much time, effort and care y'all have put into this site. So, my hat is off to everyone. Well, it would be, if I owned a hat.

As for how I found this site, well. The truth is I had this site in my bookmarks for almost a year, after finding it in an RP site directory.Being the forgetful person I am, it wasn't until very recently that I uncovered the link in my bookmarks and decided to join.The rest, as they say, is history.
 Posted: Sep 7 2015, 12:40 PM

Eee this is cool!

I found this site because you posted an advertisement on the Pern site I roleplay at. I'd actually been looking for a live Dragon Age rp forum, so this was a great thing for me.
 Posted: Sep 7 2015, 01:46 PM
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I think I found it through an ad? It was last summer, I don't know. I just remember I had three days of jury duty during the summer and I kept sneaking into the cbox while I waited.

Other questions / comments if we're doing that:
    - Mature content might be relevant at some point if violent combat counts? But I don't anticipate personally needing anything beyond that.

    - Is there any sort of group chat or way to discuss plots and things without skype?

And congrats to the OTM winners!
 Posted: Sep 7 2015, 02:24 PM
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First off, thank you guys so much for the FotM! I really appreciate it! It's been a blast to post with all of you. <333

Second, thanks for all of the amazing changes you've added to Unbound. I love all of the options for skins. They all look great! And I love the option to swap around.

Thanks for upgrading to Premium. I am definitely into the idea of more Mature threads. So a definite yes to those.

I appreciate that you guys heard us about the word count. It's a compromise and I think it will make things a lot easier for writing. Also, I really appreciate that Rapidfire will count toward activity now. Not that I was really having any issue on this front, but it is nice to feel like those posts matter.

I'm excited for the Fall of Haven and moving toward Skyhold. Also for the upcoming 'Achievements' when they are incorporated.

As for how I found Unbound, I think it was Google. I actually looked for a DA board back when DA2 came out, but found I didn't really have time to devote to a board. So it'd actually been hanging out in my bookmarks for a few years. <.<
 Posted: Sep 7 2015, 02:56 PM
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I am so happy to be here and I look forward to threading with each and every one of you and eventually bringing on more characters once my schedule calms down some. As far as how I found you, it was through an ad on a site that I was browsing, because I was looking for a new home to rp, but knowing I can only be on one or two at a time, I have to be kind of choosy, but as soon as I saw Dragon Age I knew I had to join. And now you guys are stuck with me, there is no escape.

As far as mature content, I personally enjoy playing out mature things because I think small things in bedroom threads are important for development of characters, but I leave whether or not I play it out up to the other player. Some people are comfortable with it, and we play it out, others prefer to fade to black and I'm cool with that too. Either way, with my only character being Cole, bedroom maturity is a moot point. And now I'm rambling.

Blood and guts are a great thing though <.< I can be a bit brutal and the option to be brutal is definitely something I enjoy.
 Posted: Sep 7 2015, 04:54 PM

Captain and Glass: I LOVE YOU

Admins: I LOVE YOU

Everyone else on this site: I LOVE YOU

No but seriously all the new things are super exciting! I found you guys on google. I think I was bored and trying to find out if there were any dragon age roleplays out there, and well, here I am!
 Posted: Sep 7 2015, 07:05 PM

I usually don't care very much about the cosmetic stuff of a board, but I have to say these new layouts look amazing. I'm very impressed and I would even say that it helps with immersion.

I always like the option to post more mature content.

Woot! Gonna fall some haven up in here! I am actually very excited about this and will definitely be putting both my characters in it.

Grats to Captain and Glass. They definitely deserve it, though I might be biased about one of them.

The word count actually makes me very pleased. I am glad that a compromise was found, and also I'm very happy that rapidfire will count. I'm not worried about my activity, but I will feel more free to post there if a thread seems like it would fit. It is nice to be heard.

As for how I found Unbound, Glass showed it to me when we were looking for a dragon age rp, so 2x what she said.
 Posted: Sep 7 2015, 11:27 PM

I just want to say to the staff: you guys are amazing! <3

Captain and Glass: you guys are amazing too! Congrats!

I think found Unbound with plain old Google. After about two years of RPing with one very awesome person (-high-fives Victoria-) I really needed to get back on an active, advanced board. So, being completely obsessed with Dragon Age, here I am!

I like being able to write more mature content. Knowing me (and you guys too, probably!) there will be some rather disturbing stuff to write in the future. I love it.

The word count never really bothered me personally, but I can definitely see how it might hinder some people. It's good to know that it's been changed. ^^
 Posted: Sep 8 2015, 04:53 AM
230 posts
36 years

We're really happy you all love all the changes! Thank you for your support. <3

PS. Things I forgot to mention in the update:
  • Event threads (anything in the event subforum) are exempt from word count requirements. But please be mindful of the people you're writing with, do not answer a 400 word post with 25 words.
  • There's now a bbcode for adding any short notes to the top of your icposts. just use [*threadnote] [/*threadnote] without the asterisks to use it. You can see it in use here where I linked the War Table thread in the post.

To reach an admin about items concerning Unbound, please PM the Andraste account.
 Posted: Sep 8 2015, 07:50 AM
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41 years

omg look at all these amazing skins ahhhhh how is everything so beautiful???? great admins are great.

and congratulations to captain and glass :D :D :D so well-deserved <3

I found Unbound as part of my continuing efforts to stalk zoshka and follow her wherever she goes because I love her. in other words: zoshka kept talking about this great DA RP she was on, so I went to check it out and fell in love. and now you can't ever get rid of me. so. blame her for that.
 Posted: Sep 8 2015, 09:12 AM


I found this site bc dinah invited me ;D

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