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 Sufficient Unto the Day(Jcink), jcink premium, 18+, historical india
SUtD Tabs
 Posted: Dec 8 2017, 05:56 PM

18+ historical fiction roleplay set in British India territory.
Small collaborative writing community with member-driven opportunities.
No word count. Substantial plots. Very active!
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It is nearly the beginning of summer season of 1797, from March to April.
While the air heats, wealth of promises linger in the air with spices and incense:
Treasure awaits for adventurous souls. Truth is a double-edg'd dagger which handle
is only for the hand brave enough to wield it. Prosperity glimmers in pearls and silks,
like fine wine of merchants' cunning. In the City of Destiny, nomads roam, spies watch,
secrets are buried, and blood is spilt. Will families be divided or united by the British rule?

Come across the Indian Ocean for the world here is endless.
Try your best to not get lost in it.
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