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 All Our Masks - Young Justice/DC - 2+ Years Old
Miss Red
 Posted: Dec 27 2017, 05:43 PM

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Opened 8/1/15

Our old enemy, the Light, is beginning to resurface and they are bringing new allies along with new threats. Danger is constantly mounting around the world and even the universe as the Justice League extends its reach to the stars. Even with new teams and fresh heroes, will there be enough skill, power, and heart to overcome the ever changing, ever present, ever plotting obstacles?

Some of our open canons - Superboy, Batgirl (Babs), Superman, Starfire, The Flash, Blackfire, Green Arrow, Star Sapphire (Carol Ferris), Arsenal, Golden Glider, Aqualad, Bumble Bee, Lagoon Boy, Queen Bee, Deathstroke, Rocket, Guy Gardner, Vixen, and so many more!
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