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Here on Unbound, our plot follows four different timelines, set throughout the canonical history of the Dragon Age. The events following Trespasser, the time of the Inquisition, the rise of the Champion of Kirkwall and the quest of the Warden against the Fifth Blight.

And So is the Golden City blackened
With each step you take in my Hall.
Marvel at perfection, for it is fleeting.
You have brought Sin to Heaven
And doom upon all the world.

-Threnodies 8.13

Pocketed in the Southern, snowy stretches of Ferelden, remote in its seclusion, lays Haven. Freed of an oppressive cult and known to many, now, as a landmark of faith for the Ashes of Andraste, it is home to what few escaped the Conclave with their lives. Here, under leadership of the Herald of Andraste, the Inquisition has been renewed.
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stranger in a strange land by HONOR TREVELYAN on Mar 13 2018, 09:33 PM
Straddled between Ferelden and Orlais is Skyhold. An indomitable fortress with lineage traced back all the way to the ancient elves which now houses what survived of the Inquisition after Haven. Word is spreading across the south of the Herald's heroism and hundreds flock to the stronghold to lend their service to the new Inquisitor's cause.
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small fortunes by HONOR TREVELYAN on Mar 13 2018, 09:51 PM
The Veil between this world and the Fade has been torn. Demons roam the countrysides of Ferelden, Orlais and the Free Marches. But what was thought to be contained is proving to have spread further north. Reports roll in regularly with tell of spirits in the Anderfels and wraiths in Rivain. No land remains untouched any longer.
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Drawn to the blood by HONOR TREVELYAN on Jan 20 2018, 02:13 PM