a dragon age roleplay

Four years strong, we are a literate to advanced Dragon Age roleplay that focuses on the events post-Trespasser, while also following the timelines of the Warden, Champion and Inquisitor.

Please register your account in ALL CAPS (Ex: HONOR TREVELYAN)

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played by STAFF
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The most important rule of Unbound is to maintain respect. Respect your staff, your fellow members, the guests who visit us. We are dedicated to making Unbound a safe and enjoyable place to write and any hate speech or harassment will not be tolerated.

Note: We have forgone our cbox in favor of our Discord chat. If you have questions, please feel free to reach out to us there for a quick response!

registering & applying
♢ Register your accounts (IC and OOC) in ALL UPPERCASE.
♢ Canon characters may be reserved for 5 days.
♢ You are allowed five (5) characters within the first six (6) months of membership. After that additional character slots can be purchased from the UNBOUND SHOP.
♢ While we allow for multiple characters to be made, please wait until your previous character is approved and your claims are made before applying for your next character.
♢ Applications should be a RP sample between 800 - 1500 words and include a date, so we know which timeline the sample is taking place in.*

An alternative to the RP sample can be made by playing Charades. See the CHARADES THREAD to learn more.

More details on the guidelines for application can be found HERE.

roleplay & activity
♢ All mature topics (violence and sexual situations) must be marked with an [M] at the beginning of your thread title.
♢ Topics with sexual situations should be of some relevance to your character or plot, and no sexual situation on Unbound should involve underage characters (or members).
♢ There is no official word count for Unbound, however, every in character post of RP that is 350 words or more, earns your characters sovereigns to spend in the character store.
♢ Avoid colored text in applications and IC posts. Instead use bold for PC dialogue and italics for NPCs or internal dialogue.
♢ Make sure all in character posts are between the [ICPOST] tags.
♢ All characters must have an IC post every 30 days. If you do not, even if you are active with your other characters, the ones deemed inactive will be archived and claims released. Use the ABSENCE THREAD if you need to be away more than 30 days (with an expected return date), Should your character be archived, you can reactivate them once. If they are archived a second time you will not be able to bring them back.

graphics & aesthetics
♢ Required graphics consist of a 200x300px avatar, 250x400px profile image and 150x85px gif (which will resize).
♢ No signatures.
♢ Face claims must be real faces: actors, models, or musicians (with another media presence -- movies/television/ect.) with graphics that do not detract too much from the immersion of the game.
♢ Face claims can be RESERVED for five days.

♢ The tagbox is only visible to accepted members who have made all their claims.
♢ The tagbox is for tagging threads only, please refrain from any unusual formatting and conversations.
♢ One post per tag is sufficient, use the @ symbol alert system to alert someone to a thread if needed ANDRASTE for example uses the @ + ANDRASTE. For a character with a first and last use @ + [CHARACTER NAME]
♢ Please format your tag posts as:

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