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a dragon age roleplay

Four years strong, we are a literate to advanced Dragon Age roleplay that focuses on the events post-Trespasser, while also following the timelines of the Warden, Champion and Inquisitor.

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 Let's Play Charades!, The "try before you buy"
played by CHERITH
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This is a big concept totally new to Unbound and maybe unlike something you've seen before. It's a little complicated to explain but please read through everything below and leave questions if you have them.

▶ Charades is like an AU but with different characters than the ones you usually play. Consider this area a 'try before you buy' kind of idea. Here's how it'll work.

▶ Everyone gets to create an OOC (out of character) account, much like we, the mods have our own accounts now. This account will be considered a "character" in terms of earning sovereigns. Except you don't have to apply to be accepted. Once you've created an OOC account, you get to try on new characters (play Charades) with them.

That said, OOC accounts will be limited to the Charades forum. They cannot be used for posting in the announcements or mod forums. This will help a bit with continuity, you won't be able to accidentally post with your OOC account in your regular RP threads.

▶ A Charade character does not need an application and does not get its own account. They cannot be Dragon Age canon characters, they must be original concepts.

▶ We'll have a sticky thread for a Who's Who of OOC accounts and their charade characters, as well as a place to post RP requests with those characters.

For example:

Let's say I have a character concept for a Qunari but I don't want to commit to an application and I'm not sure that even if the character is accepted that I'll find plots for them, or even like playing them long term.

  • With my Cherith account, I post to add that character in the Who's Who for Charades, I make a face claim for them, and I make an RP request looking for someone that might want to help this character collect a lost sword.

  • Someone posts that they have either an existing character, or their own Charade they'd like to use to post with me and we create a thread just like any other RP on Unbound. The only difference is, every time I post, I use my OOC account and an image of my charade character in the post code.

  • I finish that thread, I decide I don't like the character and I ask a mod to remove it from the Who's Who list. I can pick that charade up in a month or a year if I have a new plot I want to try, or never again.

▶ Your OOC can have as many charades as you like - though with a thought towards keeping your lives simple and staying unburdened with posts/characters, it's smart to stick to something like 3 or 5 at the most at a time.

▶ If you've been playing with a Charade for a while and decide you'd like to make them an official Unbound character, then you can post and application for them and instead of writing up an RP sample, you can link to 6 recent (within two-three months) threads with that character instead.

▶ Essentially, with this OOC account you get to try out new characters, new concepts, characters you don't play very often and don't want the pressure of considering a full OC canon character for Unbound. So with this one account you could in theory play a multitude of small characters for 1 thread/plot, 5, 10 - it's up to you. You get to pick them up and drop them as often as you want.

Playing Charades guarantees people a few things:

  • You get to try and concepts and see if you like them, get inspired by them, and can write them consistently.

  • You can drop characters that you have a hard time connecting with but still want to play with occasionally, freeing you up for other plots/events that are part of the Unbound canon.

  • You can experiment and break out of the typical Dragon Age mold - come up with something new and see how it works, prove to us that the character concept has a place (or could) on Unbound.

  • You can jump into a Dragon Age character before jumping into the plot and try new plot concepts you've never tried before.

  • You can pick up some inspiration by working out characters that might be related or connected to one of your canon characters - maybe use them as a template for a Want Ad later to see if someone will pick them up.

  • People brand new to Unbound can try out a character and meet some of the members to see how they like us. Plus they could, in theory, skip the traditional application process with links to posts instead of 800-1500 word RP sample. In turn, we get to see how their writing and character concepts fit with Unbound.

▶ We'll have some RP plot concepts that are super simple - single sentence starters, music prompts, pick-up lines, and so on - that'll let people dive into a thread without having to plot anything ahead of time if you don't want to.

▶ We'll also have a specific template for OOC Charade posts, that let you use an image for your Charade face claim so that people can see who their writing for.

▶ You absolutely do not have to participate in Charades if you don't want to, this is not required and if you don't want to make an OOC account, don't. That said, we think it'll be a fun time and encourage you to try it out.

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