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Here on Unbound, our plot follows four different timelines, set throughout the canonical history of the Dragon Age. The events following Trespasser, the time of the Inquisition, the rise of the Champion of Kirkwall and the quest of the Warden against the Fifth Blight.

And So is the Golden City blackened
With each step you take in my Hall.
Marvel at perfection, for it is fleeting.
You have brought Sin to Heaven
And doom upon all the world.

-Threnodies 8.13

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as played by holly

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27, born 4 guardian, 9:17 dragon

neutral evil
sexual orientation
leader of the venatori
family members
weapon expertise
staves - expert
hand to hand - master
rift mage
hair color
eye color
dark brown
defining markings
while calpernia has a good deal of scars across her back from beatings, she is most easily identified by the gap between her front teeth.
despite having suffered much hardship, calpernia is as resilient as ever both physically and emotionally. she exhibits an astounding amount of determination and dedication to her cause.
face claim
lara stone
28 Firstfall, 9:39 Dragon
"My name is Calpernia."

She stands in front of the mirror, practicing the statement with a borrowed confidence, as though it were completely natural for her to say. As though she'd said it thousands upon thousands of times before. But that isn't true, and she figures that anyone would be able to tell from the sound of it. There's just something... off. She sucks her teeth and frowns at her reflection, brows furrowing.

"I'm Calpernia," she tries again, but this sounds too informal. Would she greet anyone that way? A young girl might, shy and uncertain, but that was not the kind of woman that she wanted to be. A slave might introduce themselves that way, meek and self-conscious, but she was a slave no longer. When Corypheus had come to take her, she'd shed that old life like a snake sheds skin. Her name might have remained the same, but the way in which she introduced herself would not. No one would be able to hear her speak and know of such humble beginnings. No one would be able to judge her for where she'd had her start.

She takes a deep breath and straightens her spine, raises her chin, just the way she's seen ladies in the market do it a time or two before when she dared to steal glances. Or was she remembering it wrong? Were their shoulders further back? Like this, perhaps? She pivots to the side and cranes her neck, examining her posture. "My name," she tries again, haughtily, "is Calpernia." But arrogance does not suit her, her tongue thick with conceit. She shakes her head again, losing the puffed-up posture immediately. No, those ladies were too snobbish; she didn't want to be snobbish in this new life. She wanted to be powerful. She wanted to be a leader.

How would a Magister say it?

She shakes her hands as though she's flicking off droplets of water, flicking off the last of her insecurities. Taking a deep breath, Calpernia closes her eyes and focuses on the feeling. The magic coursing through her veins. The Tevinter pride welling up in her heart. The strength she'd built within her over the course of her life.

In Erasthenes's house, she had left behind a girl, frightened and bound. She'd stepped into this house a new woman. Those she met would know her only by her actions from this moment forward. She squeezes her eyes shut tighter still and imagines the Calpurnia of the old, mother of the Imperium.

"I am Calpernia."

16 Harvestmere, 9:41 Dragon
The room feels too heavy, like it might suffocate them all. "As I am sure you already know, Sulara, Crallius, and Nimian have been killed." It is so quiet that she swears she'd be able to hear a pin drop in the room. Dark eyes drift round and land on a few somber faces. A loss in a group like this is never taken lightly; everyone is showing respect for the dead, but she knew there were a few, herself included, that were not sad to see them go. Again like herself, they were smart enough not to show themselves.

"A magekiller, hired by a coward, stole them from us." She thinks of Marius, and hoped that he was as far from Tevinter as he could get. She'd promised to get him out safely, and hopefully he'd stay away. Hopefully he'd never stop to think that she was the one who had to handle the mess left in his wake. "Fortunately, we have that coward here with us today."

She smiles tightly and extends her arm with a grand, sweeping gesture. A wealthy looking, yet largely insignificant man is dragged in. He's not really the one behind all of this... Marius had revealed Radonis as her would-be assassin, but she couldn't murder the Archon. No, she'd have to deal with him on her own, let him know that she knew and did not appreciate what he'd done. Still, she knew that the Venatori would require blood before they could move past the assassinations.

So blood she would give them.

Turning away from the trembling man, she raises an eyebrow to the room. A challenge. "Well, my friends?" The silence hangs over the room still, as though they're all afraid to say the wrong or make the wrong move. "Should we show the world what happens when you threaten the Venatori?" She lets the words settle for a moment before Calpernia makes her exit, barely making it out the door before the screaming begins.

30 Solace, 9:44 Dragon
There is something thrilling about hearing the chatter quiet, she thinks as she stands and the group's conversations drop off, one by one. If she was any weaker, she'd be powerdrunk, dizzy-headed... but a weaker woman wouldn't be able to lead these people like she could. It is the first meeting where all of them were here, in one room, since the fall of Corypheus.

"The Elder One has failed us," she begins, her words clipped carefully. Calpernia knows that there are some in this crowd that idolized him. Worshipped him, even. She's careful to avoid offending them; their strength currently lies in their numbers, and she needs all the support she can get. "But even without him, our mission still stands." As she speaks, commanding their attention, she feels the nerves in her stomach drift away. No, there was no cause to worry. Though there may have been a fanatic or two, these were still her people, hers to lead, hers to rally.

Really, they always had been.

She grins as she feels a passion welling up inside of her. "The once-great Tevinter Imperium is leading itself to ruin... but we dream of something better." She is sure she looks wild, now, half crazed, but she cannot help herself, and it seems that her energy is contagious. Something you can only feel, something hidden to the eye, is sweeping through the room. "We dream of a Tevinter restored to its former glory," she continues, her volume increasing. She sounds powerful, with a voice so commanding. She looks powerful, shoulders thrown back, head held high. She feels powerful.

"A Tevinter where everyone is allowed to realize their true potential. A Tevinter where power is earned, not bought." Calpernia is nearly shaking, now, zealous almost to a fault... but it catches like wildfire. Others throw their visions of a Tevinter restored out into the open, beginning to shout over one another. The clamor grows and grows, so much so that she has to stand on the seat of her chair to capture their attention once more. "We will rebuild our crumbling country from the ground up, and we will cut down whoever dares to stand in our way!" It is a bold claim, but it elicits another round of cries from the group. She extends an arm and gestures towards her glass of wine, which quickly arrives in her waiting palm. It is thrust up in the air with such enthusiasm, she loses nearly half of it. "To the new Tevinter!"

The roaring echo of responses is all she needs to know that they aren't done yet.

WELL calpernia really had a noble cause and she went about it the completely wrong way, now she's still not any closer to her goal and she's in charge of the venatori and totally alone as she tries to figure out how to get closer to her whole "tevinter equality" thing, all the while trying to dodge justice for her role in the events of the past. basically just fuck me up
Jul 18 2017, 01:03 PM
as played by holly

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i tried to come up with something witty but i could not, she is completed now!!!

Jul 21 2017, 10:44 PM
as played by mage hoarder

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Welcome to Unbound. Now that your character has been accepted please make sure to fill out your claims (your claims are the , MEMBER DIRECTORY, (if applicable), and request a CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT folder so you have a place of your own to begin plotting. Also, join us off-board on our group DISCORD CHAT if you wish. Please remember that you cannot begin writing with your character until all their claims have been made.
Jul 21 2017, 11:24 PM
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